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Chosen Wolf

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She was walking home when she was kid naped by a wold pack. Now she has to make the biggest decision of her life

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"Ha! Bye!" I yell into the house of my best friend. I always leave her house at 8:00 on Fridays. Shes my sister that lives in another house! Another house that's five yards away! I see it through the other two houses. But that's a dirt path and it just rained. So me no goie that way.

I go on the amazing path known as sidewalk that is great after the rain and you don't want to get your already beat up converse muddy. I swear if there was no lamp light I would blend in with the dark. I have my darkest skinny jeans on, my black chiodos shirt, and my 5 year old converse are black. Not to mention my hair is so brown it's almost black and my eyes are the color of hot cocoa. Yummy eyes!

I walk in the full moon. God it was beautiful. The moon light shinning on all houses and plants infront of peoples houses. It's a bit cheesey but I like it!

A howle sounded. It's not that shocking. There's 3 people with dogs on this street. I start to walk again. This time was a wine of pain. I look around. Theres nothing! All the dogs are in side!

Then, something hits me in the back of the legs, making me fall. I look up for a second and all I see is rushed blurs of brown and black. A pintch to my neck froze me. I couldn't move. I was being dragged. Pulled by this thing.

I couldn't think or move. What do I do? Scream? Try to break free? I finally make the decision to look up at my dragger. I turn my head slightly, All I see is redish fur and face the smell of dog. but it seems that this is too big to be a dog.

We come to a sudden stop. I'm droped to the ground from the mouth of my dragger. I look around quickly. We're in a clearing in the woods. I've been here many times but never so many animals!

I heard a voice. Theres no other humans around...

"What the hell, Ron?! Why is this human here?!"

An angry looking one started twords me. Baring it's teeth.

"Calm down, Chuck! If I didn't save her she'd be wolf chow." Said the one who was pulling me, Ron, I guess.

"I don't give a shit! She's still a damn human!" He growled. Then he-he- morphed into a human. As if him being able to talk wasn't enough! He had long black hair that came to his cheast. He had small dark eyes and he was fully clothed. I let out a scream.

Ron steped in front of me. He too morphed into a human. He had dark red curly hair. Again, I let my self scream."Shut up human!" Chuck barked.

Then I say for reasons best known to myself. "Hey jack ass, if you didn't notice, your a human now too!"

Chuck glared. "See! This one talks back! I say we kill her!"

"How about we let the alfa deside!" One of them said off to the corner. I look for the voice but all I see is more wolfs morphing into people so I look back at Chuck.

"Yes, Chuck, lets do that." Ron looks at Chuck. He snaps his mouth and starts to push his way through the crowd of people.

Ron turns, offering me a hand. I take it with skaky hands. He pulls me up and I'm still shaking. I can't stop.

"Hi! I'm Ron! And you are?"

"Dylan." I say quietly

"Dylan. That's a nice name!" He said happily.

"What the hell's going on?" I had to.

He let out a sigh. "Well we were being chased by another, meaner wolf pack. You were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. If I hadn't taken you, you'd be killed! So I saved you 'cause I'm nice like that. And don't worry about Chuck. The alfa doesn't kill people that offten. Well really, I'm not sure. He's new. His father just died last week. He was always kind before so I'm sure he wont kill you. Maybe just whipe your memory."

I stand there for a moment and let it sink in. I'm in the middle of a wolf pack. I have some friends who would just died right now. Not me. I'm not team Jacob. I'm team who gives a shit. I'm scared to death!

"Ron, the alfa is ready to see you now." One of them said.

"Thank you Oliver. You ready, Dylan?"

I nod even though I'm not ready at all.
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