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Help From a Nameless Person

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Jetta gets in trouble, only to be saved.

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It was goth guy, dressed in his usual attire, a dark overcoat, black skinny jeans, and combat boots. He turned around, still rubbing his fist, looked me up and down, and then he groaned.
"Oh god, it's you. I probably should have let him screw you.", he nodded his head at the unconscious, well hopefully unconscious, guy on the ground behind him. I was still in shock from what had happened.
I had been saved. By goth guy?
"What?", I asked dazed. He snorted.
"Maybe you should get that pretty head of yours checked." He pushed his hair out of his face, knelt down to my level, and looked at me with sharp eyes. "You almost got raped.", he said slowly and with a serious voice. I knew that fact and he didn't need to tell me it, but my mouth muscles didn't want to work. Instead I focused on the fact that his face actually looked nice without his hair in the way. He had high rounded cheek bones, a small nose that upturned at the end, and a small mouth whose lips were tight at the moment. His eyes were steely at the moment, but they had a touch of gentleness in them. He was actually good-looking.
"Are you staring at me for a reason, because you're starting to freak me out.", he stated and I was brought to the fact that I was gawking at him. I shook my head lightly and got to my feet, pulling my skirt down as I went. I supposed the moonlight fell on my face because he suddenly flinched.
"Wow, he really did a number on you, didn't he?", he asked, sounding a little sympathetic. I shook my head, however I stayed silent. I didn't have the heart to come out and say that my own mother did this to me, especially when he was someone that I'd poked at and caused humiliation to. But of course he had to press on with the questions.
"Why are you shaking your head? You've a broken nose and a black eye that could make Rocky proud.", he attempted to joke, taking a cautious step toward me. I licked my lips and sighed.
"It wasn't him, it was my mom.", I whispered, my eyes looking down, but I raised them to see his reaction. His eyes widened in disbelief. He looked down at the guy on the ground and then at my school clothes. He must have figured out what had happened, because he laughed. My eyes went back to the ground as he spoke.
"So this is what happens to little miss prissy, huh?", he mocked me with a smirk, "She has problems just like the rest of us, only she tries her hardest to hide them. Seems that karma brought them out." I stayed silent, but I felt my face and eyes start to burn.
"Shows that the universe actually has a conscience and has bitten you right in the ass", he continued, his voice stabbing at my pitiful situation, "About time you were taken down from the high fucking pedestal that you were on." I broke down a little and felt tears slid once again down my face. Could this night get any worse? I bowed my head even more as he continued to rant so he couldn't see my face, and like he did with his own hair, I hid behind mine. I attempted to control my whimpers so he couldn't hear me. I didn't want to show any more weakness than I already did.
"Just wait until those fucking pricks find out that the girl they'd been following was just a loser who-", he stopped abruptly to my surprise. I kept as quiet as I could, though snuffing my weak upset breaths was nearly impossible. I was motionless until I heard footsteps and I looked up to see a blurry image of him stepping in front of me.
"Hey, are you crying?", he leaned down so he could see my face behind my veil of hair. I shook my head.
"N-no", I stuttered, I looked up at him evenly and took a deep breath, "Y-you can go on about this and h-how you're getting revenge on me.", I gasped out, "I-I deserve it for every t-thing that I've done to you." I swallowed hard and tried to clamp down on the whimpers that were threatening to escape my throat. I failed miserably and looked back to my view of the ground again.
"Ah shit.", I heard him mumble. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I glanced up and he was rolling his eyes.
"Come on, I'll take you to my house.", he glanced back at me with an uncertain look. "Unless you want to go to the police station or home or something?" I shook my head vehemently. There was no way I could go to the police station, if they even saw my mom or house right now they'd call child services, and going home could just cause even more injuries. The way I saw it, it was either follow him home or sit here and wait for the next rapist to have a go at me.
At last my crying fit subsided, and I was able to talk coherently.
"I'd like to go with you.", I said and glanced back at him fearful that he'd take back his offer. He nodded and waved for me to go in front of him, around the form on the ground that was starting to moan. I looked back at goth guy like a deer in the headlights, but he just grabbed my arm and directed me forward, making me look ahead instead of over at my own tormentor.
"Don't worry about him, he doesn't deserve it.", goth guy scowled as we walked away.. It just occurred to me that I didn't know the name of the person I was walking with, yet here I was going to his house with him.
I licked my lips, they were chapped from the cold New Jersey wind. "What's your name?", I asked hesitantly. He stopped and looked at me with raised eyebrows. His lips were tight as he smiled a sarcastic smile.
"I'm a little insulted that you don't know my name by now sweetheart.", he drawled looking at me with the same smile as we walked. I lowered my head guiltily. It was a little low for me to not even know his name yet still mock him.
"It's Gerard", he muttered, then he fumbled his hand into his coat pocket. As he did that I reached my hand out in a greeting.
"Mine's Jetta", I brokenly smiled at him. He raised an eyebrow at my hand, but reached his hand out of his pocket and shook it anyway. His hand was soft, with a firm grip. He smirked at me and went back to digging in his pocket.
"I hope you don't mind that I smoke.", he said, finally pulling out a Marlboro pack and taking one of the small white sticks out. I shook my head and he light it up.
We walked in silence until he spoke again.
"Do you want to talk about it?", he asked out of the corner of his mouth that didn't hold his cigarette. I looked at him, did I want to?
I shook my head, "Not right now.", I mumbled softly, he nodded and flicked the butt of the cig to the grassy side of the sidewalk. We were turning onto a street that read Cemetery Drive. I raised an eyebrow at it, and had to admit that the name of the street fit the person next to me. He brought me to a neat, fair sized house.
We walked up the steps, he opened the door, and I walked in and was shocked as we went into the living room. It was like someone had rooted an old movie theater and took a bunch of the memorabilia. A bunch of photos of old movie stars decorated the walls and shelves, along with pictures of what I assumed to be relatives and few of two young boys, one looked a bit like Gerard. The walls were wooden panels, but it gave the room a nice look to it. It was warm, comfy, and the entire place felt rugged and happy. Now in the real light, Gerard looked at my face and I could see his frown deepen. And it was then when someone I hadn't thought about came running into the room.
"Gerard? Is that you?", a beautiful woman, blonde, definitely Italian, and completely lovely, came into the room. She looked me over and her eyes popped.
"Oh sweetie, what happened to you?", she rushed over to me, and looked me over. Then she looked at Gerard sharply.
"What happened to her?", she asked sternly. He shrank and told her what happened, cleanly leaving out the part that my mom had cut me up. She shook her head.
"This is something for the police.", she sighed. I quickly reached out and grabbed her hand.
"Please don't call them.", I pleaded with her. She looked at me like I was out of my mind, but then her eyes got suspicious.
"Why not?", she asked looking at me with a raised eyebrow, putting her hands on her hips. I was speechless, what could I say that didn't result in me getting taken from my mom? Gerard came in at the right time.
"It's sort of messed up Ma.", he said, biting his lip nervously, "She kinda had a family problem, and that's why she was in the park in the first place, so she really can't call the police unless she wants to get her family in trouble.", he raised his eyebrows intently. Gerard's mom's eyes narrowed but in the end she just shook her head again.
"Fine, I never got into any of your friend's problems, so I guess she isn't any different. Just know that I'm here if ya need anything, okay sweetie?" She looked at me with helpful eyes, and I nodded, knowing I could trust her. She went back to Gerard.
"As for you, make sure you take care of that broken nose of hers.", she said, "It looks nastier than it is, if you're lucky it's not even going to be crooked." She smiled at me and walked back into the other room. Her head popped back in a second later, "By the way, if she's staying the night, be sure I'll have my ears open you two got it.", she looked at Gerard with sharp eyes and he nodded. I looked at the clock and saw that it was around 10:30. It had been a long night and it wasn't even over.
"Come on, I'll take you to my room and find our first aid kit.", Gerard put a hand on my arm and guided me down to a hallway and stopped in front of a door. He put a hand on the knob.
"Just go down and I'll be down in a sec.", he opened it and I looked down into darkness.
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