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Final Obstacle

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Sabina and her unit prepares for their final part of the exam. Chester has a plan up in his sleeves.

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"Final Obstacle"

"You have cuts on your face" Strife pointed out at Sabina's cheeks.

"Yeah, the battle was rough"

"Anymore cuts?"

"You'll have to find out for yourself" Sabina wiggled her eyebrows seductively. 

"Uh..." Strife stood there awkwardly, not knowing how to react.

"Sorry. Yeah I got some on my arms and chest" Sabina answered, chuckling.

"I see. Well food is almost ready" the emperor took a mixer and stirred whatever was in the pan. 

Sabina went over to the cooking emperor and wrapped both arms around him and placed her head on his shoulder.

"So what's next?" Strife asked.

"I have no idea what's going on in Girardot's head right now"

"Would this be dangerous?"

"Well, war is dangerous"

"True" he sighed hesitantly.

"What's wrong?" Sabina decided to ask.

"What do you mean?"

"I feel like something's bothering you"

"No, nothing" Strife answered quickly.

"Okay, talk to me. I'm here okay?"

"Yeah before you go off to war"

"Hey, is this what this is all about?" Sabina let go of him and crossed her arms. Strife turned away from the food and glanced at his lover. He frowned slightly.

"What if I don't pass? I mean you can't be so sure I'm off to war soon"

"But you will. If you have the strength to defeat the best cadet in Grandall then how do I not expect you to pass this test?"

"Okay, fine. You're right" 

"And what if I don't see you again? I love you so much, I want you mine"

"I'm already yours, emperor" she pulled Strife into an adoring hug.

"I want you to be my wife as soon as possible"

"I feel the same"

"Then shall we get married before you leave Grandall?"

"That wouldn't make sense. If I'm the emperor's wife, who would let me fight a war?"

Strife sighed, knowing his lover has a good point.

"Come on, let's finish the meal your making and eat"


Sabina set foot in the Parousia Academy, frightening some people. The girl was slightly confused. What was happening? Why are people intimidated by her? 

"Sabina!" a familiar voice called.

"Aeneas!" Sabina ran off to her friend.

"Do you have any idea how excited I am? We are going to war! The last test might be simple and then we graduate. And we might do that before Abelia! I never even imagined graduating before Abelia Schillfelt. Damn, I feel great now!"

"Aeneas, I'm excited too. I've been wanting to head off to war since..."


"The death of my father"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot you are an Aelius" Sabina smiled. At least this guy was her friend because of her not because she was Livan Aelius' daughter.

"Why are you smiling at me like that? Is this the part where I lean in?" Sabina glared at him and he winked. She couldn't help but laugh.

"So Girardot wants the following student to meet him in his classroom" Riese jumped at Aeneas out of nowhere, holding a list. She read from the list which included Aeneas, Sabina, Abelia, Notus, Ishtar, Riese herself, and some other students.

"This is the list of passing students I suppose" Aeneas muttered proudly. 

Sabina followed Aeneas and Riese into Girardot's classroom where the said students stood nervously.

"The lot of you that are in this room at this second have over achieved what your other classmates wanted. You guys are worthy to move on to the final part of this exam"

The classroom is filled with cheer, Aeneas' being the loudest. Sabina hushed him, covering his mouth. Girardot took the silence as a time continue.

"The final exam isn't something you can just waltz through. I've never set an exam like this with any of my previous students. Maybe that's why many of them weren't as successful during war. This strategy I planned will help. So today will be a free training day because tomorrow will be a tiring day"

The class didn't speak a word. They were determined as ever to pass the final exam and head off to war.

"Now to confirm your ability to fight real enemies that are much stronger than your classmates, you will need to come face to face with veterans of war. Or people who have experienced fighting against legitimate enemies. So tomorrow, you students divide into your own unit. It doesn't matter how much people are included in your unit. Just make sure they are in this room and that you believe these people are trustworthy to you. Because, students, tomorrow you will be fighting me and my unit" the whole class gasped in shock. Many were discouraged that they would never pass this academy.

"Damn" Sabina mumbled. She looked over to see Aeneas with the same hopeless expression. 

"And you said the final exam would be easy, Aeneas. You jinxed it!" Riese slapped her friend. He shrieked, hitting her back. Sabina couldn't even laugh at her friends' silly antics. She couldn't smile at the thought of anything. Her main worry now is to defeat Girardot. He's the one familiar with everyone's fighting skills. He's the mentor of every single student in this room besides Sabina herself. How in the world would anyone be able to defeat this renowned guy?

"Now take today as a practice day. Do whatever you please. Just try and pass the exam tomorrow. I'll be looking forward to fight all of you. Farewell" Girardot excused himself out of the classroom.

"Hey Sabina, can I join your unit?" Brunhild, a student, asked.

"Uh... Sorry. I already have enough people in my unit"

"Who's in your unit?" Brunhild asked, slightly flushed. 

"Aeneas and Riese"

"That's it?" she asked.

"Yeah, they're all I need"

"But we are going to fight Girardot"

"And that is exactly why you wanted to be in my unit. Being in my unit isn't always going to bring victory in you. The number of units isn't important during battle. Only the ability and fighting experiences of each matter" Brunhild nodded, heading for Abelia's direction. 

"Wow, you blew off a chance for more units. Are we that important?" Riese asked as if she's never experienced anyone who rejected unit member invitations. 

"Oh well. The three of us can fight off Girardot's unit"

"Are you sure?" Aeneas looked really uncertain.

"Let's head out to an empty field and practice. We really need the time given to train" Sabina led her unit of two to the vacant field.

"Sabina, spar with me" Aeneas demanded.

"Are you sure?"


"But..." Aeneas wielded his lance and comes charging at her.

Sabina took out her sword and shield, rolling away from the charge.

Riese examined the battle in interest, personally aware of who's going to win. 

Sabina tackled Aeneas to the floor after finding a sudden opening. He grunted and grinned at the position the pair are in.

"You just can't get yourself off of me, can you?" 

Sabina blushed, removing herself off of her current opponent.

"Come on, I was having so much fu..." Sabina took this chance to kick him in the face.

"Oww" he stumbled backwards.

"Never let your guard down" Sabina hissed at him.

He nodded, focusing on his next move. 

Sabina charged at him but tripped on a piece of branch. She fell, dropping her weapons right in front of Aeneas. He laughed so hard, he needed to struggle in able to breathe.

"Now you can't fight with your own weapon" Aeneas smirked in victory. He managed to disarm Sabina Aelius without doing anything.

"I don't have to" Sabina smirked to match his and took a grip of his lance.

Aeneas tugged back with a smile. Sabina shook her head and pulled harder.

"So you're going to steal my weapon instead?"

"Pretty much" the pair tugged onto the lance back and forth until Aeneas decided to use the force of the lance to carry him up and attempt to kick Sabina in midair.

Sabina, being a step ahead of her friend ducked and he flew across the field and landed on the ground. Aeneas got up, realizing that Sabina still have his weapon. She swung the lance around and whacked her own head accidentally, falling unconscious on the floor.

Aeneas rushed to his fallen leader and Riese was trying to hold back her laughter.

Aeneas would have laughed during any normal occasion but this was Sabina who's fallen. 

"Sabina!" Aeneas shouted. 

Then the fallen girl opened her eyes and kicked Aeneas across the field again. Riese nearly died laughing and the fallen guy stood up, a bit angry.

"Hey, you tricked me!" Aeneas growled.

"I know, sorry"

"Give me my lance" he frowned.

"Please don't be mad" she gave him the lance.

"I'm leaving" Aeneas turned his back to her and strutted away from his teammates. 

"Aeneas, I'm sorry for worrying you and then tricking you. I just thought it would be fun. Please, I don't want you mad" Sabina pleaded.

Aeneas turned back around with a joking smile of his own.

"You fool!" Sabina ran to hug him.

"Of course you can't stand me being mad at you. I'm just too awesome" Aeneas gloated.

"Stop being arrogant" Sabina let go of him. 

"Students" a stern voice made the trio look up.

"General" Sabina, Aeneas, and Riese stood straight and saluted their mentor.

"I have a few words to say to Sabina as well as you two" Girardot pointed his fingers at each of them.

"Sabina, although your battle with Abelia yesterday was outstanding and unforgettable for most people including myself, you have a lot to work on. You lost focus in the middle of the fight. I can see that you were close to giving Schillfelt her final blow. Then Aeneas storms in, grabbing your attention away from the fight. That's why you lost your sword in the first place. So work on more training tactics and learning to dodge more swiftly would certainly help a lot. And of course, don't let anything distract you during battle. I won't be going easy on you tomorrow. I expect a good fight from you, am I understood, Ms. Aelius?" 

Sabina nodded.

"Now Riese, you let your guard down at times. Your attitude is perfect. You don't show anyone mercy and I can count on you for that. But sometimes you get so focussed on defeating the enemy that you let your guard down and they find their own opening to swoop you by surprise. So you need to work on protecting yourself while you concentrate on attacking the enemies"

"Thanks General" Riese bowed.

"Aeneas, I have a lot to say. You are silly. You give off the impression of the worst student ever. But you have talent and determination. You also have skills. No offense, but you have surprised me with your outstanding performance against the Grandall soldiers and Ishtar. You are fast at defeating your enemies and you take advantage of the heavy weight of the lance. You use this long range weapon as an advantage in battle. You are fast for a lance holder. I am definitely proud. But there's a problem. Your planning skill is horrible. You are not ahead of your enemy. You are always one step behind. Work out a way to think what your enemy would do. Set double or even triple traps to your moves. Strike an attack and expect the enemy to have dodged that attack. What will you do to take that moment of dodging to take them down? Think about this for tomorrow and future references"

"Thank you Girardot, I am surprised at your words" Aeneas grinned.

"Oh is that so?"

"I need to get used to you speaking so highly of me" he scratched his head.

"Well, I'm giving you the good and the constructive criticism so you can actually put up a fight against my unit tomorrow" General Girardot stalked off to talk to his other passing students.

"I think we need to work on our flaws" Riese spoke first.

"I'm glad he told us everything we needed to work on" Sabina said.

"I'm glad Girardot said I had skills"

"Aeneas!" Riese scolded.

"Well, he never praised me ever!"

"Maybe he had a really good reason not to. Do you see yourself? Such slacker! You should stop eating those desserts"

"Would you shut it about the desserts, Riese?" 

"Oh then stop complaining about how Girardot never complimented you before"

"Well, stop trying to smartass me because I'm smarter than you"

"You'll be smarter than me when pigs fly"

"Pigs do fly, so HA!"

"Exactly my point"

"I don't get it"

"Of course you don't, point proven once again"

"Shut up, I'm not dumb"

"Pigs don't fly!" Riese shouted.

"You two, shut it! We need to practice!" Sabina intervened, scolding her unit members.

They both shot her an apologetic look and nodded.


Valeriana walked to the army training field in her dark armor and black colored lance in hand. She desired black as a color as it showed power and mystery.

She huffed, looking at the soldiers train.

"These people are hopeless. Why can't most of them be like Luna or the rest of her unit?" she walked over to her best friend, Kierkess as he took up the same duty to inspect the soldier and discipline them.

"Come on, not everyone carry the same talents as Luna. She's one of a kind" Kierkess crossed his arms.

"Well these poor excuse of a soldier need to work harder if they are properly going to serve for Dalkia. Now you!" Valeriana pointed at a random soldier.

"My princess, how may I help you?" the soldier went on one knee and bowed.

"Get up, fight me! Don't go easy on me! Don't you dare wimp out. Dalkia will not accept this kind of behavior!" Valeriana shouted with fury. The soldier flinched and Kierkess just laughed at his friend.

"Fight!" Valeriana swung her lance and smacked the soldier across his face. He fell down on the dirt.

"Fight back, you useless coward!" she growled, putting her foot on his neck. He struggled to get out but it was no use.

"Go practice more! You certainly don't have the ability to go to war. All of you idiots do not deserve to serve for this country. The poor effort you put into this is unacceptable!" the princess yelled at all the soldiers practicing at the current campsite. They all silently listened to her scream at them.

She glared at them and the whole campsite was quiet.

The silence was broken by a round of applause.

"Who dares to interrupt my speech?" Valeriana growled angrily. 

"Oh, just me!" the victim walked in front of the princess and held his hands up, guilty.

"Chester" Valeriana put her head down.

"Someone's a little tough on the army. I thought it was Roin's job" Chester said with a smirk played on his face.

"Shut up, you have no idea why we have a disadvantage against Halteese right now. These cowards dare to show their face here when they lazy themselves up, thinking they are worthy to serve for this country"

Chester stared at her blankly, unaware and taken aback by the princess' sour side. He expected her to be this innocent, sweet princess. Guess he was wrong.

Kierkess appeared beside his friend and the new stranger.

"Ignore her. She always have complaints about the Dalkia forces. She only likes the Klessirpemdo. Apparently they are the only ones worthy to serve Dalkia" Kierkess explained to the new stranger.

"I see" Chester's smirk never left his face.

"Well, I'm Kierkess, this princess' best most desired friend. Just who are you?"

"I'm Chester, the new advisor of Dalkia" he bowed.

"Nice meeting you"

"Just how loyal the two of you are to Dalkia?" Chester asked.

"I'm dedicated to Dalkia. Not the queen or Roin" Kierkess answered.

"My mother is indeed a good ruler but I hate being under her command. I hate how Roin is treated more superior than I" Valeriana spat out, feeling very open with this new guy.

"So I'm planning to lead Dalkia into fighting Grandall" Chester rubbed his hands together.

"Oh?" Valeriana cocked her eyebrows. Kierkess crossed his arms.

"While Halteese and Dalkia fight, Grandall is just left there peacefully. After the Mantis War, both countries will be weak which gives Grandall the opportunity to take over. That's why we have to avert our attention away from Halteese and to them"

"Wow, smart guy" Valeriana complimented. 

Chester shot her a winning smile. "So you don't regret how you spent last night"

"Well I did after I wake up to find the other side of the bed empty" Kierkess' eyes went wide. The pair ignored him and continued talking.

"I have businesses to attend to. I shall never forgive myself if I woke up the sleeping beauty"

"Wow, such gentle words" 

"Well, that's what it takes to impress a fine lady like yourself right?"

"Whoa guys, back up" Kierkess interrupted.

"Kierkess!" Valeriana shouted at her best friend.

"What? Tell me what happened! I'm confused"

"Uh... We already met before today" Valeriana pointed at Chester then back at her.

"Oh, I see" Kierkess could suddenly see her vulnerable side. The side where she would fall head over heels for a guy. Like the ones in a fairy tale. It was impossible. Valeriana, of all people, attempting to fall in love with a man? That's quite surprising. She thought that love is a horrible feeling and a non existent one. Kierkess didn't really blame her, aware of how her mother treated her. From younger age, she was unloved.

"Now, Chester, tell us what you have in mind" Valeriana glared at him curiously.

"I'm getting my bandit army to go sneak into Grandall. We'll see how far we can go. Who's in?" Chester asked.

"I'm not sure about this" Kierkess grimaced.

"I will" Valeriana volunteered. Kierkess stared at his friend, the queen's daughter in shock.

"You will not tell anyone, including your mother right?" Chester raised his brows.

"Absolutely not, she deserves no rights to know about anything"


"Kierkess?" Valeriana glared at her friend.

"Okay, I won't say a word" he stammered.


"Now Princess Valeriana, may I have the honor to bring you to my office so we can plan this?" Chester held out his hand for her to take.

"Of course" the princess took his hand and he led her to his office.


The trio collapsed on the green grass tiredly. They've been practicing all day and all they want is a good meal and rest.

"I hope we do good this time" Riese sighed.

"I believe we are ready" Sabina said confidently.

"Do you believe three unit members are enough to fight Girardot?" Aeneas was feeling uncertainty.

"Yes, only the pair of you are trustworthy in my eyes. The two of you and I are all it takes to look at success in the eye" 

"You have so much faith in us. I like that" Aeneas' lips curved into a serious smile.

"Come on, let's go back to the common room and eat" Riese whined.

"Sure" Sabina got up and helped Aeneas during the process.

The three went past the gate to the classrooms. Just when they were about to walk inside the building, Abelia and a bunch of students walked out.

"Sabina Aelius, I can't take the loss against you. I want to challenge you to a fight" Abelia demanded, determination written all over her face.

Sabina opened her mouth to speak but Aeneas was faster. "You are not worthy enough to fight Sabina. What makes you think you have the right to spar with her? To get to her; you have to fight me"

Abelia smirked and the students behind her were interested.

"I'm pretty sure I'll take you down within the first five minutes" 

"We'll see about that" Aeneas took out his weapon. He's determined as ever to defeat Abelia. He can't stand that pride she carries around everyday. Someone else besides Sabina has to take her down.

Everyone went to the grassland. Onlookers circled around the two fighters. Sabina stood beside Aeneas and wished him luck. He just gave her a small smile.

Then the battle begins and the pair charged at each other. 

Abelia swung her sword at his head and was surprised when he ducked at the attack. Maybe she underestimated him. Girardot always says to never underestimate anyone. How come she never listens?

Aeneas tripped her with his long ranged weapon, causing her to fall to the ground.

The star student grunted, getting up and tackling him to the ground. She slashed her sword at him to meet his lance instead.

They clashed weapons until Aeneas forces Abelia away from him so he could get up. When he's up, he charges at the girl. She bent down and kicked his legs, making him lose his balance. Abelia took this chance to slash at his neck. Aeneas hissed at the pain, giving him a wake up call.

In revenge, he smashed his lance against her silver armor, cracking it slightly. 

This angered Abelia. She growled at him slashing him again. It landed on his chest but the armor protected very well. Aeneas smashed Abelia's legs. It really hurts, Abelia bit her lips.

The star student smirked, thinking up a brilliant game plan. She bent down and slides her sword on the ground towards Aeneas' feet. He jumped in time just as she expected. Using the distraction, she quickly stood up and smashed her shield into his face.

The guy fell backwards and onto the ground. He still held onto his weapon tightly.

Abelia summoned lighting into the sky and attempted to strike Aeneas with it.

Sabina noticed it and her eyes went wide. Why would Abelia attempt to use this move? It could stun the guy and if it's super effective, it might kill him.

"Aeneas!" Sabina shouted, jumping in front of him as Abelia struck the lighting in his direction. The blue vicious lighting hit Sabina and she collapsed.

Everyone stopped their cheering and gleeful pleasure of watching this battle. Every head shot to the unconscious girl on the floor.

"Sabina!" Aeneas ran to her side and carried her in his arms. He looked up to glare at Abelia.

"You shouldn't ever use that move during practice" Aeneas snarled at the star student.

Abelia had an unreadable expression on her face. She was a bit guilty but she wasn't going to show anyone that.

"Well, in my defense, Sabina used that move during the tutorial" 

"She only did that because she knew she wasn't going to hit him and she didn't want people to go easy on her" Aeneas shot back angrily. Abelia was left speechless as Sabina was brought into the health building.

For hours, Sabina was still unconscious. But the nurse was pretty sure she was still alive.

Aeneas, held her hand by her bedside in worry.

"This is all my fault. If only I knew that was coming" he mumbled to himself.

"Aeneas, Sabina will be okay. Don't blame yourself. Although you did the right thing by stepping up for that battle against Abelia" Riese comforted.

"But I don't even know who won"

"Just believe she did. In real life scenario, she would have killed you"

"Thanks Riese, really, you truly made me feel better about myself at this moment" Aeneas replied sarcastically.

"Aeneas, relax. Just stay here until Sabina wakes. I'm going back to my dorm room now. I need to get some rest" 

"Bye Riese" Aeneas waved his friend goodbye. Then he turned back to the unconscious girl beside him.

"Please, Sabina, please be okay"
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