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The Alfa Meeting

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The alfa sat perched on a rock. His back was to us. Ahh I saw was his white shirt and jeans.

"Alfa Aidan?" Ron said, pushing me towards him with his arm keeping me from moving back. "I have brought a human here to save her from a cruel death the Thesaurus pack would have surely given her. Now that she is here and knows our secret, what shall we do with her."

"Nicely put." I hiss.

"Sorry!" He whispers back. "I-" He stoped mid sentance, gaze locked. I follow his gaze. Aidan was moving. Standing slowly, straighting his back. I could at least see his hair. It was brown, like everyone elses, and was just above his shoulders. He turned to us. I was shocked by his stunning blue eyes.

The alfa jumped down from the rock. He landed right in front of me. It was so sudden I yelped and turned into Ron's side. Hiding meself from him. I can't really look at those eye. They're too sharp. It's like they're looking at my soul.

"She's a women. I have no power what happends to her. We must consult the women of the pack. If I make a move without them, we'd need to find a new alfa. Go to them." He waved his hand for us to leave.

With my head still ducked between Ron's arm and torso, he lead me away from him. We came to sit on a rock near by. For some reason I wanted to cry.

"S-so why do we have to consult the women? Do they get into a big group and judge me or something?" I ask Ron looking up at him.

"Well our pack only has 3 women." What?! "We wolves sorta have a native american and animal look on women and eldars. We look up to women because they can give birth and they can cook better than any male. We take the animal out look because since there are so little women, they choose who they mate with. Yes it might take a few trys, if you know what I mean, but they normaly settle down around age 30 and start to bring in new cubs." I like this pack! "We can not have more than 5 women in our pack.

"What if more than two girl cubs are born?" I ask.

"Well two are allowed to be born. Our eldar woman is 89 and the most eligible woman is only 23. By the time she has cubs, the eldar will probably die. And I'm not sure what will happen. I've only seen one women be born into the pack. The youngest. Shes six." He infromed me.

"What if the males never... You know..." I edge on. I hate useing that word... I'm like a five year old! Maybe the youngest and I can play together!

"Oh, well, hem, they either jack them selfs off thinking of a woman out side our pack or they turn out like me!" He had a smile on his face.

"And you are?" I kinda already knnow but what if he isn't? What if he just like swore not to do anything! That would be alittle rude if he wasn't.

"I'm gay." Thank god! Knew it!

"Yay!" Did I just say that out loud?!

He laughs. "Why yay?"

"I've always wanted a gay bestfriend." I smile, the first time of this little trip. "So are there any other gay guys?" I have to ask! They're awsome!

Another huge smile came on his face. "Well...If you look over there to the one with the short black hair and hes wearing the wing shirt, I've been droping hints to him. God he's hot!" I have to admit he kinda hot. But he's off limits! Staying true to my friend! "He's not openly gay. Only me and this guy Tony. He's some where. But he looks it and sounds it." He laughs again.

I laugh alittle but stop as soon as I see people start to part for a pther way. I am stunned when I see three women. They stood in a line. They're all beautiful, even the eldar who is 89. She had long gray hair and was hunched over. The next one to her right was the 23 year old. She was gorgeous. She had thick brown hair, brown eyes with hints of coper and gold and she was a thin as could be. The six year old was adorible. Her hair came to her cheast and her eye swere big brown and like mine, so brown you can barley see the pupil, her mouth was coverd by a teddy bear that she clutched to herself.

A boy over to the left of the eldar had his back turned to her and talking. She was not happy. She faced him and smacked him upside the head. "Shut your mouth! Children these days have no respect!" she barked. Yips, I'm scared. Her eyes scaned the crowd. "Wheres the girl?!" Her voice was spitful and grummpy.

I stood up. Someone behind me pushed me forward. I stumbled infront of them. I straighten up quickly, hoping they discard it.

I feel their eyes on me. It ranged from a hard stare from a soft one. After 5 harsh minutes of staring, the middle one came up to me and hugged me.

"Welcome to the pack!" She said with her beautiful voice.

"Wait what?!" I say in her arms.

She pulls away slowly. "Well of course. If you wont join our pack we'll have to kill you." My eyes widen. I look to Ron. He too had the shocked look on his face. I turn my head back to the women. She had a bright smile on her face. "So what'll it be?"
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