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Next day.

Okay so Melissa never came home last night which scares mom. She's been freaking out all morning. Telling dad if she calls pick up, demand to know where she is, blah blah blah. News flash ma, shes with Chris! She's 22, she going to be trashed! Get over it!

"Bye Mom! Bye Dad!" I call before slaming the door. I escaped! Muahahaa! Even if it is going to school, the bus stop. Ugh, why don't I have a car?!

I walk by Destini's house. Her and her brother comes out screaming at eachother.

"Shut up J.C. you little shit! God you are so fucken annoying! Can't you go die in a hole?!" I know what your thinking, 'shes a real bitch to her brother!' no, no, no. That's her being nice. She could have kicked him in the crotch like normal. I guess shes in a good mood today or something.

"Hey, Destini. Hey, J.C.!" I say with a smile.

"Hey!" They both say in between yells.

"I'm sorry that you used all the fucken hot water just to do your badly dyed hair!" There was a gasp from both of us. NO ONE calls Destini's hair badly dyed. She will flip shit!

"That's it! I'm telling mom you were kicked off the bus! Guess who's getting a beatting and a lecture!" She crackled and ran back inside her house.

"Aw shit!" J.C. moaned and went in after her.

I just keep moving, swinging my clarinet in my hand. I don't wanna be there when the house bursts into flames!

I get to the top of the street, throwing my stuff down with a bang. I wait for like 5 minutes until Madie and Nick start to come from their street, Alex comes down from his house, so does Megan, and Devin comes from his cave home.

Destini meets up with Madie as the come closer. Sooner or later we're all in our circle. Madie and I have out backs to most of our house, Nick on my right, Destini on Madies left then Magen next to her, Devin, then Alex to close the circle.

We hear a reving on an engine. I discard it, Nick's dad has a motercycle, it's not a big deal, Until Alex screamed. "Who's ferrari is that?!" Now I don't know much about cars but I do know farrari's are pretty!

We all turn. My jaw drops when I see who's driving the hoodless red ferrari. Roman! He can't be even more perfect! Shit!

He slows infront of the street corner. Destini and Megan, being the skanks that they are (Okay more so Megan.), run to Romans window side.

"Nice car, handsome." Megan said as she pushed her fake boobs together with her upper arm.

"Um, thanks. Hey! Jillian! Want a ride?" he telled over to me. They all turned to me.

I pointed to myself and mouthed "me?" He laughed and nodded, "Yeah, you. Is there another Jillian at this stop?" Good point.

"Only if Madie can come." I turn to her. She waving at me no.

"Sure, why not?" He shrugs. "Hop in!"

I grab Madies hand and my stuff. "Shot gun!" I called. I let go of Madie when she got to the drivers side back seat. She hoped over the wall of metal into the seat. I threw my stuff in the back and open the door. I look over to the people at the bus stop. Megan's and Destini's jaws were on the ground. Devin was just waving good bye like an idiot.

I laughed as we drove away.

"What the hell was that?! Who is that chick?" Roman asked. Ha!

"That's Megan. One of the biggest whores in the school! Right in your back yard!" Madie says peeking her head through the two seat infront of her.

"I'll be sure to warn the neighbors." Roman laughed. "I hate chicks like that. Who can't keep it in there pants."

"Oh! Than I should warn you about this chick Morgan. If she sees us hanging out she'll be all over you. She always goes after the guys I hang out with. She came after my best guy friend in 9th grade. He wanted to smack her with his Bass Clarinet!" I laugh.

"Sounds bad." He says looking between me and the road.

"Yeah. She wasn't a loved child. It is really sad." I would feel bad for her but she makes it hard, ya know?

"Sucks. I'm too loved. I think that leaves more scars." He laughs.

"Do you love your mom though?" I ask he as too, shes his mom!

"Yeah, I do." He says with a smile.

"MAMAS BOY! MAMAS BOY!" Madie laughs.

"I am not!" He protests.

"Sureeeee" Maide is toppled over in the seat now. So much for seat belts.

"Tell your friend to shut up!" Roman orders.

"I can't. I can't say those two little words. Remember? We had a deal." I smile sweetly. Hey, it's not my fault it came up to bite him in the ass.

"Ugh. You suck. We're here. Get out." Well that was nice

"Bye bye Roman!" I say as he starts to move for a parking spot.
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