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Chapter Twenty-Three

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Ginny is confronted by Hermione.

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Warnings For This Chapter: sexual situations, cutting

Disclaimer: I own the Sicherheit charm – which means safety or security in German. The rest belongs to J.K. Rowling.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Ginnydidn't open her eyes when she woke. She could feel the cloth bandage wrapped around her wrist and Harry's arms tight around her waist. Ginny was mad at herself for cutting again. She wasn't really thinking when she did it; she was feeling. Draco's outburst at the Three Broomsticks had upset her more than she'd let on. She had acted on impulse and her impulse was to be rid of the pain.

Afterwards, Ginny knew there was no use beating around the bush; Harry would find out what she had done, no matter how hard she tried to hide it. So she waited for him in his dormitory. Ginny assumed she had fallen asleep shortly after, because she didn't remember Harry coming to bed or her wrist being bandaged.

The memories of the previous night made Ginny's heart ache a little. She pushed the feelings back down and sighed inwardly. Ginny knew Harry was awake. She didn't know how she knew that, but she did. Ginny didn't want to have the discussion she knew was coming. She preferred to lay in Harry's arms all day and forget the rest of the world. All of her thoughts vanished when Harry rubbed his left hand up and down her torso.

“Ginny,” Harry spoke softly. “I know you're awake.”

Ginny sighed. “No, I'm not.”

Harry's lips twitched. “Then how are you talking to me?”

“I'm talking in my sleep,” Ginny replied casually.

Harry rolled her over so she faced him, her eyes still closed. He kissed her softly and slowly. When Harry pulled back, Ginny opened her eyes. They looked at each other in silence for a few moments. Finally, Harry spoke, “We need to talk.”

Ginny hid her head in his shoulder. “I know.”

When she didn't say anything else, Harry spoke again, “Why did you do it, Ginny?”

“I don't know.” Ginny shook her head.

Harry wasn't about to accept that answer. He tried hard not to get mad at her. “Yes, you do. Please tell me. I won't be angry with you, Ipromise.”

Ginny raised her head just enough to look at him. “What Draco said in Hogsmeade really upset me.” She immediately buried her head again.

“Damn it,” Harry swore. “I knew I shouldn't have gone to Dumbledore with him. I knew it was bothering you.”

His response wasn't what Ginny was expecting. What she had been expecting, she was unsure of; but she knew it wasn't this. Ginny sat up. “You don't have to protect me, Harry. If I want to hurt myself you can't stop me.”

Harry was taken aback. He hadn't meant to upset her. Harry was just worried about her. He had thought she was finally over this. He knew she still had urges but he thought she was done hurting herself.

“I thought you wanted to stop,” Harry asked.

“I do. It just got to be too much, all right?” Ginny pushed her hair back from her face.

“No, it's not all right. You should have told me to stay with you. Draco could've gone to see Dumbledore on his own.” Harry disagreed; he was suddenly very glad his roommates had all left the dormitory earlier.

“It's fine. Just drop it.” Ginny swung her feet off the side of the bed.

Harry grabbed her arm to stop her from moving. “We're not through with this discussion, Ginny.”

“I said drop it, so we're dropping it!” Ginny shrugged him off of her. She pushed the curtains back and stood up, hurrying towards the door to leave. When she tried to open the door, it wouldn't open, even though she pulled at it with all of her might. “That isn't fair, Harry!”

Ginny's eyes were filled with fury when she turned back around to face him. Harry was surprised to see how much she resembled her mother in that moment. He pushed the thought away before he shrugged. “I don't care. You're not leaving.”

“If you don't unlock this door right now, I'm going to hex you into next week.” Ginny threatened.

Harry smirked. “Your wand is in your dormitory.”

“Then I'll hex you after I go get it.” Ginny scowled.

“You have to get out first.” Harry walked towards her.

“Unlock the door, Harry,” Ginny demanded.

“No, Ginny.” Harry took her hand and led her back to his bed. He sat down and pulled her down beside him. “We are going to have this discussion, whether you like it or not.”

“Fine.” Ginny crossed her arms over her chest. “Then you talk because I'm not going to.”

“All right, I will.” Harry placed both his hands over Ginny's bandaged one. “I was mistaken when I thought you were done hurting yourself. I thought you wouldn't do it again. I thought that if I went with Draco, you would go talk to Hermione if you were still upset. I was shocked when I came up here last night to see you asleep while your blood was dripping onto the floor. At first I thought you had lost consciousness again. When I realized you were only asleep, Iwas so relieved. I love you so much, Ginny, and I couldn't bear to have to carry you to the Hospital Wing again. I want you to get better so badly. I want you to be around so we can spend the rest of our lives together.”

Ginny had begun to cry while Harry spoke. He wiped the tears from her eyes before he kissed her softly. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Ginny sobbed. “So much.”

Ginny pulled Harry's lips back to hers. Her lips moved over his frantically, as if searching for something. Harry responded instantly. He pulled Ginny's body against his roughly. Harry pushed on her until she was lying on her back, before he blanketed her body with his. His mouth left a trail of kisses from her mouth, across her jaw, down her neck and to her collarbone. Harry kissed the exposed skin before he pulled her shirt over her head. They quickly divested each other of their clothes. The passion rose between the two of them like never before. Every where Harry touched her Ginny felt fire, afire that was consuming her completely. Harry couldn't tell where he ended and Ginny began.

An hour later, when their heart beats had both returned to normal, neither of them moved. Ginny listened to Harry's even breathing as she lay with her head on his chest. Harry's arms were wrapped around her tightly, as if he was afraid if he let go she would leave and never come back.

After what seemed like forever, Harry spoke, “You never did make it out the door.”

Ginny lifted her head up to look at him, smiling. “I really don't mind that much.”

Harry laughed. “I didn't think you did.”

“We should probably get up soon. Someone might be trying to get in.” Ginny sighed.

Harry closed his curtains and unlocked the door wandlessly. “There. They can get in.”

“That wasn't what I meant and you know it.” Ginny laughed.

“I don't see you complaining.” Harry kissed her softly.

“No. . . .” Ginny replied between kisses. “You certainly don't.”


Bythe time Harry and Ginny made it out of the sixth year boy's dormitory, it was lunchtime. They joined Ron and Hermione at the Gryffindor table. Hermione immediately noticed Ginny was wearing along-sleeve shirt but had the decency not to say anything.

“Do I even want to know where you two were all morning?” Ron asked through bites of stew.

“Probably not.” Harry smiled to himself as he grabbed a sandwich off aplatter. Ron wrinkled his nose but didn't speak.

Ginny turned to look at the Slytherin table. Her heart went out to Draco, who was sitting all alone at the far side of the table. She turned to Harry. “I'm going to ask him to join us.”

Harry looked over his shoulder to where Ginny had motioned. “All right.”

Ignoring her brother, Ginny stood up and walked to the Slytherin table. She was aware that all eyes were on her, but she ignored them. When Ginny reached Draco, she tapped his shoulder. Draco jumped with a start.

“Oh, hi.” He relaxed when he realized it was only Ginny.

“Hi yourself.” Ginny sat down beside him, her back to the table.“Why don't you come eat with us?”

Draco looked across the Great Hall to the Gryffindor table. Everyone was looking at the two of them, except for Harry and Hermione who were talking about something, probably the current situation. Ron, however, was glowering at his sister.

“I don't think your brother would like that too much.” Draco sighed.

Ginny glanced over her shoulder at her brother. She glared at him until he looked away. “I really don't care what my brother thinks.” Ginny stood up. “Come on; eat with us. I promise if Ron says anything I'll hex him.”

Draco looked at her doubtfully. “I don't know.”

“You're coming.” Ginny grabbed Draco's arm and made him stand up. Reluctantly, he followed her to the Gryffindor table.

Ginny sat down next to Harry and kissed him on the cheek. “What did Imiss?”

“Nothing much.” Harry smiled fondly at her.

“How are you, Draco?” Hermione asked politely.

“I'm fine, thank you,” Draco replied somewhat stiffly. Hermione frowned slightly, but didn't say anything else.

“How are things now that you're in the Head Boy's room?” Harry asked.

“Better, I suppose. At least I don't have to worry about anyone killing me in my sleep.” Draco half joked.

“That's always a plus.” Harry offered Draco a smile.

“I'm done. Let's go, Hermione.” Ron stood up. He took Hermione's hand in his so she was forced to stand up also.

“But, Ron, I'm not finished!” Hermione protested.

“You haven't lost your appetite?” Ron looked pointedly at Draco.

“No, Ron, I haven't. Now sit down and act civilized.” Hermione yanked her hand out of his.

“I already apologized, Weasley. What else would you like me to do? Kiss your feet?” Draco asked sarcastically.

“I would like for you to leave us the bloody hell alone.” Ron crossed his arms angrily.

“Ronald, that is enough!” Hermione turned on her boyfriend. “Now, if I have forgiven Draco, so can you. Apologize to him right this minute.”

Ron scowled but obediently turned to Draco and muttered, “I'm sorry.”

“It's okay, /Ronald/.” Draco smirked.

“That's it! I take it back!” Ron threw his hands up in the air.

“Ronald Bilius Weasley, if you don't apologize right this minute, I will write to your mother,” Hermione admonished him.

Ron paled. “I'm sorry, /Malfoy./”

“That's better. Now eat.” Hermione instructed. Sulkily, Ron finished his meal.

As Harry, Ginny, and Draco were leaving the Great Hall, Professor McGonagall stopped them in the Entrance Hall.

“Potter, Malfoy, Professor Dumbledore would like to see the both of you in his office, straight away.” Professor McGonagall informed them.

“I'll meet you back in the common room.” Ginny kissed Harry quickly before she left.

“What do you think he wants?” Draco asked Harry as they walked to Dumbledore's office.

“Probably something about your situation,” Harry replied.

They knocked on Dumbledore's door, which swung open to reveal Dumbledore and Professor Flitwick pouring over a book on Dumbledore's desk.

“Ah, Harry, Draco, please come in.” Dumbledore smiled. “Professor Flitwick and I have found a solution to your problem, Draco.”

“Really?” Draco's eyes lit up with excitement.

“Yes.” Dumbledore motioned to the book clasped in Flitwick's hands. “There is a very complex charm known as the Sicherheit charm. It is similar to the Fidelius charm, but much more complicated. The Fidelius charm hides a secret from everyone, but here, we only need the secret to be hidden from certain people, which is precisely what the Sicherheit charm does. That is also why it is more difficult to perform than the Fidelius charm.

“What we want to do, Draco, is to hide you from your parents. Thankfully, your birthday is before the summer holiday, so we only need to hide you from them until then. By using the Sicherheit charm, it ensures that you will be safe from your parents. You can stay here at Hogwarts during the Easter holiday.”

“When do we cast it?” Draco asked.

“Right now.” Little Professor Flitwick squeaked. He waved his wand and muttered an incantation. Draco glowed red for a second, and then it was gone.

“Was that it? Did it work?” Draco asked eagerly.

“It appears so.” Dumbledore smiled triumphantly.

“But you don't know for sure?” Harry asked.

“Well, the only way to know for sure would be if his parents came to the school looking for him,” Dumbledore explained. “You see, while his parents know Draco is at Hogwarts, if they came here looking for him, they wouldn't be able to find him, even if they bumped into him. But the subject of the charm is supposed to emit ared light after the charm is cast if it is successful. So, I would conclude that the charm has worked.”

“So that's it? We can go?” Draco asked.

“Yes, you may go.” Dumbledore nodded. “However, if your parents try to contact you in any way, you must let us know. Their owl cannot find you while you are under the spell, but it can still find one of your former friends.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.” Draco nodded. He followed Harry out of the office, quite pleased for once in his life.


WhenGinny entered her dormitory after leaving Harry with Draco, she was surprised to find Hermione waiting for her.

“Hermione . . . what're you doing here?” Ginny asked awkwardly.

“I want to talk to you.” Hermione stood up. “I know you hurt yourself again.”

Ginny sighed. “I've already spoken to Harry about it, Hermione. I'm fine, alright. I'm not going to do it again.”

“It is not alright! Here we are trying to help you, and you go and hurt yourself again!” Hermione disagreed.

“I know.” Ginny sat down on her trunk. “I'm sorry.”

“Well, sorry isn't good enough. I want you to give me your razor, right now.” Hermione held out her hand.

“What?” Ginny was shocked. “Are you serious? Why would I do that?”

“So that you can't hurt yourself anymore, of course!” Hermione replied.

“Well, I'm not doing it, Hermione, so you can forget about it.” Ginny shook her head. “Now get out.”

“I'm not leaving, Ginny.” Hermione crossed her arms over her chest angrily.

“Yes, you are.” Ginny opened the door and waited for Hermione to leave.

“No. I'm not.” Hermione sat down on Ginny's bed to prove her point.

“Please, don't make me hex you.” Ginny pleaded.

Hermione sighed, knowing this was going no where. “Fine. I'll leave. But I'm not giving in.”

Ginny closed the door behind Hermione; she sighed, leaning against it. “I didn't expect you to.”

She pulled out her pyjamas and went to take a shower. Pain consumed her as the hot water flowed over her body. Ginny sighed. She knew she was supposed to be getting better, but right now she just didn't want to. Ginny picked up her razor and placed it on her hip, next to her only scar there. Maybe Harry wouldn't notice. She pierced her own skin, but it wasn't enough, no matter how many times she moved the razor back and forth. The skin on Ginny's hip just wasn't as sensitive as the skin on her wrist; it didn't give her enough release. She moved the razor to her upper arm and drug it across her arm. It worked. Blood streamed down her arm as Ginny put her razor back on its shelf. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself off.

As she dressed for bed, Ginny knew she had to go tell Harry. She could feel her blood seeping through her shirt, even though the cut wasn't deep. Ginny grabbed a white washcloth and pressed it against the wound, trying to stop the bleeding. She changed her clothes so she wouldn't alarm Harry, before quickly replacing the washcloth so she wouldn't ruin the new shirt.

Ginny went to Harry's dormitory. She wasn't surprised to see he wasn't back yet. Ginny lay down on his bed, still holding the cloth to her cut. Before long, she fell asleep.

The sight that greeted Harry that night was eerily similar to the one from the night before. Just like that night, Harry bandaged Ginny's wound before he pulled her into his arms.

Harry knew things were getting bad again, he just didn't know how bad they would get before they finally got better.
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