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when coraline jones a NSA agents wakes up in bed next the man she hates she doesn't think life could get much worse, but what happens when she realizes there is handcuffs involved?

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hey guys this is a story written by my friend and i am publishing it on here please do let me know what you think of it!

At this very moment I am becoming increasingly worried. Why you may ask? Well because with the extreme boredom I am faced with, I have started to contemplate eating my right foot just to give me something to do.

It may seem stupid but so far it has been sitting in the sterile white office of the commander of the NSA for 1 hour, 20 minutes and 34 seconds (I could give you the milliseconds but I really don’t think you care).

I sighed and repositioned my self in the chair as my mind started to stray and wonder why I was called to the office. I presumed it would be time for a new mission. Probably some evil douche bag that I had to kill or capture. Yup in case you haven’t caught on I am a NSA agent aka. Spies aka. Assassin aka female version of James bond that works for a different agency, doesn’t get all the women (sorry but I don’t swing that way), doesn’t have cool gadgets and DOESN’T GET PAID ENOUGH!

So far I have been working at the NSA for 9 and a half years. I am now 25 and may be only part way through my career.

A rhythmic beating of footsteps down the hall way broke my train of thought. Hope started to rise through me as I prepared to look presentable to the commander. The footsteps stopped at the reception area. Well that’s ok maybe the commander is just stopping for his post or something.

“ Hey sugar, if you’re not doing anything in your lunch break you wanna get some coffee with me?” my stomach jolted and fell in a splattered mess on the floor. Shit that was not the voice of the commander but of a disappointment to all beings of this world. If there was a god, he must have made a really big fuck up the day that IT was created.

I listened further to see if he was continuing into the office. The receptionist giggled as if her very world depended on that one obnoxious sound. She then proceeded to accept proposal before directing him into the office to wait for the commander.

I had heard all i needed to. IT was coming into the room, so I therefore had to prepare myself. As the door opened I glared at the figure entering. IT paused and returned the glare as he took in the situation.

I decided to break the silence by greeting him in a monotonous voice.

“Hello frank” i smirked as an insult came to mind. “Oh by the way the village called there looking for their idiot, you might want to tell them you’ll be there soon”

Franks mouth twitched as an evil smile plastered itself to his face. He walked into the room and sat down on the chair beside me before he replied, “my goodness Coraline, I thought you knew. The brothel called, they need you back”

I tried to refrain from lunging at him. Who the hell did he think he was?

“ Has any one told you that you are an insult to pigs every where?”

“Are you this hormonal all the time or do you just put on a show for me?”

“You asshole.”



“Have you met my parents?"


“Have. You. Met. My. Parents?”

I opened my mouth to tell him were to stick it, when laughter erupted from the corner of the room. I turned to see that Mr Way was casually leaning against the wall his eyes shone with amusement. his frame shook with laughter. “This should be interesting,” he muttered under his breath as he made his way to his desk. I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. glancing to my side i could see frank, shielding himself behind his hair . "would you like a cup of tea?” he asked the two of us. before we could respond he placed the steaming cups before us. Deciding that I didn’t want to be rude to my boss, I took a sip. The hot tea slid down my throat . I quickly skulled the rest.

Mr Way sat down before us staring at frank through his black hair, his hazel eyes commanding. Frank looked up and flinched under the gaze . He picked up his cup and started to drink from it. After emptying the contents he placed the cup onto the table. “Why are we here?” I asked Mr Way breaking the silence. He placed his index finger up to his lips “hush we need to stay in silence,” he whispered sitting back in his chair, grinning like the cheshire cat.

After a few minutes my vision began to blurr. I began to panic when saw frank double over beside me. Mr Way had slipped something into the drink. He trying to kill me! I haven’t done anything wrong!... Have I? I mean I always did what I was asked and never complained about anything.

as these ideas flooded my mind the thought that scared me the most was that there was no one to miss me or even care i was gone. Tears threatened to spill over as I tumbled out of my chair. I had to live! I had to find some one who would care if i were gone. My legs were refused to hold me. Starting to crawl out of the room I heard a body hit the floor. i was certain it was frank. Oh shit I’m doomed!!! As I reached the door way i saw the outline of Mr Way standing in the exit grinning down at me.

The last thing I saw before my arms gave out was Mr Way’s foreboding hazel eyes patronising me. Then all went black.

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