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Great morning start!

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Best start to a day ever! A fucken Ferrair! I love it! And the bestest part about that is that we didn't crash! Just my luck if it had, right?

I walk through the car rider line. I like this better than the bus lot. It's less crowded and people just go with the flow, not rushing to get to the door.

"You suck, you know that." I hear a voice coming up behind me.

"Yes I do Roman. But Madie sucks even more since she left me to go to the school paper. Blah. " I say sticking my tounge out.

"So sad, too bad. So does this mean we're friends now?" He asks.

"No." Stupid stupid stupid!

"Great. I just gave a ride to a free loader." He groans.

"I am not a free loader!" I yell.

"Then say we're friends. I'd say we are." He says quickly.

"Why? Even though you've gotten better you still irritat the living shit out of me." Okay, that's not 100% a lie. He is irritating.

"And so have you. But i'd still call you a friend." Would you now?

"How 'bout an acquaintance, for now?" Nice touch...

"I'll take it...for now." He settles.

"Good. Come with me to the band room?" I offer.

"Sure" He says with a smile.


"You done in there?!" Roman calls from out side since he's not allowed in because he's not in band.

"No because I love making you wait!" I yell through the locker/storeage room wile trying to get out my band binder. It doesn't wanna come out! What the hell?!

"I'm leaving!" I hear.

"No! I think I got IT!" I scream the last bit since I toppled over on my back, hitting my head on the very cold floor. I swear If my head wasn't so damn hard I would crack it open. "OW! DAMNIT!" I touch the back of my head. I'm not bleeding. See! Hard fucken head!

"You okay?!" Roman asked, running through the door and kneeling down besides me. My back is to him. His hands cupped my forearms. It must have looked like a hug from behind. I know when he touched my skin, it was very calming. And he has wicked soft hands man!

"Yeah, I think so. Dude your hands are soft! Lotion 24/7?" I ask.

He laughs. "Yeah, you could say that. You sure your okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a headache now. I have aspirin in my bag." I reach deep inside my bag. I need aspirin for my, um, lady problems.

"Isn't that like, not aloud? Having meds, I mean." He looks at the wal-mart brand pills in the white bottle.

"Eh, as long as you have a great reason such as girls do, you can." I inform him as I take out my water and wash down the pills.

"That's something I didn't need to know, kay?" He smiles wile saying so but he means it.

"Whatever. Now get out so I don't get in trouble." I command, pointing to the door.

"It's not like I broke a drum. You wont get in trouble." He assures me.

"Don't joke about that! In 6th grade Chris Goetchius sat on the bass drum and fell right through! We weren't aloud in here for a week because of the little shit!" I still hate him to this day!

"Really? Is he still in band?" He asks funally moving his feet toward the door.

"Thank god no! He quit in like 7th grade. But he still like come in and says hi to Mr. F and moma T even though they hate him! Like it's not even funny how much they despise. He hated most of them who sucked so badly they couldn't play a high note right on their instruments." I laugh because they all quit and we still make fun of them.

"What the hell? He seems like a little shit..." He drifts off and almost runs into the door.

"HE'S SHORT TOO!" I burst.

"That explains it. Does he always try to pick fights with people?" Spot on! Spot on!

"How'd you know? He also whimps out in all of them. Half the population wants to punch him in the face." I state. My ex best friend went out with him, gross!

"What about the other half? They don't mind him?" He questions my stats, who dare he?!

"No, no, no. The other half wants to kick him in the balls. If he even has any." And 100% of the population would do both if they could!

"He must. It is a he? They're probably abnormaly small." He says without cracking a smile. Me, on the other hand, was bent over and crying from sheer laughter. By the time I was even remotely close to stoping, I couldn't breath and my side hurt like hell.

"What? I don't get why your laughing. It's a shame. Does he have small feet?" Um..

"I think so? Why?" Weird question.

"That proves my case." At first I don't get it. Then I remember a long past inside joke between Madie and I. I let out a crack of high-pitched laugh and quickly cover my mouth. You see, theres a rumor that guy with big feet have big dicks. My respons to when she told me: 'THAT'S WHY BLACK MEN HAVE HUGE FEET!' She could never look at her neighbor Ralph the same way again.

"Is it always this easy to make you burst in laughter?" He asks.

"No, not really-"

"That's hard to believe. You always seem to laugh at everything." There he goes again, thinking he knows all about me. So I start to ramble on about how he doesn't know me blah blah blah (See, I'm boring my self with this shit!)

"Will you shut up?" I pleads.

"Oh so your aloud to say that and I'm not?!" I bark. Grrr, he's pissing me off!

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