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I'm a sinner

by emo-girl

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I sat on the end of Mikey’s bed playing with my nails, all night I had been chewing away at them contemplating on whether I should or shouldn’t go. I was dressed and ready for bed, just waiting for Mikey to finish in the bathroom and then go to sleep, well if I could ever get to sleep, part of my mind was contently repeating “go down to his room!” the other was saying “No, you are a good catholic, he should have never had done that to you, if you go to his room your simply asking for it” but the in favour part seemed to be shouting it, screaming it making me only listen to what that part had to say.
Mikey walked in.
“You tiered?” he asked, I nodded quickly.
“Okay then, you sleep on my bed, I’ll sleep in the sleeping bag,” he said.
“No I don’t mind sleeping in the sleeping bag,” I said.
“But you’re the guest,” he said.
“I’m fine really,” I reassured him.
He nodded as he settled into his bed, I made my way to the plain sleeping bag, pushing myself inside and pulling it over me.
“Lights out,” he said as he switched his lamp off. I could see the beaming light from his alarm reading 2.30am, Mikey turned over and sighed. I waited and waited, watching the time slowly pass by, then I looked again, and it was 3:25am. I heard the light snoring coming from Mikey; I got up slowly, making no noise, creeping over to the door and slowly creeping out, making my way down the hallway, down the stairs and then stopping outside his door. I didn’t know whether to knock or just to go down, I mean would be asleep? Would he be waiting? I opened the door and slowly crept down the small flight of steps. I made my way down and looked inside, Gerard was sitting at his desk drawing away.
“Gerard?” I asked quietly but he seemed to notice, he turned around and looked at me with a smile.
“So you decided to come,” he said as he got up and walked over to me.
I nodded slowly, his hand cupping my cheek, his thumb swiping across my cheek.
“I want to make you feel good,” he growled into my ear.
I let my finger crawl to the back of his neck, letting my finger tangle into his hair as his lips slowly kissed down my neck.
“Make me feel good,” I whispered into his ear. His lips became harder against my neck, kissing and sucking on my flesh making me moan out and grip onto his hair tighter.
He licked his way up to my jaw line then kissed my lips, softly to begin with then suddenly it grew more heated, our tongue colliding together, fighting and dancing with each other, our lips moving against each other, our hands roaming each others body, I felt on fire as I felt myself grow hard.
He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, he carried me over to his bed, our kiss never ending. He lay on top of me as his hands travelled to the bottom of my t-shirt, his warms hands slipped under the thin material and gently touch my skin, making me sigh in the kiss. His hand was against my nipple, his index finger and thumb squeezed on the sensitive bud making me moan out and arch against him. He sat up, his addictive lips left mine, suddenly he started grinding his crotch against mine, the pleasure was all new and amazing, I chocked out a moan as I gripped onto the sheets and arched against him.
“G-Gerard,” I choked out.
“What do you want baby?” he asked.
“Oh God, anything,” I moaned out.
“Tell me Frankie, do you want me to jack you off? Suck you? Fuck you?” he asked.
“I-I…” I stuttered, I was thinking about this, I mean what about everything I stand for? My faith? My sexuality? But at this moment I didn’t care, I felt a strange feeling for Gerard, and my whole body was on fire, I wanted him and needed him.
“Fuck me,” I choked out.
He smiled down at me and nodded.
He tugged at the bottom of my t-shirt; I lifted off the bed as he pulled it off, then looked down at my body, examining my body with his lust filled eyes, hungrily looking down at my body. I felt self exposed, blushing and looking away, but then to feel his warm fingers under my chin, making me look at him.
“You’re so beautiful,” he purred as he hand stroked down my chest, sending shivers threw my body.
He moved down on me, leaning in and kissing my collarbone making me moan. He planted kisses down my chest, stopping at my left nipple, his lips covered the nipple taking it into his mouth and sucking making me gasp and grip onto his hair, pushing him down more, trying to bet more of him, more of the pleasure.
“Gerard,” I moaned tangling my fingers tightly into his raven black hair, twisting the soft hair in my fingers as pleasure swept over me making my erection pulse more.
“O-Oh god,” I moaned as he bit down on the sensitive bud, making me breath harder.
He repeated his actions with the other nipple, sending shots of pleasure threw my body, making the blood pump down south to my erection which was painful now.
He slipped off my boxers, my proud member standing tall and flush. He took it into his hand, making it twitch at the feeling of being touched finally. He moved his hand slowly up and down, I watched his pale hand do it’s small movements, making me moan at the feeling of being touched, I mean I’d never really touched myself before, I’d never been touched by another person, it was all new, all pleasurable, but I was still nervous, feeling like a hopeless virgin, which I was, and getting excited over the smallest of things.
He stripped his boxers letting the material fall elegantly to the floor.
His erection was so big and flushed, I was nervous about him actually being inside of me, scared that he won’t fit or something…
He came back up onto the bed, straddling my small waist, our erections against each other making me cry out in pleasure.
“Oh Gerard…” I moaned out, thrusting my hips up to try and get more of the delicious friction.
He reached over to the draw and pulled out a bottle of something, something that looked like liquid, I looked at him with confusion.
“Lube,” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Don’t you know why you need it?” he asked.
“Not really,” I said looking down at my hands.
“I don’t think we should do this,” he said as he was about to get off me but I yanked him back down and pulled him into a hungry kiss, our tongues slamming together, our teeth scraping, it was just a messy kiss but I wanted him to stay, to fuck me, I was so fringing hard and I wanted him so bad that I needed him.
“Please don’t go, I want you,” I said breathlessly as I pulled away.
“Are you sure?” he asked, looking worried.
“Yes,” I answered.
He nodded and flicked the bottle cap open, he squeezed the liquid over two of his slender fingers, he kissed my chest gently as his hand moved down to my entrance, his fingertip wiggling its way into my virgin entrance, making me gasp at the feeling of having something inside of me. He started to move his finger in and out of me, I arched my back, he then slipped in another finger into my tight hole, sliding them in and out then moving them apart, stretching me out.
He slipped them out, and then coated his large erection in lube. He came up to me, our faces close to each other, our breaths mingling together; I felt the tip of his cock at my hole, his lips met mine as he slammed into me, I cried out against his lips, panting hard as he waited for me to adjust to his size, he was huge. I wanted this, but the pain that I felt slowly died down.
He looked down at me still, watching the pain surface on my face, I looked at him with tears in my eyes, trying to let the pain stop.
“Tell me when to go,” he said softly into my ear.
“Go now,” I said.
He pulled out slowly making me hiss out, which made him stop and look down with worry.
“Don’t stop,” I gasped.
He carried on, slowly pushing in and pulling out, the pain had started to slowly go but it was still there, burning away.
But then his throbbing cock slid over something that made all the pain go away and was replaced with pleasure, a large amount of pleasure that made me feel so good, my eyes shot open and I let out a loud moan.
“Oh God!” I moaned out as I gripped onto his pale shoulders and wrapped my legs around his slender waist.
“Did I hit it?” he asked.
“What?” I asked breathless.
“Your spot,” he answered.
“I-I…” I stuttered.
He chuckled then angled himself to hit dead straight into my “spot” making me yell out and grip tighter onto his shoulders.
“Oh God Gerard…” I moaned out as he kept thrusting into my spot.
“God Frankie you’re so fucking tight,” he moaned out as he gripped onto my hips for support to thrust into me better.
He leaned in, our breaths mingled together, I pulled him into a messy but meaningful kiss, our tongues fighting for dominates.
My dick was leaking pre-cum, the pearl beads that come from the slit that oozed out.
I let my hand wrap around my cock and started pumping it making me moan into his mouth.
He looked down at my hand working on my flushed cock, his hand crept over mine, moving mine out the way and taking over, pumping faster with his thrusts making me moan loudly.
“Oh God Gee…” I moaned out.
“Frankie… shit…” he moaned out.
I felt a stabling sensational pain in my stomach.
I suddenly came with a loud moan, my cum covering his hand.
I felt him fill me with his seed, with a loud moan too.
I was breathing heavy, I opened my eyes to see Gerard, his eyes closed, his mouth slightly open, breathing heavily, his now softened cock inside of me. He pulled out and lay next to me. We lay in silence for a minute or two, then I felt Gerard’s arm wrap around my waist pulling me into towards his body.
“That was amazing,” he said before kissing my cheek.
I nodded a little, but then guilt crash over me, I was a sinner, not only did I have sex before marriage, I had sex with a man. I wanted to run away, forget it, pray to God for forgiveness, anything but Gerard arm was wrapped security around me.
“Frankie I really like you,” he murmured before shutting his eyes and letting sleep over come him. I lay there, the guilt swimming in my head, I couldn’t sleep, I was a sinner.
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