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All i could see was darkness,I could feel my body being dragged across the carpet and lifted up into a sitting position. Is this what is supposed to happen when you die? You get carpet burns and a wedgie? the muffled sounds of humming or singing drifted towards me. What is going on? Is this what the after life is like cause if it is. it's lame.

A hand grasped my own and held it up. A ring of what felt like metal was secured around my wrist. My arm was lain on the armrest.

Time past but i had no clue of how much. there seemed to be no presence of time where i was, and as time past worry clouded my mind.
This doesn’t feel like death to me and I figured that there was two ways of knowing this.

1) First of all if this was heaven I’m sure there would be a lot of happiness and a lot of light.
So far. I am bored and also not too happy about this situation also it is very dark

2) If this was hell I’m certain it would hurt like hell. Hence the reason for the expression to be like…well…hell. I am also sure that there would be a lot of flames and a lot of people's agonized cries.
But since none of this is happening I must not be in either.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that I’m not dead. So I must then check the condition of my body.

Focusing in on the nerves in my hands I made my finger twitch slightly. Yay I now know that I have at lest some function of my body.

Now time to try the eyes. Focusing in on the muscles in my eyes I opened my eyelids a crack. I could see that I was still in the commander’s office and that I was in the chair I was in before. I looked to see Mr way sitting at his desk reading a Hellboy comic. If I had full control of my eyebrows I would of raised them in bemused question. The man who is supposed to be one of the most powerful men in the world, even more so than the president. is reading a comic book... while two potentially dead people lie/sit in his office. Now that is a very comforting thought.

After sitting there for a few minutes trying to get feeling to return to my muscles, I raised my hand to my eyes to rub the weariness off them. If only it had been that simple. As my hand came up so did another. However it wasn’t mine. Connected to my hand with handcuffs was ITS hand!! A tiny scream escaped my mouth. Unfortunately it was loud enough for Mr Way to hear. “Ah Coralline, you’re awake” he said as he placed the comic down and sat up in his chair. “ why the fuck did you hand cuff him to me?” I asked him in a shaky but clear voice.

“Well I'll tell you when Mr Iero wakes up."
I glared at him. I didn’t care if he could create hell on earth, nothing could compare to having the scum of the earth handcuffed to you.

I decided that it was time to wake frank up. So I reached over and brought my hand down across his face. HARD! Frank awoke with a start. Seeing me he mumbled “I was having a good dream why did I have to wake up to you”. He then sat up and brought his handcuffed hand to his face. My hand followed with it and smacked his face. Frank looked at my hand then at his than back and forth in bemusement. He jumped up in his panic taking me with him.

“Will you sit the fuck down” I shouted pulling my hand towards me so that he fell in his set with a thump.

I turned to Mr Way who had an amused look on his face “now tell us why you did this?” I said holding up my cuffed hand to make a statement.

“well it is simple. You two are the most advanced in your groups of training. And me and the board thought that it would be a great advantage to the NSA if you two became partners” both frank and I opened our mouths to protest until Mr Way shot us a look that clearly said “you will wait until I am finished.”
he proceeded to wait for a while to see if either of us had an objection. He continued “ so we thought it over and agreed that you two would become partners. But there in lies the problem doesn’t it. It has been known to all that are aware of you two, that there is a conflict in interest between you both…” beside me frank sniggered but was quietened by a sharp look from Mr Way. “Would you like me to wait while you get over your self?” frank just shook his head in response. “would you like me to continue?” frank nodded so Mr way took that as a sign to continue. “As I was saying it was also noted that it would be hard to get you two to like each other. Hence the handcuffs. I have consent from the board to have you two live together for 3 months…. handcuffed”

I'd had enough of this there was no way in hell I was going to live with him for a day let alone live with him for 3 months handcuffed to him.

“you have to be kidding!” I erupted out of my chair bringing Frank with me.

“do I look like I am kidding to you?” came the sharp response

“This is crazy. I am not living with this cockroach!” i screamed

“do you wish to keep your job?” Mr Way stated boredly.

“well yes, but…”

“do you trust me with your life?”

“Of course, I..”

“then you will do as I wish”

Frank finely decided to join into the conversation.

“But how am I going to go to the toilet or have a life or do… manly things?” Mr Way raised his eyebrow at his comment.

“you will both have 15 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night to get dressed and shower then you will both have 5 hours on Sunday to spend with your friends and family”

Before we could protest any further Mr Way got up from his desk, stood tall and said

“so now you will go back to Mrs Jones's apartment and live together in relative peace and if you even think about chopping the hand cuffs off you will work in the records room for the rest of your life…together ” and with that he walked out of the room.

After a while of shocked silence, frank turned to me and said “so why do we have to live at your apartment?”

“ I think there are more pressing matters then were we live. Like, hmm, let me see, the fact that we have to live together and sleep in the same bed first of all!”

frank took a while to think about it then said “ but I want my stuff”

I had just about given up.
“you know what fine we will live at your place if it will make you shut the FUCK UP!”

“Ok” he said simply, dragging me along with him out of the door.

Why god oh why did this have to happen to me?

The day didn’t get much better from then on. I had to let frank drive the car as he was hand cuffed to the right of me. But his bad driving was no compassion to the shit hole he called a house. There was mess all over the floor and old food stuffs not in the bin. So after convincing frank to pack his stuff and live at my apartment, we left. Thank god.

as we arrived at my apartment we stumbled difficultly out of the car and then trudged up the stairs. I directed Frank into the spare bedroom there was no way that I was allowing him to put his disgustingly rank clothes and other items in my room. I followed him around impatiently as he unpacked and I couldn't help but to ponder what had I done that was so wrong that I was receiving this cruel unusual punishment.

" I'm done" came his monotonous comment

" good" I groaned out before dragging him to my room the stress of the days events were catching up with me and all I wanted to do was sleep. I pulled him into my room and flopped on top of the bed hoping to sleep only to here him whining.

" shut the fuck up and let me sleep" I snapped and felt him crawl into the bed beside me and lay down temperamentally. I smirked knowing I had at least won this battle. closing my eyes i drifted to a nightmare sleep full of dreams with Frank.

oh god please save me!
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