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The Art Of War

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Sabina goes through her first day of testing, meets a rival, and trains with her mentor.

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"The Art Of War"

Sabina listened carefully to the rest of Girardot's lecture. She already felt terrible that she missed most of it. And she did find what she heard very useful. She should never think about the past or the future during battle. The only thing that mattered is the present. In order to forget about any horrible events of the past, you fight your way through the present to make a change in your own minds. In order to determine your future, you have to do something now to change it. Thinking about the past or future during battle will only distract you and give your opponent a large advantage. 

"It's about time I finally let my baby birds leave my nest and fend on it's own" Girardot finished. Groans could be heard throughout the room. Sabina smirked while Girardot let out a small laugh. 

"So everyone pair up with another person. The first part of the exam is to see everyone's fighting style. It doesn't count as much as the rest of this exam. You and your partner will fight your way through regular Grandall soldiers. I'll be outside the battlefield. You get ten minutes to choose your partner and come outside" Girardot left the classroom and chatter filled the room.

Aeneas turned to the "new" student. "You and me?" he suggested.

Sabina nodded, smiling. 


"Have you done this before?" Sabina asked.

"I haven't, and I'm nervous"

"Same. I never even took lessons here"

"Yeah I know"

"Wow, you know a lot"

"Everyone's been talking about you since the news of your arrival here. And of course that's why Abelia is extremely jealous of you" he looked over at the cute blonde. Sabina followed his gaze. 

"She's used to the attention and special recognition from everyone. But since you came into the picture, they focused more on you than her. She's Girardot's best student" Aeneas explained.

Abelia was talking to her friend and laughing. Her friend looked innocent and friendly. She have short blonde hair about the same length as Sabina's. Then she looked over which made Abelia look over.

The curly haired student frowned, turning her attention back to her friend.

"Don't worry. She's just jealous" Aeneas comforted.

After a few more minutes of chatter, the class appeared outside to the battlefield. Girardot was standing there, waiting patiently for his students.

"Now, Abelia Schillfelt since you are the top of my class, you and Eurydice shall perform first" Girardot announced, "you'll set a wonderful example for my other pupils" Abelia shot a winning smile and took out her weapon. The Eternal Rest. Sabina noticed that Abelia uses the same discipline as herself. The sword & shield.

Her friend, Eurydice took out her Great Sword. It was the same discipline the emperor uses himself. The iron sword. 

"Now Eurydice, let's show them what we're made of" Abelia shouted proudly. Her friend nodded and the two dashed into the first stronghold. 

The inspecting students watched as Abelia and Eurydice fought off Grandall soldiers after Grandall soldiers. They disarmed them as if it was the simplest task to do. When they were done, they ran to the enemy's main stronghold. 

About 5 minutes later, the red Grandall flag was raised in the air and the two ran out, holding their swords up in victory. The students cheered for them and Girardot clapped. 

"Good job ladies. Now Riese and Ishtar may perform next" Sabina watched the blue haired girl with the wave sword and the blonde with the iron sword fight their way into victory. 

Then Sabina and Aeneas watched the rest of the class perform. Some failed against the stronger soldiers in the main stronghold. Some got distracted in the midst of battle.

"Aeneas, it's about time you perform with your partner" Girardot called out to one of his underdog students. 

Aeneas and Sabina walked to the front. Gasps could be heard throughout the room.

"Aeneas and Sabina huh? Perfect combination" Girardot laughed silently to himself. 

Sabina took out her Katzbalger as Aeneas wielded his lance, the Pilum Muralis. Sabina stared at her partner's weapon in fascination. She never expected Girardot's students to adapt the same discipline as himself.

"Let's go" Aeneas beckoned her to follow him into the first stronghold. It was their main one so they could use this space for planning.

"Let's plan this out" Sabina said. Aeneas nodded. 

"So since this is just the tutorial, we could just charge at them and show off our skills. Girardot just wanted to see our fighting styles so it's not a big deal right?"

"You don't take this seriously do you?" Sabina asked him. He shrugged.

"Maybe that's why Girardot don't have much faith in me. He's surprised that someone like you agreed to be partners with me" Aeneas answered. 

"Hey, you're giving me too much credit. I'm not that good. Just cause my father is Livan Aelius doesn't mean I'm pro"

"He did train you didn't he?" Sabina nodded. 

"Hey Aeneas, I think we should get going" 

"Okay Sabina, try not to kill anyone" 

"No promises made, heroic knight" she winked before running out of the stronghold. Aeneas chuckled, running out after his partner. 

The two ran to the first stronghold belonging to the opponent. Aeneas' lance was used to ram the door open. The pair was greeted by two Grandall soldiers. One had a rapier and the other had an iron sword. 

Aeneas charged at the female soldier with the rapier as Sabina shot a stream of lighting at the iron sword wielder. 

The soldier blocked the attack and charged at the emperor's lover with a stream of fright shooting in his body. The soldier swung his weapon at her but she ducked. She performed an impressive uppercut, knocking off the iron sword in his hands. She turned to Aeneas and he was long ago done.

"That took a while but was very impressive" Aeneas shot her a smile. She gave him a thumbs up.

They put a mini red flag on top of the stronghold and ran off to meet a Grandall soldier waiting for them outside. This one was wielding a Chinese blade. 

"I got this" Sabina whispered to Aeneas. He nodded, folding his arms. 

Sabina charged at her opponent, kicking his weapon out of his hands at once. Then she used her shield to knock the soldier out. 

"Is it me or do these soldiers look so damn easy?" Aeneas commented.

"Shush, you" Sabina poked her new friend. 

They looked away from each other to see another soldier coming at them. This one held the lance, just like Aeneas.

"I think I'll handle this one" he smiled, charging up to the female soldier. His attack was blocked so he decided to swing his lance at her. She ducked and tripped him swinging her lance low. He fell but smashed his weapon against her feet. She fell to the floor, giving Aeneas a chance to get up. Once he was up, he slashed his weapon hard against the soldier's, sending her lance flying out of her hands. 

"Good job" Sabina smiled.

"Thanks" they looked around and there were no more opponents coming at them. 

"Main stronghold then, my friend" he clutched his lance closely to him and led Sabina the way to the main stronghold which consists of a large structured castle. 

Aeneas and Sabina gripped onto the lance hard and charged at the door. It still didn't open. So the pair gave it another try. The door budged slightly so the third try threw the door open. 

The main stronghold consists of two more soldiers. A female had the Chinese sword and the male had the nunchaku. Sabina decided to handle the female while Aeneas handled the male.

Sabina took a swing at her opponent with her sword. The soldier of course dodged her attack and kicked her, sending her to the ground. Shaking her head, Sabina got up and clashed swords with the soldier. Sabina noticed that this particular soldier was faster than the others. Her movements were smooth and swift. It was hard dodging or blocking her attacks. She slammed her shield against the blade during another one of those swiftly attacks and found an opening at the bottom. Sabina took this chance to kick her upwards, sending her flying into the air as well as the blade. 

Sabina dropped her weapons and caught the blade in midair. 

Aeneas cheered and clapped with his freehand against his lance wielding hand. "I'll raise the flag"

"Good job" Sabina turned to the fallen soldier on the ground. She helped her up and gave her back the blade.

"Thank you. You were excellent, your majesty" the female soldier bowed to her.

"Oh no, don't bow to me. Strife and I aren't married yet" Sabina blushed.

Then she turned to the other soldier that was defeated by Aeneas.

"Good job to you too" she got a thanks as a response.

"Congratulations you two. Now we need to get ready for our next opponents so go join the class" the female said.

Sabina jumped on her partner's back, forcing him to carry her outside. He ran out and the pair cheered along with their classmates. 

They sat down beside their classmates.

"That was impressive, Aeneas and Sabina. You guys hold second place against your classmates. Abelia and Eurydice, however, got through this mission a minute before you two"

Sabina gave her partner a high five and turned to smile at Eurydice and Abelia. Eurydice smiled back but Abelia just looked away. 

"Damn" Sabina swore under her breath. Aeneas chuckled.

They watched the rest of the class take this tutorial. None of the rest were as successful as Aeneas, Sabina, Eurydice, or Abelia. Sabina was surprised that her skills outshine other people's. She never took lessons here ever. The only lessons she ever had was with her father and some knights at the castle. That was all. 

When the test ended, Girardot clapped his hands together gleefully. "I'm proud of you guys. I can see outshining future talents in the future. There's food in the common room so you guys can go party or however you want to celebrate your first finished day of testing. Remember, tomorrow will be different"

The class prepared to leave.

"Wait a minute. Not so fast" Girardot stopped Sabina and Abelia on their way out.

"Sabina and Abelia. You two stood out to me during your performances today. Tomorrow's test is based off on battling each other. So you two shall choose two classmates each and your battle will be the first to be presented. The rest of the class will choose their teammates and I will pair them up with their opponents tomorrow. But Sabina Aelius and Abelia Schillfelt, I'd find your battle the most anticipating one to watch" the mentor said his farewell and left.

"Good luck to you tomorrow, Abelia" Sabina said, trying another attempt at making friends with her.

"I don't need luck to win" she smirked, turning to leave.

Sabina followed her outside. Aeneas was waiting for her in the classroom.

"What did Girardot want to tell you guys about? Abelia seems pissed"

"He told us what the test was going to be tomorrow. You are to pair up with two other person and fight your classmates. Girardot wanted to see my team against Abelia's"

"Wow, that's exciting. You can finally kick her ego stricken ass!" Aeneas shouted excitedly.

"Hey, be nice Mr Lancelot" Sabina snapped.

"So who are you choosing to be in your squad? Because if you pass, they will most likely end up in your unit" Sabina was alarmed at his words. She's excited to have her own unit like her father did. She just needed people she could trust. Power was not the key to victory. Teamwork was the main thing.

"Would you like to fight alongside me again?" Sabina turned to Aeneas. He has been her best friend since she arrived here today.

"But, are you sure? I'm not the best fighter. I'm one of Girardot's worst students" 

"The only reason you are is because you slack off. And come on, I've seen you work your lance gracefully. We will make a good team. I just know it" 

Aeneas flashed a grin and pulled the female Aelius into a hug.

"Now I just need one more person" Sabina scratched her chin, trying to think about which fighter stood out to her today besides Abelia and her teammate.

"My friend Riese. I'll ask if she wants to join! She's really aggressive which is a wonderful combination for our tiny squad. You're too kind and merciful. Plus, she's been determined for war and the reason she's here is because she wants to fight and avenge the death of her parents" Sabina's eyes grew wide. That girl reminds her of herself.

"Okay. Ask her if she wants to join us. And I'm going to go back to the castle" Sabina saluted her goodbye to him.

"Wait, you're not partying with us?" Sabina shook her head. "It wouldn't be fair. I don't deserve the honor of partying with you guys yet. I haven't even proved myself worthy"

"Aw, come on, Sabina. Who are you fooling?" 

"Emperor Strife's expecting me. I have to go. But see you tomorrow" Aeneas nodded, saluting his new friend goodbye.


"So how was your first battle?" Strife asked, sitting down in the dining room across from Sabina.

"It was great. I met this wonderful guy. He's a slacker but a wonderful fighter with potential. Oh and I think I'm about to have a rival" 

"Hmm... A rival? Sounds interesting. Who may that rival be, my lady?"

"This girl named Abelia"

"Abelia Schillfelt?" she nodded.

"She's quite an interesting character"

"What do you know about her?"

"Her father was your father's best friend. That's what my father told me anyways" Sabina's eyes grew wide. 

"They both fought alongside each other through everything. But the ending result of her father was the same as your father's" Sabina frowned, nodding.

"I have to fight her squad tomorrow" 

"Are you ready?"


"Who's in your squad?"

"Aeneas and Riese"

"I've never heard of them. But I'm sure they'll guide you to victory"

"And you're so sure I'm going to defeat Abelia?"

"Do you have faith in yourself to head off to war?" Sabina nodded.

"Then don't let Abelia stop you"

"She's the top of the class"

"And you're the legend's daughter"

"So is she"

"Your father's more legendary than her's"

"Let's not compare. She's been training and taking lessons for a longer time. I need strategies and tactics"

"You have plenty. Remember what your father taught you? How about Acacia and Alaster? Don't ever forget what they've taught you"

"I won't ever"

"Let's not worry about this for now and eat a good meal" Strife decided. Sabina nodded. 

After supper, Sabina headed off to the yard to practice. She swings her sword in the air and jumps high in the air, kicking it. 

Strife watches his lover train from a distance. He smiles. He was sure she's going to go far.

Acacia appears beside Sabina, startling her.

"Hey master" Sabina bowed to her. Even though Acacia was just Strife's personal knight, Sabina looked up to her. She even adapted Acacia's discipline. She's been learning battle strategies and skills from this woman. 

"I heard that you're going to fight Abelia Schillfelt tomorrow"

"Yes master"

"She fights under the same discipline"

"Yeah, I know"

"But you just need to move and think faster than her. She's a very arrogant person. The only way to take down arrogance is to prove them wrong" Sabina nodded, following every single word her personal mentor said. 

"I believe in you. But I want to see what you're made of" Acacia took out her weapon and pointed the sword at Sabina. The younger girl bowed to her mentor before standing in her position. 

Acacia started the fight with a clash of her sword. Sabina blocked the attack with her shield, and swiped at her master. The older woman clashed her sword into Sabina's. They fought, constantly clashing swords. Then Sabina surprised her mentor with a kick that sent Acacia flying in the air.

To Sabina's dismay, her master landed on her feet with her weapons still in hand. Sabina charged at her master, who dodged her attack. 

Acacia swiped her sword at the younger girl but Sabina was fast with her movement and dodged the attack. 

Sabina swung her sword at Acacia but was met with the older woman's sword instead. They clashed swords for a while. Sabina concentrated on trying to find an opening that she wasn't aware that Acacia already found her's. The mentor kicked Sabina upwards, sending her to the floor, disarmed of her weapon.

"Damn" the fallen girl swore.

Acacia walked over to her student, helping her up.

"Don't be hard on yourself, Sabina. You did great. The only problem is your focus. You focus on one main thing which is a good thing but you need to focus on everything. Not just trying to defeat your opponent. You have to stop your opponent from defeating you first" 

Sabina nodded, scratching her head.

"I guess this is it" Acacia put her head down.

"Don't be sad. I'll be back"

"I can't believe your growing up so fast. It still seems like yesterday when I started tutoring you. Now I have to let you fight on your own. After you defeat Abelia Schillfelt and pass the test, you're off to war"

"Master, don't be sad. I will forever appreciate you and all the time you've spent on believing in me. You are my main inspiration and I would not have done anything without you" 

"Good luck on your battle tomorrow" Acacia said before retreating to her chamber. 

Sabina wiped a few fallen tears from her face. This may be the last time she gets to see Acadia before she graduates in Parousia Academy. 

A pair of arms wrapped around her waist. She turned around and smiled at Strife.

"Good training" he kissed the top of her head.

"Thanks" she whispered, burying her head into his chest.

"I'm going to miss you when you head off to war" he said.

They stood like this for a few minutes before Sabina pulled away.

"I have to go home now. I think my mother needs to see me before my battle tomorrow" Strife nodded.

Sabina left the castle and turned to the alley. There were a line of fancy houses and one of them was her's. 

She walked into her house to see her mother playing with a flower. Her maid, Flora, welcomed her back home.

"Mother" Sabina ran to her with a kiss and a hug.

"Sabina, my daughter, I'm so proud of you" her mother began to cry.

"I love you" Sabina started to cry herself.

"My beautiful girl, I'm so proud to have you. I heard about today. Everyone said you were outstanding"

"Thanks, mother. I'm not that great though"

"Tomorrow, you'll be against Abelia Schillfelt and her squad"

"Everyone's talking about it?"

Her mother nodded.

"I'm ready to fight her!"

A/N: Here's Sabina Aelius' formula:

Name: Sabina
Gender: Female
Job: Gladiator 
Head: Brace Circlet (22,05)
Hair: Medium Length (01,01)
Mask: ---
Chin: ---
Lower Torso: Silk Brassiere (01,02)
Mid Torso: Tight Shirt (23,19)
Upper Torso: Breastplate (23,19)
Arms: Long Leather Gloves (01,01)
Shoulders: Iron Pads (23,19)
Neck: Ribbon Scarf (1,13)
Waist: ---
Lower Legs: Fishnet Tights (01,01)
Upper Legs: Dancer's Skirt (23,19)
Shin: ---
Socks: ---
Feet: Heavy Boots (25,16)
Face: 03
Eyebrows: 01,01
Lips: 03,21
Eyes: 22,18
Skin: 3,17
Underwear: 1,18
Voice: Girl 2
Discipline: Sword & Shield
Weapon: Katzbalger
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