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Chapter 11

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I opened my eyes slowly and winced at the pain in the lower half of my body. It confused me why it was so painful at first and then I remembered. I had lost my innocence to Gerard. Gerard was fast asleep with his arms wrapped around me, holding me against him. I sighed happily and closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep. When I woke up this time the first thing I saw was Gerard watched me with a concerned look on his face.
"We did it." He whispered quietly.
I nodded and winced slightly, I tried to not make it obvious but failed.
"I can't believe it - I wanted to take it slow, but your so - Oh god what have I done!" He sat at the edge of his bed and threw his head in his hands. I stood up angrily and put my underwear on, I could see him watching me slightly. But I was annoyed at him - how dare he take my innocence then speak of how he regretted it a few hours later.
" If you didn't want to have sex with me, yoou should have said instead of taking my virginity and then regretting it." I hissed sadly as my tears formed in my eyes.
His head shot up and his mouth dropped, " What !? Why didn't you say !?" He cried out.
"Yeh like there was really a chance for me to tell you." I stated angrily as I pulled up and joggers and slipped on my tank top.
"I'm sorry Ellie...." He apologised quietly.
"No, don't be - I should be the one saying sorry, the way you regretted it and all." I cried as I walked out of the room, leaving him to clothe himself and think about what he had done.
I wiped my tears and put a smile on my face, I ran down to the kitchen and popped my head around the door. Donna, Mikey and Frank were sat round the breakfast table. Donna turned and smiled to me, whilst Mikey nodded. I looked at Frank whose mose was slung open, it quickly turned into a huge grin as he mouthed ' sex hair '. I scowled and combed my hair with my fingers.
"Come sit down Ellie - I have something I want to ask you." Donna smiled. Fuck, she knows about what happened. I nodded and sat down in my usual seat.
"Now theres something I wanted ask you, " Donna began, just as she said that, Gerard walked in and sat down on his seat, he was wearing cotton joggers and no shirt, his hair was particularly messy. Shit, now I know what Frank ment by sex hair.
"Anyway, as I was saying - I was wondering if you would like to move in here with us ?" She smiled at me. My heart stopped and my mouth dropped open, I couldn't believe she was asking me this ! I nodded and grinned happily.
"Oh my god Donna thank you so much !" I cried out happily, Donna hugged me from across the table as Frank and Mikey cheered.
"Since the taxes and things are paid off on your house, we can keep it vacant - maybe a store room or something." She chuckled, I nodded and smiled again. I was finally going to have a proper family once more. I tucked into my breakfast smiling, completely forgetting about what had happened before.
Donna had planned for Mikey, Frank and Gerard to come help me bring some of my things over. So after breakfast we were getting ready to walk over.
"Come on ! "Frank whined, " It's cold!"
I sighed and unlocked the door quickly, he barged past and sent me flying. I landed in a heap on the hallway floor.
"oww." I groaned and I lifted my head up. Mikey had ran after Frank, trying to kill him for what he did bless him. I felt someone lift me up to my feet like I was a toddler, I turned to see Gerard.
"Thanks." I mumbled lowering my head. I was still mad at him and embarrassed too, I wanted to loose my virginity to someone who loved me dearly and wouldn't keep breaking my heart.
"No problem, you okay ?" He asked, I knew he wasn't talking about the fall.
"No not really, I would have been if you didn't regret it so much." I said sadly and turned my head. He placed his finger under my chin and turned my head towards him, he gazed down into my eyes as I felt myself drown gazing into his hazel pools. He leaned his face closer to mine, never taking his gaze off me. He slowly put his lips against mine and wrapped his arms around me. He began to kiss me more passionately and pinned me against the wall. He broke away after five minutes and gazed at me.
"I don't regret it, you just mean alot to me - I have known about you since I was tiny and I just didn't want to rush things." He whispered.
I nodde completely dazed. Wait, what !? How has he known about me since he was tiny ?
"And before you ask, our mother's were very close and when they met up I used to see you sat very still playing with that creepy doll of yours."
Fuck. He did know me. I remember when my Mum and Donna used to meet up there would be a little boy with her - but I would never speak to him. How the fuck could I have forgotten that !?
"So do you forgive me ? I will pay you back tonight." He whispered in the sexy voice.
I giggled and replied in the same tone, "I would like that very much Mr.Way."
He grinned and pulled himself away and made his way towards Frank and Mikey who were in my kitchen fighting.
"Come guys, up here !" I called as I jogged up the stairs, I couldn't wipe the huge grin off my face. I walked into my bedroom and shoved all my clothes and underwear into a box, I moved onto my CD's, then my toilettries and hair care products. I managed to fill three boxes, I stood back proud of the work I had done. Suddenly the door swung open and Gerard, Frank and Mikey came running in giggling.
"S-sorry we're late - We're here now !" Mikey said through fits of giggles. I sighed and shook my head.
"It's too late ! I'm done now no thanks to you guys." I scowled. I picked up the lightest box with my clothes in and headed out the door, I heard muffled mumbling and shoving before the three of them each came out with a box in their hands.
"Lets go team !" Frank cried as he ran down the stairs and out the door. I giggled and ran down too, leaving Gerard and Mikey to catch up. I waited at the door until finally the pair came out. I placed the box on the floor and locked the door quickly. I turned and smiled at them both before walking over to their house with the box in my arms.
"Donna where should I put my stuff ?" I called out as I walked into the house.
"In Gerard's room, you two are sharing now. " She replied casually from the kitchen.
Shiiit, not that I didn't want to share a room with him, well it's just big news to hear that. I made my way up the stairs and into his room, Frank had left the box right in the centre of the bedroom. I chuckled and put my box ontop and grabbed some clothes and my toiletries bag. I walked into the bathroom and had a quick shower, I plugged my hair dryer in and quickly brushed and dried my hair, I put on my skinnies and rolling stones tee and put on my regular makeup. I tidied everything up and stepped out of the bathroom. When I got out I saw Gerard sat on his bed picking at some loose thread on his sleeve. He looked up and smiled at me when I walked out. I smiled back and placed my bags and old clothes ontop of the cardboard boxes next to his desk, I realised Frank had left his phone. Meh, he'll probably get it later. As I stood up I felt a pair of hands slide around my waist and a face nuzzle into my neck, I leaned my head back and gazed at Gerard.
"I'm sorry for noot helping you pack up today annnnd, for making you feel bad this morning."
I spun myself round and gazed at him.
"I don't forgive you." I teased, with a smirk.
He chuckled and looked at me menacingly, "I was hoping you would say that." He grinned as he pinned me against his wall and began kissing me. I straddled his waist as I had my back against the wall, he ran his hands up my back and carried on kissing me. I grinded myself against his hips and he let out a deep groan. I chuckled and carried on.
" Hey guys I think I left my ph-FUCKING HELL!" Cried out Frank. We both immediately froze, Gerard let go of me gently and barged out of the room, his face bright red. I stood completely still with a look of complete shock on my face. I looked at Frank sheepishly who, suprisingly. had a huge grin on his face. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me outside into the garden and to the back wall.
"Okay, tell me EVERYTHING !" He squealed. I giggled at his enthusiasm, trying to hide the fact I was heartbroken Gerard had walked away again. Embarrassed. Embarrassed of me.
"Well - "
"You did it, didn't you !? Last night !" He interrupted. I bowed my head and looked at my hands. Shit no one was ment to know.
"Oh My Fucking unicorns you did !" He clapped his hands like a little school girl. I smiled and nodded. I gazed out into the fields and thought about last night, I couldn't hide the huge smile on my face.
"Did you wear protection ?" Frank asked concerned. Fuck. My smile vanished as a stared at Frank.
"N-n-no..." I stuttered. Frank looked at me with concern.
"Maybe because it was my first time, it wont effect me ?" I questioned.
"mmm." Frank replied, his shook his head as if clearing his thoughts and then smiled at me. I smiled back and squealed.
"Come on, I'm sure lover boy is waiting." I giggled and followed him into the house. When I walked into the house Donna was stood in the kitchen reading a letter. She glanced up at me and smiled.
"Hey Ellie, your college has been closed down for a few months due to a health scare - which means you and my lazy son can relax and doss about."
I smiled and did a mini victory dance, as much as I liked college - it was nice to be off. I walked upto my, well mine and Gerard's room. Frank had wondered into the living room to watch a cartoon with Mikey. I hummed to myself as I walked up the stairs and down the landing. Thats when I remebered, he had walked away from me again - he was embarrassed of me. I stopped humming and sighed as I walked into the bedroom. Gerard was lay on his bed listening to his ipod. He didn't even look at me when I walked in.
"Hey ." I mumbled, he just nodded at me. I sighed and walked over to him, I pulled one of his earphones out and he glared at me.
"What was that for !?" He cried out.
"Your mum wanted me to tell you the college is closed for a few months, because of a health scare." I stated angrily, I was waiting for his apology.
"Kay, Thanks." He muttered. Oh he knows how to fucking play with my feelings.
"Haven't you got anything else to say ?" I hissed angrily.
He stared at me before replying, " What !?"
"Maybe the fact you walked out and left like a complete idiot when Frank walked in on us." I cried out angrily, I could feel tears coming.
"Face it - your embarrassed of me ! You don't want to be with me and thats fine ! I'll learn to ge--" I was cut off by his lips crashing against mine. I tried to pull myself away, but it was no use I liked him too much to resist him. I let his hands slide around my waist as I gripped the back of my head. When he broke away I gazed into his eyes.
"I'm sorry." He whispered.
I nodded and smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"It's about time ! " Someone cried out, we both turned to see Donna smiling in the doorway. Gerard threw his head back and groaned.
"Don't walk into my room like that ! And then watch !" Gerard complained to Donna, I giggled as she shook her head and smiled.
"Nice to know your getting along now." She chuckled as she walked away. When we were sure she was gone, Gerard closed the door and turned to me.
"Now where were we ?" He smirked as his lips crashed against mine.

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