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Chapter 15

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I lay on side and kept my eyes closed, I was too tired to move. I felt Gerard stir next it me. He tightened his grip around me as he came to, he yawned causing his warm breath to caress the back of my neck. He still thought I was asleep so I kept my eyes closed. He slowly pulled me so I was lay on my back and stroked my cheek - I was good at fake sleeping. He then pulled the quilt down to reveal my stomach. He sighed happily and lightly kissed my belly button. He began tracing his fingers on my skin and began to hum a tune I hadn't heard before.
"Can I be the only hope for you, because your the only hope for me." He sang gently, I felt the baby kick lightly against his hands and he chuckled.
"Lets wake your momma up." He whispered to my stomach. He began tapping little sets of rhythms on my stomach and a while after the baby joined in. When it started kicking my ribs I opened my eyes.
I looked down to see Gerard gazing up at me innocently. I chuckled and rubbed my stomach.
"It's foots stuck in my rib now." I cried rubbing my lower rib. Gerard giggled and kissed me the lips lightly.
"Sowwie." He said in a baby voice and batted his eyes at me. I turned my pout into a smile and kissed him lightly. He grinned and hopped off the bed and pulled a pair of his boxers on.
"I'll go make breakfast." He grinned as my stomach growled loudly. I chuckled lightly as I rubbed my stomach, slowly trying to get the baby to move their foot. Gerard set out the door and down the stairs I lays back and sighed happily. I loved this man - he was amazing. I lay back and began massaging my stomach when I heard a buzzing noise. I looked around the room until I realised it was Gerard's phone. I picked it up from the floor next to the door. I read the alert.
1 New Message ~ Jamia.
Fuck. I bet that was probably his ex girlfriend. I quickly read the text.
I wnt u 2 bbe. xox
My heart sank as soon as I read the words. I looked through previous texts, he had deleted all the ones he had sent - but hers were still in his inbox. The texting had started about a week ago. I felt the tears begin to form in my eyes. Suddenly the door opened and Gerard stepped in. He immediately ran over to me when he saw me crying. I turned away from him and glared at him.
"Have I done something wrong !?" He cried out panicked.
I shoved the text in his face, "Maybe this !?" I cried out, " How could you do this to me !? Going behind my back and texting HER ?!" I cried out angrily. Gerard looked at me confused.
"What..I didn't ---" He began.
"Don't tell me anymore crap! I can't take anymore!" I cried out. I slipped on my jeans and a tee and a hoodie. I turned for the door.
"Ellie please let me explain -" He begged and grabbed my shoulders and gazed down at me with a worried look.
"You don't need to ! I'm clearly not fucking good enough, especially now I'm pregnant." I cried out and I waddled as fast as I could out of the bedroom door and down the stairs. I slipped my shoes on and walked out the door. I walked down the street crying my eyes out. A few passers by stopped and asked me if I was okay - I merely nodded and said it was hormones with a chuckle. I carried on down the streets until I reached the old abandoned park. I walked past the rusted swings and round about until I got to the old play house. It was a struggle but I finally climbed up. I pused myself to the back wall and let myself go. I cried my heart out. How could he do this to me !? He'd got me pregnant and then CHEATS on me. It probably wasn't just texts, I bet he's been fucking her behing my back too. I zipped my hoodie to the top, pulled the hood up and buried my face in the black fabric as I let my tears soak in. I cried for what seemed like forever, how could I have fallen for him and trusted him ? I should have known he would have broke my heart yet again. I don't know how many more hits I can take. I sighed and lay back against the wall, I lifted my hoodie and top up and stared at my belly. I cradled my arms around it and sobbed. I shouldn't be raising a child if I can't even raise myself proper. I stroked my stomach and let the tears pour down my face.
"I'm so sorry for bringing you into a world like this - especially with me as your momma." I cried harder and hugged my stomach. As I did I felt a little kick. I jerked back and stared - I had felt it kick before but not like this. I slowly dried my tears and sat back, teasing my baby. Me tapping rhythms on my stomach with the baby copying, well kind of anyway. I looked out and realised it was getting dark, shit ! How long have I been in here for !? Suddenly I heard footsteps coming towards the playhouse. I hid against the wall, fuck it was probably some druggie or murderer. I silently prayed that the would walk past. Then I heard footsteps as they climbed the ladders.
Shit Shit Shit Shit Shit. I could see their shadow as they stood at the entrance.
"Ellie ?" I sad little voice called out.
I turned to see Gerard, he looked completely lost and depressed. His eyes lit up when he saw me.
"Ellie I need to talk to you." He stated. I lowered my head and didn't reply. I was seriously pissed off and heart broken.
" Look Ellie, I never sent those texts. Frank sent them, Jamia is his girlfriend and since Mikey broke his phone by dipping it in diet coke - I said he could use mine."
I looked up at him with a tear stained face. How could I tell if this was true or not.
"That is the honest truth - even ask Frank and Jamia."
I burst into tears and hugged him tight. I felt like such an idiot to not trust him like that. I held me tight and rocked me gently.
"I - I'm sorry Gee Gee." I sobbed loudly. He kissed my forehead and looked at me.
"You don't need to be sorry at all, I'm sorry to have upset you."
He lifted my chin up with his fingers and gazed down at me, I got lost in his beautiful hazel eyes. Sadly they were tear stained, like mine. He leaned his forhead against me and kissed my lips.
"Can we stay here ? I'm too tired." I asked sleepily. Gerard chuckled and nodded. He lay down on his side, I lay on my back next to him as he wrapped his arms around me and shielded me from the entrance. He nuzzled his face into my neck and lay his leg ontop and across mine.
"I love you." He whispered.
"I love yoou too Gee." I whispered as I felt my eyelids grow heavy.
I woke up to Gerard rubbing my stomach, I smiled and watched him lovingly.
"Shall we get home ?" He asked as he headed out the door. I swung my legs down and began climbing slowly. The weather was warm today as we walked back home. Gerard has his arm wrapped around me massaging my stomach.
"I was meant to ask you this yesterday but didn't have chance to. I was wondering - would you like to go for dinner with me tonight ?" He asked me shyly.
I looked up at him and smiled. "I would love to.. will I have to dress up?" I asked happily.
"Y-yeh, it's one of those posh resturaunts, I thought I would treat you."
I hugge him tightly and smiled. He was the kindest man I have ever met. We had reached the house and Donna was waiting at the door.
"Thank GOD your both okay !!!" She cried as she kissed our foreheads. She stepped aside and let us in.
"I have booked the resturaunt for seven - so be ready for about half six." I nodded and began gathering my things, I was going to get ready in Donna's room and since it was Three o'clock I had to get a move on.
I ran myself a hot bath in Donna's ensuite. I washed my hair and then relaxed in the water. I stared at my stomach which was poking out of the water like a little island. I sighed and rubbed it gently, I leaned my head back and let the soapy water soak into my skin. I must have drifted off to sleep because after I had climbed out of the bath it was 4:05PM. Shit ! I put a dressing gown over myself since the towel didn't fit. I sat infront of the dressing table and began working on my hair. I brushed it and then dried it. I straightened my bangs and layers, I then sprayed my hair with non-frizz. I then back combed my layers and left the longest layers straight. I looked at my hair - it looked nice. I then started my makeup, I put black liquid eyeliner all around my eyes, I then put black eyeshadow on and then the outer side of the eyelids I put dark blue eyeshadow on. I then applied mascara and pale foundation, I put on a red lipstick and turned to the selection of dresses I had brought in.
After alot of teasing in and cursing I had decided on my dress. I had chosen a just above the knee black dress, it was like a corset until just under my cleavage. From my below my clevage it was many layers of black silky and netted material. I slipped on a pair of fishnet tights and iron fist ballet pumps. I sprayed myself with perfume and glanced at the clock 6:27PM, Gerard would be here any minute.
I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked huge. I sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. I heard and gentle knock on the bedroom door. I opened it to see a breath takingly handsome Gerard stood in the doorway. He was wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just blow his elbows, a black waistcoat, a thin black tie, black suit pants and polished black shoes. His hair was untamed yet beautiful. His mouth hung open when he saw me, we both looked like fish gawping at eachother.
"Y-you look .... wow.." Gerard gawped. I blushed and smiled.
"You look amazing!" I smiled. He held his hand out to me and I took it, he helped me down the stairs. When we reached the door Donna was waiting with a camera. He snapped a quick picture of us and beamed.
"You two look beautiful." She smiled happily as she stepped aside and handed Gerard the car keys. We stepped out into the darkening sky. Gerard opened the car door for me and held my hand as I slid in. He walked round and sat himself next to me. He started the engine and pulled out onto the road and began driving. I stared out the window and the world whizzed by, before I knew it we had pulled out infront of the poshest resturaunt I have even seen. Gerard stepped around and helped me out of the car. He handed the bus boy his keys and wrapped his arm around my waist and led me into the resturaunt. I caught our reflecction in the glass doors. We looked like a young married couple, expecting there first child and going celebrating their anniversary. Gerard must of been thinking the same thing as he said, "We look good together." He smiled as we walked into the resturaunt.
We got a two seated table in the bay window over looking the fields. It was the best table. I sat down as Gerard kindl held my seat for me, once I was comfortable he sat himself down on his seat opposite me. A waiter passed us both a menu, I ordered paté on toast for starters, vegetarian músaka for mains and a huge chocolate gateu for dessert. We both had coke since I couldn't drink and Gerard didn't like drinking.
I leaned back in my seat and rubbed my full stomach, I had eaten every single piece of the food and the baby was satisfied and sleeping. I smiled warmly at Gerard as he leaned forward and wrapped his hands around mine. He gazed into my eyes, I nearly melted whenever he looked at me so fondly.
"Do you love me ?" He whispered in a husky voice. I nodded and he smiled. He then stood up. Crap he was going to leave me. I felt my heart sink. Suddenly he got down on one knee. Fuckk... Everyone in the resturaunt had gone quiet and were watching us. Gerard pulled out a blue velvet box with a beautiful silver ring in with a huge diamond in the centre and blue ones dotted everywhere - engraved in the middle was Gerard & Ellie.
"Ellie, I love you so much and want to share the rest of my life with you and our babt, will you marry me ?" I put one hand on my belly and one over my mouth as I felt tears of joy leak out of my eyes.
"Yes !" I nodded as the resturaunt burst into applause. Gerard wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tight, he slipped the ring onto my finger, it looked beautiful next to the ring confirming our relationship. Gerard paid the bill and then swooped me in bridal style and carried me out of the resturaunt, thanking the guests who congratulated us. We reached the car, Gerard let me down onto my feet gently. I turned around and kissed him passionatly.
"I love you so much Gee." I whispered as he leaned his forehead against mine. He placed his hands on the small of my back and massaged me gently. As much as I loved the fact we were having a baby together - the bump got in the way.
"I love you too future Mrs Way." He whispered. "And future baby Way!" He said in a baby voice crouching down and kissing my stomach. I giggled as the baby kicked happily. He stood up and kissed my lips lightly before opening the car door and helping me into my seat. I strained the seatbelt over my waist and held my hand oout to look at my ring. It was beautiful, I felt the tears grow in my eyes as my smile grew. Gerard came and sat in the drivers seat he turned and smiled at me, he cupped my face in his hand and wiped my tears away. He kissed my nose lightly and began the engine. He backed out of the car park and headed home, I gazed at my ring and smiled - I couldn't stop smiling. Gerard finally pulled up at home. He helped me out of the car and into the house. We stepped in and I immediately hobbled as fast as I could to Donna, Frank and Mikey in the living room.
"He propsed to me !!!!" I squealed excitedly. I was surrounded by hugs and congratulations, as was Gerard. Once the excitement died down, Gerard stood up and held his hand out to me. I took it as he pulled me up. We walked up the stairs down the hallway and into his bedroom. Gerard sat on his bed and turned the Tv on, his legs were spread out. He patted the gap inbetween his legs and smiled at me. I obediantly sat inbetween his legs, he wrapped his legs around me and leaned back. I leaned back on his chest as he lifted my dress up and began stroking and massaging my belly. I lay my head bag and sighed happily. I loved this man so much, it was unbelieveable. He began to hum a little tune that sent me straight to sleep.

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