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Are Those Purple with Pink Polka-Dots?

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Jetta wakes up and gets invited to a party, but can she still go after something happens? R and R!

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"Shut up Mikey, she's still asleep." I heard Gerard's voice say in exhaustion. Then came the sound of the bed springs groaning as he rolled over.

"That still doesn't answer who she is.", the same person replied. I opened my eyes to see sunlight streaming in through the only small window in the shadowy basement. A guy was standing at the bottom of the steps. He looked younger than I was, yet around as tall, with light brown hair and glasses. He looked nerdy, but a cute nerdy. And right now he was staring at Gerard, who was pulling the covers up over his head. Though I was half asleep, I giggled at the sight and the guy's eyes darted over to me.

"How the hell does my brother have a chick in his bedroom?", he asked bluntly. I glanced over at Gerard who didn't comment. Then I stood up, walked over, and held out my hand.

"I'm Jetta, Gerard just let me stay here for the night.", I told him. He shook my hand and smiled.

"I'm Mikey, his brother.", he told me, "So you know each other?" He looked between us, Gerard seemed to have gone comatose under the covers, with a doubtful look. I shook my head.

"No, he just helped me out in the park last night, and I couldn't go home, so he let me stay here for the night.", I said shyly.

Mikey looked apprehensively at me, particularly at my face, "Is that why you look a little beat up?", he asked hesitantly. I looked at the ground and nodded. He must have felt that it was a touchy subject so he let it go. He went over and took a seat on the bed, sitting on one of Gerard's feet, which came up and kicked him in the shoulder.

"Get off of the bed.", a muffled order came out. Mikey smiled at me and put a finger up to his lips, got up gingerly and walked over to the side of the room. I watched him intrigued. What was he going to do?

He took off his glasses and set them on the steps and took a runner's stance. He was going to jump on Gerard. I watched as he ran and went flying onto the bed, laughing as he went. He landed on Gerard, who let out a painful grunt.

"Come on Jetta, help me!", Mikey yelled to me, Gerard was trying to lift him off, and he was succeeding. I bit my lip, but pulled the blanket off me and stood up shivering. It was cold down here, but I ran over to the thrashing pair and jumped on both of them.

"Seriously you two, get off me!", Gerard pleaded underneath us. Mikey laughed and I started chuckling along with him.

"Are you going to get up?", Mikey asked loudly, "Frankie called and said he was throwing a party at his house and we were invited, which means you need to be fully awake, so you can get hammered." Gerard growled and started pushing us off even harder. My stomach had begun to hurt from the night before, and I was making sure to keep it out of the way of Gerard's kicking legs.

"Yes, I'll get up, now you two get off!" I looked at Mikey and he nodded. At the same time we leapt of the bed. Gerard immediately jumped up and ran after Mikey, who ran up the stairs, grabbing his glasses as he went.

"You shall never capture the infamous Mikey Way!", he shouted.

"Frickin' psycho.", Gerard mumbled coming back down the stairs. He looked at me and smirked.

"Nice to see you're well enough to amuse my brother.", he told me.

"It's nice to see that you're fully awake.", I shot back, sticking my tongue out. Gerard rolled his eyes, walked over to me, and gave my face a look over.

"Well, at least that black eye has gone down a bit, it's even starting to turn yellow.", he slowly reached out and pressed on my nose, "Does that hurt?"

It was a little sore, but it didn't sting anymore. "Nope", I said brightly. He nodded and sighed, falling backwards back onto the bed. Then he sat back up quickly and looked me square in the eyes.

"So what's going to happen now?", he asked me hesitantly. My eyebrows came together.

"What do you mean?", I asked, confused.

"You know. . .", he nodded to me, gesturing with his hands, "Are you going to go back to your house, and pretend that nothing is wrong, and whatnot?", he started pointedly at me. I blinked, I hadn't thought of that.

I raised my shoulders weakly and let them fall.

"I guess I have to.", I muttered, going over and falling on the couch. He looked down, biting his bottom lip, it seemed to be a habit of his. He looked up at me with kind eyes.

"You know, you can always come over here if things get a little too violent.", he said softly. I looked at him surprised.

"You'd really let me come back here after all that I've done to you?" I asked, realizing that I had never even asked him why he had helped me last night. He ran a hand through his hair and shrugged.

"Yeah, you're someone that needs help, and despite what I've said before, your not half-bad.", he joked smiling at me. The smile must have been contagious, because I found the corners of my mouth turning up too. Then he cleared his throat.

"You might want to get changed, after breakfast I'm driving you home.", he glanced back at me, "If that's alright with you of course." I nodded and stood up. Walking to the bathroom, I picked up the pile of clothes that I had placed by the couch.

The appearence that greeted me wasn't as bad as last night. I lifted the loose band shirt and saw a mass of purple and red skin that began throbbing as I looked at it. I was probably lucky I didn't have a ruptured organ or something. I seriously had to ask for a ice pack the next time I was upstairs though, I should have asked last night, but I had been overwhelmed.

I grimaced at the dark bruises under my eye and on my cheek, along with the one around my nose, but without my foundation or cover-up, there was nothing I could do, so I left them as they were. I looked through the drawers in the bathroom to find a brush. I found a makeup kit, a box of condoms, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and a dusty comb that looked like it hadn' been used in a whle. I took the comb, ignoring the other items, and tried to unfurl the knot that had woven into my hair.

Once I'd done that and taken the many rolls of gauze out of my nose, I put on my clothes. The skirt was dirty from being on the park ground, and the white shirt was wrinkled and grass-stained, but it was better than nothing. I pulled them on, thoughtlessly opened the door and walked out. Only to be stunned by the site of Gerard bent over in his underwear.

He turned around, and with wide eyes and blushing cheeks, put a shirt over his private section.

"I thought I told you to knock when you were coming out?", he asked, clearing his throat loudly and raising his eyebrows toward the bathroom. I was still in shock, but quickly snapped out of it. I raised a hand to my eyes, my own cheeks blushing.

"Shit, I'm so sorry, just tell me when you're done.", I rushed back into the bathroom. I slammed the door and leaned on it. Then I started giggling.

He'd looked so funny, standing there in his boxers, blushing. I held my giggle fit in, not wanting to embarass him.

Finally I heard him give the okay to come out. He was fully clothed. And still blushing.

Another fit of the giggles came over me and I bent over laughing. He stood there watching me with a grimace. Once I had calmed down he spoke.

"Are you finished?", he asked. I nodded and he shook his head, walking over to the steps. I followed with a grin.

"Sheesh, I wonder what you would do if I saw you in your underwear.", he muttered as we went. I cocked my head in thought.

"Probably wait for you to faint from my sexiness.", he turned back to look at me with a raised brow, "or just push you out once you got a view." He gave me a 'you gotta be kidding me' look and I started laughing again.

"I'm not serious, and if it helps at all, you looked pretty good.", I teased him. He blushed again and just kept climbing the stairs.

He lead me into the kitchen. Everything was in good taste, and the same smell from last night was in the air. Coffee. A pot was brewing and five mugs were on the table. Mikey was at the table with what looked like a comic, meanwhile a man was sitting at the table with a newspaper. I presumed he was Gerard and Mikey's dad.

Gerard pulled a chair out for me and I sat down. I had to hold in a groan as my stomach protested against my action. Gerard sat next to me and I was cushioned between him and Mikey who greeted me. Gerard's dad still hadn't looked up.

Gerard's mom came bustling into the room, going over to the stove, where a pan of bacon and eggs were.

"There you are sweetie, I was wondering how you were doing.", she did a look over of my face and basically said the same thing Gerard had said.

"Um, could I maybe get a bag of ice or something Mrs. . .", I drifted off and let her introduce herself.

She looked at me and laughed, "Oh sweetie, you can just call me Donna, and this is my husband Donald." He finally looked up and muttered a greeting. "And I presume you've met Mikey, he told me you helped him wake up this one."She playfully thunked Gerard on top of the head. He grinned up at her.

"Sorry ma, I was tired, it was a long night.", Gerard, rubbing his eyes.

Donna nodded and refocused her attention on me, "What did you want that ice-pack for, that black eye's a little old to think about ice.", she said. I shook my head.

"It's not for that, my stomach's got a few bruises on it.", I said, keeping my head down. I saw Gerard, Mikey, and Donna frown at that. She nodded.

"Alright, coming right up, and I'd get some food before those two start chowing down, their like street-cleaners.", she smirked at them. All three of us got a cup of coffee and a plate of food. I sat down, wondering what to do with my coffee. Mikey was pouring sugar and cream in like he was making a pastry, meanwhile Gerard was taking his black.

"Um, what should I do?", I asked both of them. Mikey looked at me confusioin, and Gerard just waved his hand and took my cup.

"She's a little inexperienced with coffee.", he told Mikey, who raised his eyebrows, shook his head and went back to his comic. Gerard poured a few spoonfuls of sugar and a little cream into my mug and gave it back.

"There, try it.", he waited for me to take a sip, and I did. It was amazing, there were so many layers of taste to it. A sugary one, that slowly faded into a bitter yet sweet taste, and finally melted down into a feeling like I had to take another sip. I looked at Gerard with wide eyes. He chuckled and went back to his plate, taking a big bite of bacon. I drank most of my coffee and started on my food.

It was around then that Donna placed a bag of ice, wrapped in a kitchen towel in front of me. I smiled a thanks to her and lifted my shirt a little, trying to do it without showing too much, to place it on. It didn't work however and Gerard must have seen it, because he choked on his mouthful. I patted him on the back and he jerked away from me.

The rest of breakfast went in silence, but I saw Gerard glance at my stomach a few times. I mean it was silent until Mikey brought a topic up.

"Hey, are you ready for Frankie's party?", he asked Gerard, leaning into the table so he could see him over me. Gerard nodded and I turned to Mikey.

"Who's Frankie?", I asked with a little interest. Mikey shrugged.

"Just a friend of ours, I doubt you would know him, he's a freshman just like me.", he said, pushing his glasses up, they had been sliding down.

"Oh, so your a freshman?", I asked him. He nodded, taking a sip of his sugar-filled coffee.

"Yep, you seniors nearly massacred us the first day by the way.", Gerard laughed a little. I did too, remembering going around and pulling various pranks on the freshman. Gerard suddenly stood up, done with his breakfast, I stood with him.

"Okay, I'm taking Jetta back, I've got something I have to do, but I'll be back to drive us over to Frank's, 'kay?", Mikey nodded, but his face suddenly lit up and he turned to me.

"Hey do you wanna come over tonight and party?", he asked me. Gerard fiddled next to me, his tension soared with the question. I had no clue how to answer. What would Stacey say if she found out that I went and partied with them? I shrugged it off and let myself have a little freedom.

"I'll have to get back to you on it, but I guess I could come, if it's alright.", I looked at Gerard. He came close to frowning before sighing.

"I guess you could come.", he mumbled. Mikey grinned at me.

"Great, I'll see ya there.", he waved as we left the kitchen.

"Now that that is over, what is up with that?", Gerard pointed to my stomach and I put my hand over it.
Shrugging, I muttered, "You know what's up."

He shook his head, and ran a hand through his hair.

"Yes I know that, but I didn't know that she went that far.", he told me, "That could've killed you.", he made a hand gesture put emphasis on the death part.

"And why should you care if I die or not?", I asked him and he stopped rambling on about what could've happened. I hadn't meant for that to come out, but my brain had overtaken my mouth. Now that it had come out I realized how bitchy and ungrateful I sounded. I was wondering why he seemed so concerned about me, but now it seemed rude for me to question it. Meanwhile, he seemed troubled, and didn't say anything. Then he seemed to get a grip on reality and nodded, his jaw clenched.

"Fine, your right.", he shook his head, "Go out to the car and I'll drive you home." I walked out and to the drive way. In it was a Silver Subaru XT, I got into the passenger's side and waited for him to get in. He was still shaking his head as he climbed into the driver's seat and turned the key.

The ride was quiet except for me giving him directions to my house. I must've really did something for him to not even look at me. I spoke up.

"So what exactly is this party?", I asked, daring to look at him. He looked back at me with a hard expression, then it softened and he sighed.

"It's basically a drink and riot.", he explained slowly, "We get drunk, those that have girlfriends get some, and those that don't drink until they pass out.", he summed it up. I raised my eyebrows, but he said nothing.

"And who's going to be there?", I asked. He shrugged, scrunching his nose.

"Just a few people, Ray Toro, Matt Pelissier, Bob Bryar, and then there's Frank.", he smirked, "Craziest person on the planet, if you do go, I'll have to introduce you to him.", he looked at me then with hesitant eyes, "That is if you do go."

I bit my lip and sighed, "I guess I will. Maybe it's about time I started changing for the better and do what I want.", I smiled and he grinned too.

He made a turn and we were in front of my house. It was massive compared to Gerard's, but lacked the warmth of the Way house. I looked at it in uncertainty, but opened the car door nonetheless.

"Hey!", I looked back at Gerard, "I'll pick you up around five, I have to go to the school for something, I'll pick up Mikey, then you, and we can head over.", he told me. I nodded and grinned, "I'll see you then." He smirked at me and I got out. He started to roll up his window, but then stopped and rolled it back down.

"And be careful until I pick you up alright.", he told nervously, and I nodded. He smiled a little before pulling out and driving away. I walked up the driveway, watching until he turned onto another street and I couldn't see the silver car. It had been a weird night and morning, he'd gone from being a complete dweeb and nerd, into being one of my friends. I smiled in that thought, maybe I could make up my mistakes that I had done.

I walked into my house, prepared to take anything that came at me, but nothing happened. The dining room had been cleaned up and I found a note on the refrigerator door.

If you're home, the office called and I'm going to be at work, be back around six'o'clock.

Well that worked out well, I was going to be gone by then, and I wouldn't have to face her for another day. I went up to my room and found my cell-phone that I had plugged in before the fight had taken place. It was completely filled with messages. Most of them were from Stacey, Sara, and Dana, wondering why I hadn't answered any of their texts. But one caught my eye. It was from Stacey and it told me to read it as soon as possible.

rmmber mjor prank at school tday. it's the prank of the century. seriously gonna be fun, you btter cme and c this! ur a genius! luv ya!

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