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Swords Cross

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Sabina Aelius, destined wife of Emperor Strife, goes into the warzone with her unit to avenge the death of her father. On her journey, everything changes. Especially her feelings and view on life. ...

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"Swords Cross"

Strife Astlar Grandall, the ten year old heir to the thrown, sits down at the long table in front of his family. Well, his family consisting of his mother and siblings. It was a normal evening. The chef makes food that sends the enlightening aroma to the dining room. The Grandall royal family gathers together for a evening meal. They all pray for the return of their father, the emperor of this country.

The Grandall Empire, obviously named after the ruler, was very powerful and civilized. That is until Grandall's emperor and Strife's father left for war. Emperor Grandall felt that it was necessary to go down to Halteese himself and end this short, pointless battle that just broke out in that country's capital. 

"Mam' I have come back to deliver news" a strong female voice interrupted the royal family's supper. Strife dropped his fork onto his plate and turned to the female. Mireille, a young and most reliable knight of the Grandall army clutched onto a rolled scroll tightly, standing by the door of the fancy dining room. 

The emperor's wife examined the young knight's face. Her expression wasn't the one that carried joy or good news. Sorrow was then washed all over the woman's face. Strife and his siblings didn't understand the sudden exchange between their mother and the knight. 

"The emperor was killed at war. Emperor was slain at the hands of King Chester. But before his death he handed me his will and what he's expected of this empire for future purposes" Mireille continued. 

Strife's mother broke down into hysterical tears. His siblings shed several tears here and there. Only Strife himself sat there in silence, inspecting his grieving family curiously. Mireille opened the scroll and began reading through it. 

As expected, Strife was now named emperor. The oldest sibling of the Grandall family, Sarah was beyond shocked. She expected to be the empress. Her father loved her dearly, more than any of her siblings. Why did he hand the duty to an ignorant 10 year old? 

Strife could read the anger on his older sister's face. He smirked as an exchange to her frustration. "That is all, now I must go back to the Halteese Republic and finish supervising the peace treaty" Mireille excused herself, exiting the room. 

"Don't worry mother, Strife will handle this. I trust him" Strife's youngest brother, Laelius consented his grieving mother. Sarah scoffed, having heard the exchange of words. 

Sarah excused herself early, stomping off to her chamber. Strife sent his young brother a thankful smile. Laelius returned the smile, nodding slightly. "I'm going upstairs" his mother left shortly after Sarah. 

Strife changed into his boxer and shirt, climbing onto his bed in comfort. Tomorrow, his training preparation to become a ruler will begin. He could feel the excitement. Anticipation wasn't really his best friend so he tossed and turned, praying for some form of sleep to kick in. 

By midnight, he heard some shuffling in his room. Gasping, he quickly sat up on his bed. Someone was in here, obviously plotting the death of Strife Astlar Grandall. 

"Who's there?" Strife asked in alarm. 

There was no response. 

In a few seconds, something sharp was put against his neck. Strife shrieked as response. 

He closed his eyes shut, awaiting for his death. But he heard a blade cut through someone's head and a female scream followed after. 

He opened his eyes. He was still alive. His attacker, however, wasn't. A few footsteps later, the lights flickered on, revealing his childhood best friend, and future wife, Sabina Aelius. She held her sword and shield in hand. 

He looked down to see his dead sister. Her head was separated from her body. Blood was soaking his carpet. The same blood was drenched on Sabina's sword. He shot his destined lover a thankful smile.

"How'd you know?"

"I knew that she would be upset at your appointment to the throne. My father said that Emperor Grandall got killed in battle. I know Sarah was going to kill you so I snuck in here to destroy her first" Sabina explained, her crystal blue eyes glistening with bliss and happiness. "I'm glad I wasn't too late" 

"I'm scared. Do you believe I'm ready to hold the throne?" Sabina nodded. "I believe in you. You are going to be an amazing leader. Grandall will be the strongest empire in Rome" 

"Thank you Sabina, I owe you my life" Strife thanked. 


Strife woke up, gasping. He's having that horrible dream again. The dreadful event of the past frightened him to death. Ever since Sarah's attempt at slaying him, he's been more alarmed. He kept his iron sword under his pillow every night. He kept his ears open during his slumber. Someone will try to kill him one day and he wouldn't be as lucky as the first time. 

He turned to his side and smiled at the beautiful woman beside him, clad in only a silk brassiere and a short undergarment. He moved a strand of her beautiful dark locks out of her eyes. This caused the sleeping beauty to shift her position. 

Strife continues to smile at his lover. 

Sabina Aelius is the one and only daughter of Livan Aelius, head of one of Grandall's most powerful units. Aelius was a well respected man all throughout Grandall, leading his unit to conquer many different parts of Rome. Sabina was expected to follow her father's footsteps. But there's only one big complication. She's a woman. Most people couldn't believe Aelius and his beautiful wife didn't produce a male child to follow his father's footsteps. 

After the birth of Sabina, Livan and his wife, Camina arranged for her to marry the future emperor. The two spent plenty of time together ever since. After knowing each other for so long, they were glad of their parents' choice of the marriage. Sabina will become the emperor's wife and Strife will be the emperor. 

Unfortunately, Livan Aelius was captured by Dalkian forces and executed by Queen Aurelia. This angered Sabina and her mother. The twenty year old woman was since then determined to avenge her father's death. She promised herself that one day, she will destroy Dalkia and Queen Aurelia. 

That is why today was Sabina Aelius' important day. Parousia Academy, a place where future warriors trained, was holding their finals. Girardot Argezas, the one and only instructor of the students suggested Sabina to come in and test her abilities to see if she was ready for war. Today was the first day of finals and Strife was nervous for her. If she passed all the exams then she will be off to war. Their marriage would have to hold off until Dalkia goes down. 

Even though he was the emperor, he wasn't going to use his power to force his lover to stay. He love her with all his heart and he knew how she felt. He didn't want to force her to stay behind. That wouldn't make her happy at all. 

"Morning" Sabina's eyes fluttered open and smiled. The first thing she saw was her beautiful emperor. 

"Remember what today is?" he responded. She nodded, biting her lips.

"Do you believe I will pass?" she asked her lover. Strife nodded. It reminded him of the past. The night his father died, he asked Sabina if she thought he would make a good emperor. She encouraged him to carry on and turn this empire back to it's powerful standing nation. 

"Just do your best, if you aren't as successful as you wish, I will convince Girardot to prepare you further" Strife offered. Sabina shook her head furiously.

"I don't want special treatment. I need to get what I deserve. Being under the emperor's consent already is a huge advantage. It wouldn't be fair to other cadets"

Strife grinned, playing with her hair. 

"I need to get ready" she got up, putting on her clothes and armor. 

When she was done, she noticed that she was already late. "I will see you after the exam" Sabina kissed Strife lightly on the lips. He pulled his lover into him, hugging her tightly. 

She ran her hands softly into his long blonde locks. 

"Good luck" he whispered to her. 

The pair left Strife's room, being encountered by several maids. Strife had to constantly tell them that Sabina was running late and she didn't have time to eat breakfast.

"After your done, come back here. I'll have the cook make you the best meal you'll ever eat" the emperor promised her. Sabina smiled and pulled the emperor into another hug.

Then Sabina walked out the castle. 

Parousia is a beautiful city. Being the capital of Grandall, this place is very significant. Sabina has lived here her whole life. Her father lived here his entire life as well. Maybe with the exception of his long journeys. 

This place will forever be the home of Sabina no matter what happens in the future.

As she passed the town, every passing person bowed to her in respect. She was somebody. Having been the daughter of Livan Aelius and the future wife of emperor Strife. She was definitely important and a woman deserving of recognition and respect.

The Parousia Academy was a well structured building. It was gigantic, having the nice big fields as classrooms and dorms where students lived. Sabina been here several times. Her father used to bring her here when she was young. He wanted to show her where he started. He went to this school to train his abilities. Because of this academy, he was invincible for most of his life. Before his death anyways.

She passed by a group of people training with their Chinese swords and Katana & Shurikens. 

They stopped their training to stare at her. Then they bowed to her. Sabina smiled softly at them before walking into the academy building. 

The lady at the front smiled at her as if she was expected to be here. "Sabina Aelius, I've heard so many interesting things about you. I'm glad you have decided to follow your father's footsteps. He started here and exactly here. Girardot is in that room down the hall lecturing his students. Good luck to you on this exam" Sabina thanked the lady graciously.

She left for the direction she was instructed to go. The classroom was full with many eager students seated, determined to pass this exam. Girardot was giving a very serious and intense lecture. Sabina walked in the room and everyone's attention turned to her.

"You're late, Miss Aelius" Girardot spoke sternly.

"Sorry" Sabina apologized.

"She's stayed up too late with the emperor, doing god knows what" Sabina heard a girl whisper to her friend. She turned to examine the girl. She had shoulder length blonde hair with the sides curled. She had a cute round face but her eyes were cold while glaring at Sabina. The female Aelius shuddered at the stare.

"Abelia, stop it" a guy hissed at the girl. Sabina shot the guy a smile. He returned a smile of his own. 

"Now Aelius, sit down. You missed most of my lecture but try to pay attention. You'll get in the rest of it" Girardot instructed her. Sabina nodded, sitting on the empty seat next to the brown haired guy who helped her out with the girl named Abelia. 

"Hey, I'm Aeneas" the guy introduced. 

"I'm Sabina"

"I know"

"Of course" she smiled.

At least she made a friend within the first five minutes of entering this academy. 
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