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Sleepover at a Non-friend's House?

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Jetta gets help and stays over for the night.

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He left me still peering down into what I thought was the basement. I took a deep breath and walked down the steps slowly, groping on the walls for a light-switch. I found none, and when I got down to the bottom, I had the dilemma of having no idea where to go. It was cold and the texture of the ground gave me a clue that I was standing on a concrete surface, with a thin layering of carpet on it. I stood there for a few seconds and then took a few shaky steps even further into the darkness until my leg hit something soft. I reached a hand out and felt a blanketed surface.
It was a bed. I sat down slowly, having the mattress sink down with me. My stomach had started to throb, and sitting down wasn't helping it, but it was better than wandering around the darkroom and crashing into stuff. The entire place smelled of cigarettes, an herbal smell, and just a boyish smell. I slowly let my jacket shoulder slid down and pull it off, letting it rest on the bed. Then I delved into my thoughts.
"This is so weird!", was the main thought in my head. How did this happen?
"Easy, you stupidly ran into a semi-deserted park, only to have Gerard save you from a pedophillic maniac.", my mind answered with sarcasm. Yes, but why did it have to be Gerard, the person who's life I've made a living hell? Now seeing him in a new light, I flinched at the thought of him in all the situations he had been in because of my orders to the jocks.
I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I sat up straight and politely. I didn't want to be rude. He came down and chuckled a little.
"Sorry about that, I probably should have told you that the light switch was over here.", he crossed the room, his footsteps making small clicks as he did. Something was turned on and we were thrown into a still semi-dark room. It had a carpet floor, a bed in a corner, and the same wooden panel walls and that shelves attached to them. Fantastic drawings were thumb-tacked all over the surfaces, and odd figures lined up on shelves along with an odd assortment of gothic items and such.
I felt my mouth drop as I looked at all of it, but mostly the drawings. Many of them were of Lord of the Rings and whatnot, Orcs and I even saw one of Gandalf. Others were horror monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula, though he'd made them into silly grinning cartoons. But the a masterpiece was the giant drawing on one wall, a silhouette of a werewolf in front of a moonlit glade, a full silver moon giving off the light.
I jumped as he sat down next to me on the bed, with the first aid kit in his hand. He was watching me look at his drawings with a scrutinizing eyes and a smile.
"So you like it?", he asked gesturing to the entire room. I saw that there was a desk with even more drawings overflowing it's surface, along with a door on the left wall, most likely being a bathroom, and a overstuffed couch sat opposite the bed, right underneath the stair landing.
I nodded. He clicked open the box and turned to me.
"Okay, look at me so I can disinfect some of those cuts.", I turned and found myself looking him right in the eye. His eyes were hazel like mine, only golden on the outside, with the green surrounding the pupil.
He gently wiped some of the Neosporin on my cheeks, his tongue sticking out the corner of his mouth in concentration, then went over to the side of my hair to my surprise. I reached up a hand and felt dried blood coming down from my hair. My mother must have nearly ripped the hair and skin out for it to be bleeding. He pushed past my hand lifted some of my hair to wipe the antiseptic on the wounds.
"That's done, I really don't know what to do about that black eye, is it okay?" I nodded once again. He chuckled softly and shook his head.
"You really need to talk a little, I'm getting the feeling I'm cleaning up a doll instead of a human being.", he said and I smiled a little. He pulled out a bunch of gauze as I replied.
"Sorry, it's just easier to nod and agree than speak.", I joked, then my smile faded sadly. He bit the corner of his cheek and sighed before handing me the gauze.
"I think you'd want to be the one stuffing this shit up your nose." He raised his eyebrows and I nodded. "The bathrooms over there if you need it." He pointed to the door I had assumed was one. I walked over and felt on the inside of the wall and thankfully found a light-switch. I flipped it and was immediately looking at a bruised up, bloody, completely hideous me. I felt tears well up a little as I looked from my limp and dirty hair, to my bloody and purple nose, and finally to my black eye that was made me look like I was wearing a eye patch. My makeup had smeared and made it look even worse.
I closed the door behind me and sat on the lid of the toilet seat and began rolling up the gauze into small balls, before promptly stuffed them up my nose I winched as they stung the sensitive tissue up there. It was sore and hurt like hell, but I accomplished it without crying too much. I had cried enough tonight, hopefully there wasn't going to be anymore episodes. After wiping away most of the makeup except the eye-liner, which was waterproof, I looked around and saw that there was a bathtub with a shower head, along with a sink and cabinet, it was quaint. I jumped when I heard a knocking on the door.
"Jetta? You okay in there?", Gerard's voice came through the door, sounding a little concerned.
"I'm alright", I replied, getting up and opening the door. He looked at my nose and started coughing, to cover up his giggles. I felt my eyes start to burn and I felt a weight land on my chest as I walked past him and sat on the couch. He stopped coughing and in response to my action, sat down on the edge of his bed, so we were facing each other. He had taken off his jacket, and was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt that had picture of a weird band on it. His skinny jeans were ripped at one thigh and one knee. He was dressed like he was everyday in school, but now that I thought about it, he actually looked a little cool and edgy. He brought me back to reality.
"You know, you should really talk about it.", he said quietly, gauging my face for emotion. I laughed an empty laugh.
"Why? You can already guess what happened.", I told him, my black humor not swaying him. He just stared at me, like he was me asking if I was finished. The weight on my chest, threatening me to start crying was getting even heavier.
"If you talk about it, then it's easier to understand and cope with it.", he pointed out, and starting biting on his lip. I looked at him, trying to get a grasp on whether or not I could trust him, he must have guessed this.
"If you're worried about me spouting your story to all of those dicks and dikes.", he sighed heavily, "You can be sure that I won't tell them". I looked at him in mild surprise.
"Really? You won't?", I asked softly.
He raised his hand, "I promise I won't, scout's honor." I let out a sigh of relief and nodded that I believed him.
"It would be a dickish thing to do anyway.", he muttered with a small grin. I nodded again and breathed deeply. My hands were on my knees and I gripped the fabric of my skirt a little as I began my story.
"The whole thing started around three years ago when my dad left. . ." I told him my entire situation, my mom's drunkenness, the peer pressure to do everything the populars did, and my mom's violence that had started over the last year and how it had just gotten worse. After I got done saying what happened back in the park I started crying again. Once again, the entire weight of the shitty life I had brought me back to tears. I felt the couch sink with an extra weight and I realized that Gerard had sat next to me.
"It's okay, it's alright.", he shushed me, putting a hand on my back and rubbing soothingly. I found myself leaning into him, and he paused a moment, before hesitantly put his arms around my shoulders. I pressed my face into his shirt, and he started rocking back and forth. He smelled like the room, and was just warm, being in his arms felt nice and soon I calmed myself down again.
"Well.", his chest rumbled as he took another breath, "This is better than hugging that damn urinal". I giggled weakly, my breath shuddering as I did. He pushed me back a little, his hands on my shoulders as he looked me over.
"Now do you feel a bit better?", he asked softly. I nodded and he got up. He walked over to his dresser that was next to the bed and pulled out another band shirt and a pair of mens pajama pants that were patterned with lightening bolts. I looked at him in confusion.
"You're staying here aren't you?", he asked me with a questioning look. I got it, he was giving me some clothes to wear. I nodded and he threw them to me. I caught them as he crouched down and went under his bed.
"Thanks Gerard." He looked up at me a a little confused. "For saving me and everything.", I held up the pajamas to show my point. He smiled.
"It's alright, I'm actually a little happy I found you, it put a lot of things into perspective.", he mumbled as he went back under. He pulled out a dark blue fluffy blanket and threw that at me. Then he just stood there awkwardly.
"Um, I guess you can take the bed if you want to.", he told me, pulling the skull patterned blanket off the bed and going over to the couch and throwing it on. I shook my head in disagreement.
"No, you can have the bed, I've already caused you enough trouble, it's the least I can do.", I marched over and threw his blanket onto his bed and put the blue one on the couch. He looked like he was going to argue, but then shook his head in surrender.
"Alright, you can go change in the bathroom, just knock on the door when you come out because I'm changing in here." I nodded and he went over to his dresser, while I went over to the bathroom door, shutting it tightly behind me as I went in.
I took off my skirt and shirt, my high-heeled boots I had to pull off, the zipper had broke somehow. I kept my bra on, it was cold down here and I really didn't want to show anything off. I pulled on the dark colored clothes, being smothered by the unique herbal smell that was around the place, I had to ask Gerard what it was. The shirt was big and baggy with a few holes in some places, and the pants were really loose around the waist, but they were comfortable. After getting everything on, I knocked hesitantly on the door.
"It's okay, I'm dressed.", Gerard's voice said. I opened the door to see him, jumping into bed, bare-chested and muscular. My eyebrows nearly went up to my hair at the sight of that. Maybe it was the baggy shirts that he wore, but he definitely wasn't as chubby he looked. He was muscular with a little chunkiness on the sides, but overall, he looked great. No chest hair,and his pajama pants covered any stomach hair he possibly had.
"Like what you see?", his voice disrupted my looking and I hid my face behind my hair to cover a blush. I heard him chuckle as I moved to the couch. I laid down on it and pulled the blanket up to my neck. That freakin' herbal smell was literally everywhere!
"Gerard, what's that scent?", I asked, looking up at him. He had settled down under the covers and grunted when I asked the question.
"What scent?", he responded.
"The herbal one, it's nice, just really overwhelming.", I described it. His lifted his head with a raised eyebrow.
"You mean you've never smelled coffee before?", he asked, his face incredulous. I shook my head. My mother thought coffee was bad for you and made your teeth yellow. In all my life I've never even tried coffee, let alone smelled it everywhere.
"No, why is that a bad thing?", I asked, and he just shook his head in disbelief.
"Jeez, you cheerleaders are really out of this world.", he muttered, settling back down, "I'll make you some in the morning and then you'll understand the world of caffeine.", he told me with an amused tone. I shrugged my shoulders and rested my head back onto the arm of the couch. The couch was soft and cushioned, but I tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable place to rest my head without making my neck crooked.
"Jetta!", Gerard said sharply. I looked over and caught the pillow that was thrown at my head.
"Now sleep, please.", he said irritably. I widened my eyes, he was grumpy when he was tired. I put the pillow under my head and let myself breath in the smell of the room. Out of all the people I knew, it was sort of sad that Gerard was the only one who I could trust to tell everything to. And I had only learned his name today. Sara was my friend, but she would tell the rest of the cheerleaders, Stacey and Dana would just laugh, and my own mother would probably just take another swing at me. In the end, it was only Gerard, someone that had been a complete stranger, that had cared enough to take me to his own house, even after all the horrible things I'd done to him.
I let my self-pity and disgust swallow me as I drifted into sleep. Maybe that was why I had a few nightmares that involved the jocks and cheerleaders. Most of the dreams had them taunting me and grabbing at my clothes. In the end they disappeared and I simply had a dreamless sleep.
Until I was woken up by a curious voice.
"Whoa, who's the chick on the couch?"
Hehe, yeah, I kinda picture the Way house to smell of coffee, kinda like they have bags of coffee grounds everywhere just for the smell of it lol :3
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