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How does she still smile through that?! If I had to tell someone they could die or leave their life forever, I wouldn't look so happy to say it! I'd be, I don't know, a little sad! Not just heres your options, hope make the right choice!

"Well honey? What'll it be? Join us or die." Again with the happy voice! I don't get it!

"Um, er, Will I at least be able to tell my parents I'm okay?" That's my first concern. What about the pain of being turned into a wolf!

"You can send them a letter say you are fine but you are running away from home. You'll have that done tomarrow. Dose that mean you want to become one of us?" If that means living, yes.

"Yes." I say, not really sure why. Can't I just run now and forget everything? Just write in my diary about how traumatic this was?

A huge smile came on her face, showing her perfect teeth. "Great! DANTE! Come here!" She called into the crowd of men.

A tall man comes out of the crowd. My god. This pack id full with hot guys! Luck, you are on my side! He had brown hair that came to his ears and eyes that smolder. They're blank though.

"Yes, Bree?" He said in a husky voice. Bree? That's her name?

"I need you to bite our newest member." She says pointing her head to me.

"Were?" He sounded bored! Sorry, dude!

"Where would you like, Dylan?" I blushed. Were do I want to be bitten by a hot guy? Hmm. That's a hard one.

"I-I don't care." I squeak,

"Alright, on the neck!" Bree announced. That's it, my face was all red. It burned bright in the late hour of the night.

Dante looked unfazed, glad he didn't. He walked over to me, placing his hand softly on my shoudler. He swept the hair from the left side of my neck. The cold came on my neck but was shooed away by his warm breath. It prepared me for the bite. He sank his teeth into my skin. I gasped. The pain was anogizing, but soon changed to pleasure. His tongue licked the blood from the wound. Swirling around a canine tooths wound. I closed my eyes and let myself be absorbed in the bite. If only it could have lasted forever.

He pulled away, slowly, dragging his lips over the bite. Next his hand left. I glance to the side for another look at him, but he was gone. Disappeared into the crowd. I wish he would have stayed.

"Welcome, Dylan!" Bree said happily, then just walked away.

I slid my hand to the wound. Did that really happen? It all feels like a faint memory.

I feel Ron wrape his arm around me. "Hey, you okay? You don't look so good."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm...okay..." I stagger.

"You sure? A lot of people who get bit aren't really okay afterward. And By the way, you looked like you enjoyed that." He laughed. Eh, he's right, I did enjoy it.

I smile, I'm still shaken up though. It's not every day your life is changed forever. Or you get bit by a hot guy who enjoyed it as much as you did, or at least I hope. That'll be a bummer.

"Well you just got bit by the pack out cast! How does it feel?" He says like a game show host.

"Pack out cast? What do you mean?" I ask, if he's the out cast, why does he bite new members?! Doesn't make sence to me!

"He's very antisocial. He just made the name for himself. Very dark and mysterious." He says. Well damn. That can't be good.
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