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Chapter 10

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No. I would not cry. I wouldn't shed one tear for him. I hauled myself out of the bed and walked into the bathroom, I tidied my makeup and sprayed myself, I fixed my hair and walked down the hallway. When I reached the top of the stairs I could see Gerard at the bottom collecting the mail and reading the addresses. I walked past him not even bothering to look at him, let alone speak with him. I stopped at the closed door to the kitchen, I kept my hand on the door handle and bowed my head and sighed. It was all beginning to get too much for me, I don't need nor want a guy to be messing with my emotions - whether he intended to or not. I heard someone behind me clearing their throat, as a sign of getting my attention. I turned to see Gerard standing awkwardly behind me. I sighed and opened the door, plastering a grin on my face. Donna, Frank and Mikey were sat around the table in their usual seats. They all turned and grinned when they saw me and Gerard walk in - him shirtless and me in a tight tube top and tiny shorts.
"Is this sex hair I see !?" Frank squealed as we sat down. I glared at him and shoved him lightly.
"Don't be disgusting you pervert ! And no it is not!" I giggled as I sipped my orange juice.
"Good because I wuldn't be able to stand the thought of you seeing someone else, Mrs Iero." He put on his 'sexy' voice - it had become our thing now. I gulped my mouthful of orange juice as Gerard began choking on his mouthful of food. Mikey patted his back as Donna raised an eyebrow and joined me in staring at Frank.
"Mr Iero, since when have I been Mrs Iero ?" I asked in 'The Voice'.
He smirked and took a forkful of food.
"Since we had sex and then got married." He replied, trying his best to hide his giggles. My jaw dropped as Gerard began choking, Donna tutted and Mikey resumed to helping Gerard.
"You take that back Frank." I hissed angrily.
"Nu - uh." He grinned.
"Okay outside." I said standing up, he burst into a fit of giggles as he stood up too.
Once we reached the garden, I turned to him.
"Okay Mr Iero, you win the fight and I will be your 'Mrs Iero' - but if I win the fight, we get a divorce - but we can still flirt. Kay ?" He grinned and nodded. I could see Donna, Mikey and Gerard stood on the back porch watching us.
I counted down from the and charged at him, tackling him to the ground. I flipped him onto his stomach and straddled his back, I bent his arms behind his back so he was stuck. I bent down towards his face and smiled.
"Give up Mr Iero ? " I whispered seductively. He shook his head.
"Never !" He cried as he threw me off his back and pinned me down. I squirmed as his had my wrists on either side of my head.
"You give up Mrs Iero ?" He asked.
I didn't reply but only glared at him. He stood up and did a victory dance.
"I WON, I WON, I W--" He was cut short as I launched myself at him and tackled him to the floor. For about five minutes we did nothing but roll and try and pin eachother down, finally he gave up and lay still.
"Shall we call it a draw ?" He panted, I lay next to him and nodded. He put up a good fight. He stood up and held out his hand to me, I took it as he heaved me up to my feet. We walked towards a concerned looking Donna and Mikey. Gerard was stood a bit further away with a look of anger and maybe .. jealousy ? Meh, probably not.
"It's a draw." Frank giggled breathlessly. I nodded and bent forwards and put my hands on my sides. That fight had took it out of me.
"So thats means we go back to how we were - I'm NOT your wife, just a friend who has an amazing seductive voice." I giggled as he shoved me playfully.
Donna laughed and headed inside. Mikey and Frank followed, whilst I stayed catching my breath. I stood up straight and gasped when I saw Gerard watching me.
"Oh god - I didn't know you were still here !" I smiled. He just stared at me, emotionless. I turned my head away and looked at the floor awkwardly. He had a way of controling my feelings.
"Gerard - why are you being likethis with me, I haven't done anything wrong !" I spoke sadly. I looked up at him and directly met his gaze.
"And what would that be ?" He asked innocently - but with no emotion. Oh as if he didn't know.
"You kissed me and then you ---"
"Wait ! How do you know I kissed you !?" He shouted angrily, he cheeks blushing red.
Oh crap, I had fucked this up.
"I -"
"Wait ! You pretended to be asleep ! You didn't want to kiss me did you !?" He shouted, his face filled with sadness.
"No! I did want to - but I was scared I didn't want to see you walk away again." I cried out.
"You always leave me no choice." He muttered as he walked into the house and slammed the door behind him.
Fuck you. Fucking Fuckety Fuck you Gerard Fucking Way. I marched into the house and up the stairs. I angrily wiped the tears from my eyes as I walked down the landing. I didn't even bother to knock on the door when I barged into the room we shared. The room was empty. Good. I walked over to my bags and grabbed a pair of black cotton jogging bottoms, I slipped them over my shorts and began to pack the rest of my things. I walked into the bathroom and got my makeup bag and toilettries, as I stepped out into the bedroom I saw Gerard stood with a tear stained face. He looked puzzled and turned to me.
"What are you doing ?" He asked, he voice thick from tears.
"I'm going back to my house, since I'm not wanted here by you." I mumbled through my tears. I wiped them away again frustratedly - I hate crying!
I turned to put my bags on my shoulders when my arm got grabbed. I turned to see Gerard holding my wrist.
"Don't leave me." He whispered sadly as tears poured down his face. I began sobbing as I turned my head away.
"Now you know how I feel." I replied through my sobs and tears. I pulled my arm from his grip and walked out the door. I reached the top of the stairs when I heard Gerard crying his eyes out, it echoed through the whole house. I felt my sobs grow louder and my tears become more frequent as I ran down the stairs and out of the door.
I slammed my bedroom door behind me and dropped my bags. I ran and sat on my window seat and cried my heart out. I loved him, no matter how I tried to convince myself I didn't. I did. I loved him and it broke my heart that he treated me this way. I leaned my head against the window and sighed. I had stopped sobbing and now there were only empty tears and the odd sharp intake of air. I glanced over at his bedroom to see him sat on his window sil crying. He was watching me and when I caught his gaze he turned and threw himself on his bed. I sighed and slipped into my own bed, I turned on my radio and listened a song by All Time Low.
Damned If I do Ya and Damned If I Don't
Hah! How ironic. I buried myself deep into my covers and drifted off to sleep.
I woke up and looked around, it was dark outside. I glanced at my clock, 4:25AM. I lay back in my bed and tried to go back to sleep. No use. I sighed and stood up. I walked down the stairs and through the living room and kitchen until I was outside. The harsh cold air smothered my skin as I shivered violently. I tried to ignore it as I walked down through the garden and onto the famous back wall. I sat facing the fields, if I turned around I could see the Way's house. Mikey and Frank were asleep - but Gerard's bedroom light was on. I shrugged and turned back to facing the fields.
"Damned if I do ya and Damned if I don't" I sang to myself quietly.
"How Ironic." A sad voice mumbled, I shrieked as I turned to see Gerard sat on his back wall. Fuck how didn't I see him there !?
"Yeh.." I mumbled and I turned and looked at the ground. He sighed and began to walk along the wall, he hopped onto mine and then came and sat next to me. I shivered violently as the breeze picked up.
"Here." He said as he pulled off his leather jacket and handed it to me.
"Thanks." I muttered through my chattering jaws as I slipped the jacket on. It was warm and smelt just like Gerard. There was an awkward silence as we both know what we needed to say, but didn't know how to say it.
"Look.." He began breaking the silence.
"Gee, don't carry on if your going to say the promises you break." I whispered sadly.
"Look, just let me say this - it's not easy for me." He said with a hint of desperation in his voice. I nodded and looked down at my hands.
"Ellie, I'm sorry I have been a dick with you - but it's just because I don't know how to act around you - I mean, well, ah fuck..Look Ellie I -"
"Gerard Way ! Get inside this instant ! You too Ellie ! You didn't think you was getting away that easily did you !?" Called out a tired Donna Way. I sighed and nodded - as much as I loved her, she'd fucked up that intense moment between me and Gerard - he probably wont tell me what he was going to say now.
We walked inside and up to his room, I turned to him as he turned out his light so our only night was the beautiful moon.
"Gerard, what were yu saying before ?" I asked casually, successfully covering up hw desperate I was to know what he was going to confess.
"It doesn't matter, what matters is now." He whispered in his velvety voice. My knees nearly gave in there and then. He took a step closer so half of his face glowed in the moonlight.
"It matters to me." I whispered. Our gaze was locked as we stared at what we could see in the moonlight.
He took another step closer to me, nver once breaking our gaze.
"You promise your awake ?" He whispered.
"Yes, I promise." I replied with a nodd.
"Good." He smirked slightly.
He walked closer and closer until his body was less than an inch away from mine. I gazed into his beautiful eyes, I got lost in them every time.
He slid his arms around my waist and massaged my lower back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and played with the longs strands of black hair. He leaned his forehead against mine and came closer and closer until our lips finally touched. As soon as they did a wave of electricity charged through my body - it was the moost amazing sensation I had ever felt. He began to kiss more passionately and moved me backwards until we fell on the bed. He began to grind his hips against mine and I let out a small moan. I began to do the same and tease him causing a deep moan to form in the back of his throat.
He pulled my top off and began kissing my neck and collar bone, I had to bite my lips to stop myself from moaning or screaming.
It was now my turn to tease him, I straddled his hips and pulled his shirt off. I kissed his lips, then his chest all the way down to just below his belly button. I bit him gently on his chest which made him moan / growl. We resumed kissing passionately as he slid his tongue along my lower lip, I opened my mouth and gripped the back of his head as he massaged my lower back again. I pulled his jeans off and began to tease him by stroking him through his cotton boxers. He put his head in the pillow next to me and moaned. I smiled slightly before I stopped teasing him. He pulled my joggers and pyjama shorts off and lowered his hand. He began to stroke and tickle my inner thighs causing me to thrash around, trying my hardest not to make any noise. Suddenly he slipped his finger in. I gasped and gripped the bed sheets as I bit my lips trying not to scream. When he had done I pushed him onto his back and slid my hands down his boxers, I watched his knuckles turn even paler as he gripped the bedsheets, when I was sure he was satisfied I began kissing him again. As we were kissing I felt his hands move down my hips and to my underwear. He began to pull them off. Fuck. I had never kissed a guy before OR had sex with them until now. But then again, it is Gerard - and I do love him and .. maybe , he loves me ? Before I knew it I was naked, I decided to do the same to Gerard. I slipped my hands onto the elastic waist of his boxers and pulled them off. Fuuucccckkkkk.


Gerard lay ontop of me he face buried in my neck. I tried to catch my breath. That was.. that was ... Wow. I smiled to myself and began to play with Gerard's beautiful long black hair. He rolled on his back and pulled me onto his chest. He looked down at me and grinned, I grinned back at him as his wrapped his arms around me. We both turn on our sides so we were facing eachother, he wrapped his arms around me and I wrapped my arms around him. I buried my face into his neck and sighed happily.
"I love you Ellie - thats what I wanted to say." He whispered.
A huge grin grew on my face. I kissed his neck and replied, " I love you too, I have wanted to tell you all day."
He held my tighter and I slwly fell into a deep sleep.

Hey guyss, hope you all had a good christmas ! :D xxxx Okay, so I said this character and story is about my friend Ellie, well from this chapter onwards - its my fictional ideas xxxxx Thankyou for all the comments and reviews :D Muchly appreciated ! :) xxx Oh and I'm sat next to a dashing young fellow named Gerard ( not gerard way ) - who gave me the inspiration for the 'sexy voices' for this story ~ its something we do with eachother, you should try it, it's hilarious anyways Gerard says hi lol xxxxx Much love and kisses xxxx Ellie Frank & Gerard xxxxx
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