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Tongues and Bloody Worms

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Jetta parties a little too hard and gets into trouble.

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Immediately the smile that had been on his face dropped, first to an expression of shock, and then to a frown. Mikey saw me and he too looked shocked, then he turned and saw Gerard's expression. He shot me a 'I told you so' expression as Gerard pushed through the crowd to me.

He stopped in front of me, and ignoring Frank and Ray who were staring at him, started telling me off.

"What the HELL are you doing here?", he hissed, "How the hell did you even get here?" My anger rose at him.

"I can go where I want, and last time I checked, Mikey invited me here and gave me the address.", I growled right back at him. Gerard turned to Mikey and glared at him, and Mikey just shrugged.

"She told me that you two had gotten into a fight, and she wanted to make it up, so I gave her Frankie's address.", he explained calmly. Gerard smiled sarcastically.

"Isn't that just a sweet thing for you to do?", he asked Mikey in a sickly sweet voice, "Did she tell you about how she got her friends to cover me in paint and hang me upside down today?" Mikey's calm drooped down into a shameful expression. He looked at me with a questioning look.

"Is that why he came home looking like a rainbow?", he asked me. I nodded and tried to defend myself.

"Yes, my friend's did that, but I realized it was a wrong thing to do, so I went to the school to try and stop them.", I said profusely. Gerard made a sound of disgust.

"Yes, too bad you didn't do that before I was hung by my ankles.", he said, trying to make a point and he glared right at me. I shook my head hurriedly.

"I completely forgot was going on until I got a text after you dropped me off. I wouldn't have let them do it to you after last night Gerard.", I told him in a sincere voice.

He sneered, "And why should I believe you? You have been a complete bitch to me before, why should I forgive you and just completely forget about how you made my life a complete hell in the last two months?". My anger reached it's peak, he was acting like a total dick.

"Because I quit the squad", I ground out at him. I got the satisfaction of seeing his eyebrows go as far up as they could go. And then he snorted in laughter.

"Yeah right, I'll believe that when I start growing horns and horse hooves." He grabbed my arm as his expression turned back to one of anger, "Come on, you're leaving, and if I see you again, I'll make your prank plans look like child's play.", he threatened me and I struggled against his hand. He began pulling me out into the hall where the door was, when suddenly I had a hand on my other arm.

"Seriously dude." Frankie had grabbed me, and Gerard was looking at him in astonishment, "She came here to apologize and didn't even try anything. And then you come acting like a royal class ass, just let her stay if she wants to." Gerard dropped my hand and was looking at me in disgust.

"Great, I was right when I thought you were one of the biggest sluts wasn't I, you already got Mikes on your side, now Frankie?", he asked in a scowl. I opened my mouth in protest, but Frankie beat me to it.

"No, you're just acting stupid, and she seems nice, maybe you're the one who should go and cool off.", he told Gerard, who's face just paled and his frown deepened in rage. He looked back and forth between us and growled.

"Fine, you deal with her." He walked away. "I'm getting wasted, hope you're sober enough to keep her from Kenny and those guys. By the way nice try to look like a freak like us Jetta, too bad no one can see through your facade like I can.", he finished. The insult about trying to look like a freak stung, and who were Kenny and those guys? I looked at Frankie, who was still frowning from the argument.

"Whose Kenny?", I asked him and his attention was brought back to me. He led me back into the living room as he explained.

"He's just one of those man-whores thats been known to go after drunk girls at these types of parties.", he smiled reassuringly, "But don't worry about him, I'll make sure he doesn't bother you, Gerard was just trying to scare ya." I smiled uneasily as we went back to the couch that now held Mikey, Ray, and another person. The stranger was blond that was cut with the fringe, had a pierced lip, and frosty blue eyes.

"Jetta, allow me to introduce Bob Bryar, one of the toughest looking guys here." He shook one of Bob's shoulders, "But he's a total teddy-bear on the inside." Bob glared at Frankie, but shook my hand.

"Nice to meet you.", he mumbled, he had a low voice and sorta scared me, but I took Frank's words and tried to picture him as a giant teddy-bear. It didn't work.

Ray seemed to be a little tipsy, a green cup was present in his hand, and Mikey looked like he was on his way to the same fate. To my surprise, Frankie and Bob also grabbed cups of the spiked punch and started downing them. I watched them with wide eyes as they drank one cup in five seconds. Frankie saw my look and giggled.

"Sorry, I'm used to getting hammered at my parties, you want one?", he offered me a green cup and I looked at it doubtful. Did I want to get completely wasted and possibly looked like an idiot? No, I'd never drank before and had no clue what it would even do to me. But I looked at Ray, Mikey, Bob, and back to Frankie, and felt a little safer. Gerard's attitude toward me was making me depressed, but these guys were taking some of the sadness away. I found that I trusted them a little.

I took the cup and raised it in a toast and took a sip. It must have been a type of Koolade drink before someone added a bitter alcohol to it. I choked it down and the look on my face had the group laughing. Frankie patted me on the back as I was coughing.

"I take it this is the first time you've drank before?", he asked, amused. I nodded, my throat was burning, but I took another sip despite it.

"You'll get used to it, just stick with us though, there's a couple shady people like Kenny, and I wouldn't want you getting hurt 'kay?" I nodded and put it in my list of things not to do here. I watched the people in the middle of the room, they were mosh pitting people as the song that was on banged even louder. Ray was telling us about an incident that involved Mikey with a fork and a toaster that was now in appliance heaven.

"And we walked in, and he's on the floor with the stupid fork stuck in the thing.", Ray guffawed, "We unplugged the toaster and we asked him what he was doing, and it turns out he'd dropped a piece of toast in the thing and it was stuck, so he tried to get it out with a fork." Mikey was shaking his head with a red face.

"I was twelve and I was hungry, I didn't know better.", he defended himself with a grin. I giggled myself, just the look on his face was humorous enough.

"Hey that's not as bad as when that girl asked him out in 7th grade.", Bob spoke up. We looked to Bob to tell the story, while Mikey was practically begging him not to tell it. In between Mikey's attempts to cover his mouth, Bob retold the embarrassing story with a big grin.

"Okay so there we were in 7th grace and Haley Tiers comes up to him outside of the school.", Bob laughs, "She's like bright red and she just comes out with it, 'Mikey, do you wanna go out some time?", he says in a girly voice, "And he just throws up on her shoes.", he finishes with a chuckle, and Mikey turned the deepest shade of red there is.

"And it's even worse because we had spaghetti for lunch that day, so it basically looked like he threw up blood and worms on her.", Bob added, still laughing. The rest of us were laughing too except Mikey who looked a little too embarrassed. Frankie saw this and slapped him on the back.

"And here he is today, at least ya made it to fifteen and your a regular womanizer now aren't ya?" Mikey shakes his head and throws off Frankie's hand with a laugh.

"You all can kiss my ass!", he declares with a smirk. I drank that last of my cup and Frankie gave me another. Now I realized why my mother drank so much, it made your mind slower and made most of the things bothering you disappear.

After a couple more stories and a few more green cups, I found that I seriously needed to use the bathroom. I stood up, swaying, the entire room was spinning and dizzy.

"Hey F-Frankie. . .", I slurred, "Where's the bathroom in this place?". He was basically sitting on Ray's lap now and he pointed to the hallway.

"Go that way and take a left!", he yelled to me over the music. He and the others were probably drunk off their asses as they laughed at the stupidest jokes told. I stumbled out of the living room and found the bathroom unoccupied. After using it I walked out and crashed into a guy. He was around my height and looked my age. With black hair and a blue streak on the side of his hair, he looked somewhat cute. He had amazingly blue eyes and a pierced lip.

"Oops, sorry about that, you okay?", he asked me, taking my arm to steady me. I nodded.

"Yeah, this is sort of a first time experience being drunk." I leaned on him, the room was now spinning at an alarming rate and I could barely take a step in front of me without the guys help.

"My name's Kenny, what's yours?", he asked, leading me to the steps that went upstairs, couples were sitting on them making out, but he led me to a spot unoccupied. His name rang a bell, but with the alcohols effect on me, I couldn't remember anything, let alone where I'd heard his name.

"Um, Jetta, it's nice to meet you.", I mumbled, leaning against the steps to try and get a grip on my brain and vision. He smiled as he took a seat next to me.

"So you here with a boyfriend or something, I could go find him for you." He jerked a thumb to the living room. I shook my head.

"No, I'm just here with some friends, but I had to go to the bathroom.", I explained, "I probably shouldn't have drunk all of those cups of Koolade.", I scolded myself. He chuckled at that.

"So I guess they wouldn't mind if you were missng a few minutes right?" His question confused me, but I shook my head indifferently. He smirked and put a hand behind my head and jerked it toward his. And kissed me.

His mouth tasted like the Koolade drink and he forced his tongue into my mouth. I spoke against his mouth, trying to get him away from me.

"Come on Jetta, this is your first time drinking, why not make it a little naughty?", he muttered with a haughty voice against my lips. My hands were on his shoulders, but he was too strong and then he rolled on top of me to make things worse. The stairs were digging into my back as he started kissing me more roughly. I tried pushing him off me, but he wouldn't budge, and his mouth was covering mine, and with his tongue in my mouth, it was impossible to yell for help. A few tears slid out of my eyes as his hand went up underneath my shirt.

Gerard's POV

I knew I was drunk, there was no doubt about it. It had taken a few more cups than usual, but I'd achieved the goal that I'd come here to do. Get wasted enough to forget Jetta. The goal had been set up even further when I had seen that she was here.

The little cheerleader had even tried to dress herself up to look like one of us. Not that she didn't look good in it, but it was just to get herself in here. And Mikey and Frankie taking her side had made me angry enough to take on a speeding train. They had both fallen for her lie about quitting the squad.

Meanwhile I knew that it was impossible. There wasn't even a cheerleading team without Jetta, Stacey might have been the picture on the outside, giving the entire thing it's image, but Jetta had been the brains behind that image. She had been the one directing all of the nerd days where the populars did embarrassing things to us geeks and weirdos. She's been the one behind all of the pranks that had been pulled on me since the first day of school, and even some of the ones in the years before.

There was no way she could've just quit it without thinking about the consequences. She'd be pranked with the rest of us if she'd done that. And what was so great about being one of us?

This brought a wave of depression on me and I grabbed another cup to drive it away. Speaking of Jetta, where was the damn girl? She'd been sitting with Frankie, Ray, Mikey and Bob, but now she was gone. I felt a bad feeling coming on, but I pushed it away.

Why should I worry about what happened to the little slut? If anything, she got what she had coming to her. But that feeling started eating away at me until I couldn't just drink and ignore it. I handed my cup to Matt, who was now talking with a girl. He asked me where I was going and I shouted that I had to check on something. He nodded and went back to talking to the girl.

I went over to the group and very loudly shouted, "Where the fuck's Jetta?". They were all as stone-ass drunk as me and shrugged.

Frankie was the only one that had a clue, "She went to the bathroom last time I checked."

I headed out into the hallway, people dodging out of my way, I knew my expression was serious, and they knew me well enough to know that I wasn't afraid to toss a few heads. And I found her with the exact person I warned Frankie and her about. Kenny was on top of her and kissing the hell out of her. She was looking around wildly, wiggling under him, a tear rolling down her check and being unable to speak due to what looked like Kenny's tongue. I wondered if I should leave her like this, this was her punishment for trying to party with us wasn't it? But her eyes found mine and she silently gave me a look of help. I bit my lip in conflict, the two actions of whether to save her or let them be rolling around in my fucking head.

She was still looking at me, trying to get me to come to her rescue, when I snapped despite my attempts not to. A lone question popped into my head as I headed over to them. Why was I the one that always had to pull a guy off her?
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