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Not Eatting Deer

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"Okay so where are we going to sleep and what are we going t eat?!" Food and sleep are most important to me so I have to ask.

"We normaly go to wolf stage and sleep and we hunt, duh." Well I was kinda hoping we'd go to Mcdonalds an older chicken or ham burgers.

"I'll pass... I'm just gonna go into the store and get chips or something. Maybe a coke." I shurg. Me likey junk food. "And with all the running, I'll still be in shape! Sweet!"

Ron laughs. "Yeah right! When you start to change, you'll have a craving for deer. It's really good. It's like chicken! And don't worry, we cook it so it's really yummy!" Well that's good to know.

"Really? Deer?! I don't wanna kill a cute deer!" I want to pet one, not kill it! I don't wanna kill bambi!

"You wont be. The women don't hunt. The Alfa and his top men do. A few others come but main 10 go. And the others wait for it to cook. The women only let us cook if they're trained by them. Only two are. So the women don't have to do anything at all. Lucky." He pushes me with his elbow.

I laugh out. "Yay! life Liberty and the pursuit of lazieness!"

We laugh for like 10 minutes, cracking jokes, him giving opinions on every one in the pack. Pack members started to crowd around, just to get on my good side. It was going smoothly. Then I had to ask the question.

"So why were you running from that pack?" It was dead quiet. Shit.

One of the most out spoken members, Haden, was the first to give me the story. "Alfa Aiden got into alittle fight with their alfa. Since he's new to this and only 20, Aidan tryed to prove himself. It didn't end well."

Well that's not so bad, until I hear Conor besides me. "Don't forget, he was too much of a whimp to stay and fight so we had to leave." Once he saw the horror on everyones face, he let out a sigh. "He's right behind me, isn't he?"

The hand was placed on his shoulder and the head was set between mine and Conor's. "Yes, Conor, I am. Come with me." Aidan didn't even let him get up. He grasped Conor's collar and yanked.

"And I'm being dragged. Great. Bye guys!" Conor waved to us from the ground.

I face my head to Ron, making sure Aidan is far behind. "I thought you said he was nice!" That just plan out scared me!

"He dosn't respond well to people making fun of him. And he's cranky now a days for reasons you just heard. Put that all together and it's not going to end well. I don't blame him at the moment. Conors an ass anyway and is getting what he deservs. He's been talking shit for way to long." Ron shakes his head.

"Lovely, we're being lead by a damaged kid whos been bullied. We're not going to be running for the rest of out lives at all!" I check my back as I whisper those word. I don't want to end up like Conor.

"Nice. He's right behind you." I scream and spin around. No one was there. "Ha! Made you look!"

I smack him in the arm. "That's not funny! I almost had a heart attack!"

"Heh sorry. Just watch what you say or you could end up like Conor."
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