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Day By Day

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Sabina's unit fights Abelia's. Then she comes face to face with the star student herself. A new character is introduced.

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"Day By Day"

Sabina wakes up in her own bed this time. Yawning, she rubbed her eyes. Today is a very important day. She's going to fight against Abelia. If she doesn't win against the star student then she'll never prove herself worthy and get the chance to go to war. Besides, if she lost she'll disappoint so much people. Her father wouldn't be proud. Acacia would be ashamed. Strife would decide to not marry her if she can't win a fight against a student. Abelia isn't just any student though, Sabina thought.

Getting out of bed, she got dressed in her usual desired armor. She put on a blue tight shirt that covers her upper body, leaving her belly uncovered. Then a beautifully designed breastplate over it. She searched her drawers for her tights but found a fishnet instead. She decided to put that on. Then a dancer skirt was found in the next drawer. 

"It matches" Sabina mumbled to herself, deciding to match the dark blue color scheme. 

Holding her breath, she flipped open her bottom drawer. The ribbon scarf she's been looking for was there. She preciously picked up the scarf and held it close to her heart.

"Father, I miss you. I will put this on so I will feel you with me during battle. I will fight in the honor of you" Sabina mumbled, closing her eyes. 

This scarf meant a lot to her. It's the closest she could get with her deceased father. When she was born, this beautiful white ribbon scarf was given to her. She's kept it in the bottom drawer all her life. After her father's death, she takes it out every night and talks to it, as if she's talking to him. Now she decided to wear his memory to battle. 

After she gently and respectively put the ribbon scarf around her neck, she took out her Katzbalger. 

Her maid met her outside, ready to take Sabina's first order of the day.

"Ma'am, good morning. Good luck with your exam and battle. How may I service you this morning?"

"Flora, good morning to you too and thanks, I would need as much luck as I can get. Oh and can you take this down to the weapon room and have Roy clean it?" Sabina gave the Katzbalger to Flora. The maid nodded, heading for the weapon room.

Sabina met her mother in the dining room with food already on the table. 

"Morning" Sabina mumbled.

"You look stunning, Sabina, darling"

"Thanks, mother" she bowed to her.

"Are you nervous?"


"If your father was here, he would be very proud of you" 

"You think so? What if I lose?"

"Sabina, if you lose, you lose. He would still be proud of you now that you've made it this far for him" 

The two ate in silence. Sabina was imagining how the battle would be like. Camina was nervous for her daughter. 

Sabina picked up her weapon and kissed her mother's cheek on her way out the house. 


"Sabina, this is Riese. Riese, this is Sabina Aelius" Aeneas introduced.

Riese, the blue haired girl, smiled sweetly at the female Aelius.

"Nice to finally meet you, Sabina" Riese said.

"I've wanted to meet you since Aeneas told me about you yesterday"

Riese turned to her friend with a death glare, "Aeneas, what did you say?"

"I told her that you have a nicely shaped arse" Aeneas stuck his tongue out at her as she slapped him in the back of his head.

"You sick pervert!" 

Sabina laughed at their exchange. 

"We're going to the common room to eat, are you eating with us?" Aeneas turned to Sabina.

"I already ate before I came here but I'll sit with you guys while you eat"

"Sounds good" the trio walked into the common room. It was crowded with students. There was a large food section where students can grab whatever they desire from that table and bring it back to their table to eat.

Sabina decided to accompany Aeneas while he grabbed his food.

"So are you used to eating so freely?"


"The emperor let's you choose what you want to eat?"


"That's cool"

"Yeah, very"

"Tell me, is emperor really that cruel? I've been wondering that all my life"

Sabina was taken aback by that question. Aeneas is brave for asking such a forward question like that. 

"Sorry... I was just wondering" he apologized, noticing Sabina's expression. 

"It's fine"

Aeneas filled his plate with delicious looking treats and the pair found a table to sit at. Riese met them a few minutes later.

"Aeneas, you're going to be fat one day. There's no way you can go off to war" Riese shook her head.

"Look Riese... My diet is none of your concern"

"What's wrong?" Sabina intervened.

"He eats desserts for breakfast"

Sabina laughed, examining his plate.

"I didn't notice" she commented.

"Yeah, she didn't notice!" Aeneas stuck a tongue out at the blue haired girl.


"Yes wow..." Riese smirked.

"You guys are very childish" Sabina smiled sweetly.

"You know you like that" Aeneas winked. Riese slapped the back of the guy's head.

"He's a failed flirt" Riese whispered to Sabina.

"I heard that!"

"You're supposed to" Riese whispered right back. Sabina chuckled.

"So Sabina Aelius" the trio looked up at Girardot. He was clad in his silver armor with his arms crossed.

"General" Sabina got up and bowed. The other two followed shortly after. Aeneas performed the action a bit awkwardly. Girardot smirked at the guy's unusual action.

"Aeneas, I see that being around these ladies has provided you the right manners" Girardot chuckled at his student. Aeneas scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Good morning, General" Riese bowed.

"Riese, greetings. I have heard that the three of you will fight amongst each other against Abelia, Notus, and Ishtar" 

"Abelia chose Notus and Ishtar?" Riese asked, majorly shocked by their instructor's words.

"I expected her to choose Eurydice. Did they get in a fight or something? Wow, girls" Aeneas shook his head.

"Eurydice is unable to fight. Her exam is paused. She will graduate after you guys. Her family is undergoing a major issue right now. So you guys ready either way? Never over assume and fall dependent on how your opponents will be like.
You always need a backup plan. Like you've been training yourself to fight off someone with an iron sword because you expected Eurydice to be in the battlefield. That would be unprofessional. Train so you can overpower any person with any weapon"

The trio nodded at the General's wisdom. This will totally help during war time. 

"Now I shall go talk to Abelia's squad. Until then, eat well and good luck" Girardot bowed to them and left.

"Are you ready?" Aeneas turned to Sabina.

"I'm ready as ever!"


Abelia Schillfelt sat beside her red head friend, Notus.

"So where's Ishtar?" he asked the star student.

"She said she'll meet us here at this table" Abelia said, crunching on her cereal.

"Well she's a tad bit late" the red head noted.

"She'll be here soon"



"Do you think we can defeat Sabina Aelius?"

"Hell yeah"


"Shut up, have faith in yourself. Also have faith in me. I've been training all my life while she sleeps around with Emperor Strife. Her whole life, everything was handed to her. She was top class noble. She is not used to fighting a real enemy. I'm going to show her that life can't hand you everything you want. I will do this the hard way"

"Do you think you overestimated her a bit?" Notus asked, uncertainly. It's never a good thing to question Abelia because she'll always end up right.

Abelia looked past the red head's shoulder and stood up immediately. 

"General" she put her head down in respect. Notus followed her action.

"Abelia and Notus, hello" Girardot smiled proudly. 

"May I ask where Ishtar is at this hour..."

"Right here, General!" a blonde female rushed over with food on her tray, "sorry... Overslept"

Abelia shook her head.

"Alright, you three. I told Sabina's crew about their opponents. Will you three take this seriously?" the three nodded their head furiously.

"Now, you will fight against Sabina, Aeneas, and Riese"

"Aeneas? Is Sabina seriously using Aeneas in her unit? This guy never pays attention in class!" Abelia shouted. 

"Remember, they worked with each other on the tutorial successfully" Notus noted.

"Notus is right. Don't underestimate your opponent or anyone. They will show you off and prove you wrong at some point. I think Sabina is going to be a good influence on Aeneas. Riese is the perfect combination"

"Sabina is going to rub off her snobbiness on Aeneas" Abelia smirked.

"Abelia!" Girardot shouted, frightening his students.

"Sorry sir"

"Be nice to your classmates" the General himself was always aware that Abelia took a disliking to the new student. 

"Good luck students. I'm really looking forward to a really good battle" Girardot dismissed himself. 

"Do you think you can defeat Sabina?" Ishtar turned to Abelia.

"Of course. It'd be embarrassing if I lose"


The class gathered together in the same battlefield as yesterday. Girardot paired off opponents and let them group themselves into teams before starting the second part of the exam.

"As everyone is anticipating for, Abelia Schillfelt's unit will be fighting against Sabina Aelius' unit. The rule is basic. Each team is being provided with three territories. Two regular strongholds and a main one. Whoever raises their own colored flag in the enemy's main stronghold wins. Abelia, your unit will be the color blue. Sabina, your unit will represent red. Are we all clear with the directions?"

The fighters shouted their positive answers. 

Sabina held her breath and slowly let them out. Then everyone started wielding their weapons. Sabina took out her sword & shield. Abelia did the same. This battle should get interesting. Both unit leaders wield the same weapon. 

Aeneas wielded his lance. Riese blew on her wave sword before inserting each in her hands. Sabina took the time to examine her opponents. Notus had the grieve edge firmly placed below his shoes. Ishtar wielded the iron sword, just like Eurydice. 

"Nice replacement, Schillfelt" Aeneas muttered, causing a slap across the face by Sabina. Aeneas was taken aback from the contact.

"Be nice, remember?" she hissed at her friend. He laughed, shaking his head. "Don't show this kind of mercy during battle, or she'll squish you like a fly"

"Trust me, Aeneas, there's no such thing as mercy in battle" Sabina gave him her devious smile.

"I like this" he encouraged. 

"Now students, are you ready?" Girardot asked.

"Yes sir" Abelia smirked proudly.

"She's so sure she's going to win" Riese muttered.

"No way" Sabina whispered. Father, wish me luck, Sabina ran her hands through her ribbon scarf. 

"Each one of you, in places!" Abelia, Notus, and Ishtar left to the strongholds on the blue side.

"Alright, guys. Let us plan strategies in the main stronghold" Sabina instructed. The trio ran to the stronghold.

"So I don't care if we're fighting Abelia. I want her taken down. I will show no mercy" Riese warned.

"That's the spirit" Aeneas shouted.

"Guys, focus" the two turned to Sabina

"I want to fight Abelia, one on one" her unit nodded, agreeing.

"So Riese head right and Aeneas head left. I think Ishtar and Notus will head for either direction. If they decide to march together from one direction, the person from the vacant direction will notice. Head back to the main stronghold directly if that happens. Agree?" the pair nodded.

"Now do any of you know Abelia's war strategy? Would she wait for me to come to her or will she charge?"

"I have no idea" Aeneas said honestly.

"Of course you don't" Riese snapped at him.

"Okay guys, nevermind, let's just go" then they ran out their stronghold.

Sabina remained outside, looking around cautiously as her other unit members spread out in different directions. 

Riese headed off to a stronghold belonging to her unit. She stuck her head outside to see Notus coming over.

"Now or never" she whispered to herself, clutching onto her weapon tightly.

She opened the door and left the household.

"Hello there, Riese!" Notus greeted.

"Hey what's good?" Riese gave him a knuckle touch. 

"Let's fight and get this over with" Notus strapped his grieve edge tighter against his foot.

Riese held her wave swords in the air and decided to start the attack by jump kicking her enemy. 

Notus ducked, causing Riese to fall over him. He smirked, kicking her lightly once. Riese winced at the pain from the grieve edge attack. She looked up to see Notus jumping in the air, preparing to land his foot on her chest. Riese rolled over at the last minute, barely missing the attack.

She performed a cartwheel and cut Notus across his arms slightly. Then she decided to slash his fallen figure horizontally. But he stuck his foot out and her wave sword was pressed against the grieve edge. He performed a power kick, sending Riese backwards, nearly tumbling to the ground.

She repositioned her posture and charged at him, ducking at the right moment when he performed another kick. Notus smirked, tripping her and slashing her knees from the bottom. Riese growled, trying to get up.

She did a 360 flip and slashed Notus across his chest, sending him backwards. 

He tried to get up but Riese held her wave swords against his neck.

"You're not really going to kill me are you?" he laughed.

"I could if I wanted to" Riese replied coldly.

"You're so mean in the battlefield, did you know that?"

"Are you going to talk me out of this or are you actually going to fight back?" Riese crossed her arms, giving her opponent a chance to get up.

"Let's spar then"


Aeneas headed to the enemy's stronghold, ramming it with all his might. The fourth blow caused the door to open, revealing a very alarmed Ishtar inside. 

"Hello" Aeneas smirked.

"Let's do this then" Ishtar drew out her iron sword, ready to fight. Aeneas started the fight with a charge. Ishtar slammed her iron sword against his lance. He used the lance as an advantage to lift himself up and kick Ishtar against the wall.

Huffing, she got up and smashed her sword into his armor. It cracked slightly but the lance holder was not a bit concerned. Striking back, he smashed the long ranged weapon against her legs. She groaned as she flopped down on the ground. 

Aeneas charged at her once again and this time she dodged, causing him to hit the wall. When he turned back around the iron sword smashed his lance, nearly falling out of the holder's hands. Aeneas fell back at the force. 

He shook his head. He couldn't let Sabina down. She probably is on her way to Abelia's right now. He can't lose and cause the trouble of losing this fight. Then he wondered how Riese is doing. 

When he looked back up, Ishtar was trying to smash him with her heavy, high damaged weapon.

He rolled over, dodging the attack. Ishtar smirked at her advantage. She took this chance to try to smash him again. But while she lifted her weapon up, Aeneas kicked her with both feet, knocking her over to the other side of the room.

Ishtar got up with her sword and swung at Aeneas only to be stopped by his lance. She kicked his legs making him fall. But during his fall, he slid towards her. She fell along with her enemy. 

"You've gotten good, underdog" Ishtar muttered under her breath.

"Thanks" Aeneas winked.

They both got back up and pointed their weapons at each other, both eager to strike a victory for their unit leader.


Sabina walked over to an empty territory in the center and slashed at the doors.

When the stronghold broke down, it was empty.


She took down the blue flag and replaced it with her own red flag.

Then she ran out of the stronghold and found the path to the main one. But there was one in the way. The door was smashed so one of her officers already smashed their way in. 

She walked in, noting that Aeneas was in midst of battle against Ishtar. She took a swipe at Ishtar, making her tumble to the ground. That gave Aeneas an advantage. He shot her a large grin before waving her off.

Sabina left the stronghold and found the main one. 

Using her sword, she slashed at the door. It took several minutes until the door finally broke down.

Running her fingers softly over her scarf, she charged in the main stronghold. As she expected, Abelia was waiting for her.

"Fight with all your might, just as I will" she drew her sword out and pointed them accusingly at her.

"I'm not going to go easy on you, Schillfelt"

"Well, good" Abelia rammed her head into Sabina's stomach, making the disadvantaged girl fall backwards.

Sabina shook her head, getting up. Abelia sent a kick and Sabina fell again. Feeling slightly discouraged, she got up in rage and slashed her sword at the star student. Of course, Abelia blocked with her shield and kicked Sabina in the stomach, making her fall once again.

"No, I can't be angry. I need to focus and calm down. Being angered will only make this worst" Sabina whispered to herself, getting up. Abelia was faster, slashing her sword.

Sabina moved away, but receiving a small cut on her cheek from moving too slowly.

Abelia smirked. This Sabina Aelius was receiving too much credit from others. She isn't all that superior.

When she turned back to the female Aelius, she was gone. Well at least not where Abelia last saw her.

She turned around and received a power kick from Sabina. Abelia tumbled backwards but prevented herself from falling.

Sabina slashed her sword at the star student, cutting some of her blonde locks off the back of her head. Abelia felt the back of her neck sting.

Within minutes, the pair clashed swords, trying to find an opening within each other.

Sabina remember being put in this same exact situation with Acacia yesterday. She shouldn't just pay attention to her own opening. She has to pay attention to Abelia's possible attempt at getting her.

Abelia found her opening but before she could proceed, Sabina stuck her feet out. Abelia tripped. Sabina grinned and kicked the blonde as hard as she could, causing a scream. 

Angry, Abelia got up and charged at the new student. 

Sabina dodged the charged attack and kicked Abelia from behind. Abelia was slammed against the wall.

Before Sabina could finish her off, the door threw open.

"Sabina!" Aeneas walked in.

"Hey" she waved but Aeneas frowned. Before Sabina could ask why, Abelia's sword swiped at Sabina's other cheek. The wounded girl hissed at her new cut. She could imagine Girardot shaking his head at this moment. Never let anything distract you. 

Sabina can't lose like that. She was so close to finishing the girl off. Too late now.

Abelia took another swipe across her arms, causing another wound to form in her body. Aeneas held up his lance, ready to attack.

"No Aeneas, I need to fight her on my own" Sabina stopped him. The lance holder nodded, dropping his weapon.

She turned back to see Abelia charging at her. Sabina struck lightning at her enemy. Abelia grunted as she landed on the floor. Sabina ran over to finish her off but Abelia kicked her, forcing her to drop her sword.

"Shit" she mumbled. But she still got her shield. Aeneas stared at the battle wide eyed. This was far more intense than any of the battles he's experienced so far. Plus, he was feeling sympathy for Sabina for losing her sword. 

The rule was that once your weapon is dropped, you can no longer fight with it in this certain battle.

"Good luck fighting just with your shield" Abelia smirked.

"Watch me" Sabina ran towards Abelia, surprising her with a blow to her stomach.

Aeneas cheered as Abelia fell back. Then Sabina used her shield to smash it against her hand, making Abelia drop her shield.

"You have a sword, I have a shield. Let's see who has a better ability here" Sabina smirked, dodging a sword blow from Abelia.

Sabina had an idea at this angle advantage. Before Abelia could slash her from above, Sabina performed an uppercut with her shield. The attack knocked Abelia against the wall with full force. Abelia fell on the ground with her sword dropped to the ground as well.

When she realized her loss, she smashed her head into the wall.

"I can't believe this" she mumbled. 

"Aeneas, hang up the flag fast before something happens with Riese" Sabina commanded.

Aeneas went to pull up the flag.

Sabina sighed, stumbling over to Abelia.

"Good fight" Sabina held her hand out for Abelia to grab. She noticed that the star student have tears in her eyes.

"I can't believe I lost to you" Abelia spat out at her.

"You did good" Sabina ignored the remark and pulled on a smile. 

Abelia looked away, refusing to look at the winner in the eye.

"Sabina, good job! We did it!" Aeneas charged at his leader, picking her up in the air and charging outside with a cheer. The rest of the class wolf whistled as Aeneas carried his tired leader to join the rest of the class.

Riese, Notus, and Ishtar clapped for them.

"Good job guys!" Riese hugged Aeneas then at her leader.

"I wonder how Abelia's feeling now" Ishtar mumbled. Just as she said that, the said leader stomped out with her weapon in hand. An obvious angry expression was read on her face.

"Let me see your cut" Aeneas gently ran his fingers through the cut on Sabina's cheeks.

"Well done students!" Girardot clapped his hands in delight.

Abelia frowned, crossing her arms.

"Abelia, don't fret over this loss. Losing doesn't mean you failed. It's the battle strategies you managed to have during the fight. You have obviously done well. I am proud" the General said to his student.

"So Riese, what exactly happened with you and Notus?" Aeneas turned to his friend with a slight grin.

"He nearly knocked me out. We had a good fight" Riese turned back to give Notus another knuckle touch.

"I tell you, this woman is a monster at battle" Notus pointed at Riese while the others laughed. He stroked his cut and hissed at the wincing pain.

"I'm sending you six to the medical center. Your wounds would only hurt more without professional assistance" the six turned to leave but Girardot stopped Sabina.

"Good job. I'm proud to have you here. Your strategies are amazing. Even without your sword, you can pull off something like this. I'm sure it's simple for you to pass the rest of this exam with skills like that" Sabina blushed and thanked her teacher.

"Now go to the medical center with your friends"


Valeriana Dolce stripped off her dark armors and climbed onto her bed. Turning off the lights, she attempted to sleep.

Tossing and turning, she turned her lights back on in frustration.

Why couldn't she sleep during this particular night?

She stripped off her under garments and changed into a nightgown instead. 

Then she opened the door and walked out her room. She peeked in both directions to see it empty.

Valeriana Dolce is the one and only daughter of Queen Aurelia, the queen of Dalkia herself. 

Although being the daughter of the queen should be paradise, Valeriana hated it.

Princesses are supposed to be pampered by their mothers or fathers. The only pampering she got was from other service people.

She never met her father and her mother despises her for some unknown reason.

Valeriana's father's identity is still unknown to many others to this day. She never found the nerve to ask her mother although she have a slight suspicion that her father might be Roin, the head of the Dalkian army.

Valeriana would sometimes peek into the queen's room and hear pleasurable noises. Then a few hours later, Roin would walk out of there, clad in his army clothes as if nothing had happened in there. 

Now she hear her mother and Roin talking. Then a stranger's voice can be heard as well. Curious, Valeriana snuck into the queen's room and glanced at the view of her mother, Roin, and a stranger.

Valeriana have to admit that the man was stunning. His hair was as red as fire. A scar on his right cheek could be identified from a distance. He was clad in white.

She listened in on their conversation. It wasn't anything major. This guy was just assigned as the new advisor of Dalkia. 

As she listened in, the stranger's eyes met her own. She quickly looked away, blushing. 

She decided that if she stays here any longer then Roin or the queen will spot her. So Valeriana decided to retreat to her own bedroom. 

She turned off the lights and fell on her bed once again trying to get some sleep. Her day was filled with training the Dalkia army. It was a very challenging thing to do. A lot of soldiers are weak and cowardly. She was exhausted but sleep won't kick in. That's what she's confused about.

The door threw open, alarming Valeriana. The girl reached for her lance, the Dreadnought and pointed it at the intruder. She dropped her weapon immediately as she met eyes with that stranger once again. The handsome red head smirked.

"Sorry" Valeriana mumbled.

"I apologize for my intruding of your area. The queen said that it's too late at night to send their maids to escort me to my room so they told me it's the second door to the right. It's here then. But I'm not quite sure if its to my right or their right" the stranger scratched the back of his head. 

Valeriana got up and reached for the light switch only to be blocked by the stranger's hand.

"I'm Chester, as you heard from that room, I'm the new advisor" he smirked.

"Did you tell the queen and Roin that I was there?"

"Not at all" he smirked.

"So, feel like introducing yourself?" he spoke up again. 

"I'm Valeriana, I'm the queen's daughter"

"Really? Sneaking into your mother's room like that just to know what's going on with Dalkia. I take it that your relationship with your mother isn't the best"

"Not at all" she mocked his words.

The two didn't say another word nor made a single movement. Valeriana decided to tell Chester to go to his room.

"I think you should..." but then Chester interrupted her words by pressing his lips over her's.

Valeriana struggled at first but then gave up. She wrapped her arms around his neck along with her legs around his waist. 

Chester closed her bedroom door with his foot and pressed Valeriana against the wall. 

The two broke apart for a few seconds before pressing their lips back together. 

Valeriana moaned in the kiss, running her nails through Chester's red hair.

Chester decided to bring her to her bed. After placing the princess onto her own bed, he kicked off his shoes as fast as he could and climbed onto her bed beside her.

They kissed some more before just simply laying there together.

"One day I will rule an empire. Just you and me, away from your mother and away from my path of no desires" Chester said in her ears before the princess finally fell into the sleep that she previously desired. 


When Sabina got home, she was attacked by her mother.

"Hey" Sabina chuckled.

"How was your match?" from that sly smile on the older woman's lips, Sabina could already tell that her mother knew.

"I lost" she joked.

"Liar!" a familiar voice shouted from the kitchen.

What's Strife doing in a...? Sabina was attacked from behind.

"Emperor" Sabina exclaimed.

"My lady, I heard about your win against Abelia Schillfelt so I decided to cook you and your mother a meal" 

"Really? Can you even cook?" Sabina cocked her eyebrows.

"Of course, only for you though" Strife kissed Sabina's lips passionately.

Little did she know that this was the last kiss of passion she'll ever receive from the emperor.

A/N: Here's Valeriana's formula

Name: Valeriana 
Gender: Female
Job: Knight
Head: ---
Hair: Short Hair (22,26)
Mask: ---
Chin: Tattoo (01,01)
Lower Torso: Chain Mail (01,01)
Mid Torso: ---
Upper Torso: Breast Armor (1,27)
Arms: Iron Gauntlets (1,27)
Shoulders: Iron Pads (1,27)
Neck: Ribbon Scarf (11,13)
Waist: Iron Fauld (1,27)
Lower Legs: Chain Hose (1,27)
Upper Legs: ---
Shins: ---
Socks: ---
Feet: Iron Leg Armor (1,27)
Face: 07
Eyebrows: 01,01
Lips: 03,20
Eyes: 22,18
Skin: 04,15
Underwear: 01,18
Voice: Girl 2
Discipline: Lance
Weapon: Dreadnought 
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