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Bon Jovi and 30 Seconds to Mars, My Heros!

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Gerard drives Kenny off, but the night takes a weird turn.

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Kenny had reached his hand down after fondling me a little and was trying to pull my skirt down when I spotted Gerard in the hallway. He'd stomped out of the living room and instantly spotted me. And just stood there as Kenny continued to practically rape me. I had bit Kenny him multiple times on the mouth, but he continued to kiss me, I think he knew it was the only thing that was preventing me from crying out for help.

I tried raising a hand out to Gerard to get him to help me, but my hands were being pinned to my chest by Kenny's own strong and heavy chest. Instead I gave him the a clear look of distress and Gerard bit his lip. Kenny had started reaching down the top of my panties as Gerard shook his head and rushed over to us.

"Hey man, I think you need to get off her.", he pulled Kenny's shoulders off me and Kenny's chest came off mine, and his head jerked back, his tongue out of my mouth. I scrambled a couple steps up the landing, getting far enough away to start wiping my mouth fiercely. Kenny meanwhile had shoved Gerard's hands off himself and was puffing out his chest.

"And who do you think you are?", He poked Gerard in the chest with a finger, "Me and Jetta were just having a little fun right?" He looked back to me for my confirmation, and I shook my head.

"You started kissing me as soon as I said that I'd had a couple cups of punch you scumball.", I grumbled at him, wanting to rip out that piercing he had in his lip. It had gotten caught a few times on my lips and the resulting red scratches were starting to hurt as my saliva got into them. Kenny just smirked, reached back, and took my hand in a hard grip.

"She's just a playing hard to get.", he chuckled, a hard look in his face and I realized that he was drunk as well, though far beyond what I was. Gerard meanwhile saw me yanking on Kenny's hand to let me go and stepped between us, taking Kenny's gripped hand and prying it off mine. Then he dropped it and moved so that I was behind him.

"I think you'd better leave now before you do something you regret man.", Gerard warned him in a polite but deadly calm voice. I couldn't see his face, but at that moment I didn't think I wanted to. Kenny smiled stupidly and with a air of cocky-ness spoke.

"You know, I don't think I will." He brought back his fist and took a swing at Gerard. Who dunked and reached out a hand to Kenny's throat. I watched in horror as Gerard took the grip he had on a sputtering Kenny's neck and forced him up against the wall. The look on Gerard's face made me shudder, he looked crazed, almost like he wasn't himself. I felt the urge to go and pull Gerard off him, but my fear was holding me back.

"You listen here you little fucker." He tightened his hand around the white flesh of the throat he had in his grasp and brought his face close to Kenny's, whose expression was now one of terror, "If I hear that you've fucked another clueless drunken girl again, you won't have to worry about getting someone to fuck because I'll rip that dick of yours off and shove it down your throat." Kenny was shaking his head, his hands trying to pull Gerard's hand off his wind-pipe.

"Got it?" Gerard shook him hard and Kenny nodded hurriedly. Gerard dropped him and Kenny scrambled off somewhere. Now Gerard turned to me and looked down at me with a look of disgust.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from Kenny?", he asked me in a loud voice, swaying in the spot. The incident had sobered me slightly, and I was slowly seeing that nearly everyone was drunk, not anywhere near sober, including the person in front of me. I nodded gulping, he had looked scary before, but now he was slightly calmer. I pulled my shirt down and my skirt up, and slowly got to my feet. Then I ran up and hugged Gerard. Or tried to hug him, putting my arms around his and squeezing slightly.

He stiffened in surprise, and looked down at me in a questioning way. He was wearing a leather jacket, a black t-shirt, and what smelled like a type of cologne with the stale smell of cigarettes mixing with it. I knew it was weird for me to be smelling him, but I hugged him harder, and breathed in his scent. Since when had Gerard become a source of comfort for me?

"Thanks Gerard.", I murmured, burying my head into his shoulder. And he shakily raised a hand to my head and hugged me back. It must have been the boos or maybe a strange urge, but I reached my head up and kissed him on his cheek. His skin was surprisingly silky against my lips, and I pulled away to find him bright red and opening his mouth again and again. Then he seemed to get his bearings, pulled my arms off him and retracted his own limbs from me.

"Alright enough of that.", he cleared his throat, "Go find the others and this time stay with them, and don't talk to anyone but them, 'kay?" He looked at me with a mixture of worry and wooziness. I giggled slightly, that little peck must have really shaken him because he was now swaying even more.

"I think you should come with me." I put hand on his arm and gently started pulling him toward the living room with me. He looked uncomfortable and spoke.

"This still doesn't mean that I forgive you for setting that up or believe that you actually quit the team.", he informed me. It took me back a little but, I took a breath and nodded. Then I grinned, a corner of my mouth pulling up.

"Then let's call it a truce for the rest of the night?", I asked him hopeful. I saw his mind try to think the proposition through the alcohol that was influencing his mind, and he nodded slowly.

"Fine, just for tonight", he agreed, solemnly and with a sad look. I gave him a quick one armed hug and nearly dragged him back to the couch where a now passed out Ray and Mikey were laying. They looked like they were spooning and I laughed, and heard Gerard's girly giggle with mine. Bob and Frankie were on the floor leaning against the back of the couch with a pile of empty green cups around them. They had a arm around the other's shoulder and were leaning back and forth, singing the song that was playing off-tune.

"Oh we're half way there, bana, living on a prayer, take my hand and we'll make it I swear BANA", Bob dropped off and Frankie belted out, "LIVING ON A PRAYER!". His head drooped back and he saw us staring at him. He pointed at me and giggled loudly.

"I knew you were here Jetta." Frankie pointed a slightly off-aim finger at Gerard. "And Gee here thought you were in trouble, you're the trouble-maker Gee and you know it.", he laughed at his private joke and Bob and him went back to singing. I laughed at his drunkenness, he was really messed up, and Bob was right behind him. I turned to Gerard with a amused look.

"Why did he call you Gee?", I asked, teasing him. Gerard smirked at me, and pulled Mikey and Ray's legs off the couch, making Mikey lean on Ray even more. He gestured for me to sit by him and I did. His hair wasn't as greasy as it looked now that I was up close to him, it was just thick and wild, and his hand went up to brush it back as he sighed.

"It's a nickname of mine", he muttered, grabbing a couple of the dwindling green cups and handing one to me. Kenny had made me loose most of my fix and I drank the alcohol with a new found thirst.

"Oh really, do you have any others?", I asked, wiping the excess liquid off my mouth with my hand. He took a sip of his cup and answered.

"Well, they've also called me Uncle Jiggy a few times.", he admitted, a nervous smile playing on his lips. My smile grew at that.

"And what made you earn that nickname, it makes you sound like a creeper.", I told him, giggling. He blushed a little.

"I sort of dance at random times." He took a big gulp of the fruity drink. "You could say that I've made myself look like a dipshit in a few instances.", he laughed a little. It was then that an actual slow song started to play, making me feel a little cliche when I asked Gerard if he wanted to dance.

"What if I wanted to break? Laugh it all off in your face? What would you do?", the song had a soft tempo to it, and I saw a few couples in the middle of the living room twirling slowly. They were the only ones around the room besides the person handling the stereo that wasn't passed out. I looked to the clock and saw that it was around midnight. I felt the want to dance, and Frankie and Bob were now snoring slightly their heads leaning on each others. Meanwhile Gerard was looking at me like I had three heads.

He ran a hand through his hair again, pushing the black mass out of his face, "I don't know Jetta, I really don't want to. . .",he looked at me, trying to get me to forget my request.

Instead I smiled gently and took his hand and pulled him into a vaccant spot in the living room space, aka dancing floor. He tugged a little on my soft grip, wanting to go back to the couch, but I pressed on, pulled him around to face me and placed my hands on his chest. He looked nervously down at me, but put his hands on the small of my back. As he did, I realized that I was happy. Happier than when I had been to the school dances with other guys, even when I had been able to lean on them and let them guide me around. I couldn't do that to Gerard, who was just spinning me slowly, but just having him hold me a little was elating.

Maybe I had started developing feelings for Gerard, and dancing with him was just putting them even further into the light. I smiled as he lost his nervousness and pulled me in a little closer, making the space between us shrink.

"Finally found myself
Fighting for a chance
I know now, this is who I really am
[/Come, break me down

Marry me, bury me
I am finished with you, you, you
[/Look in my eyes

You're killing me, killing me
All I wanted was you"

I watched at Gerard's lips started moving to match the singer's voice. He was looking at me with calm and gentle eyes. Not loving ones, but he was at least happy. He and I were really drunk and could barely stay in our spot, we bumped into a lot of other couples, but we had fun. And as the song stopped he led me back to the couch. We sat down and I got the feeling of sleepiness take over.

"Um, where are we supposed to sleep?", I slurred, the couple of cups I'd had before we danced were really getting to me. Gerard gestured, a little too much, to Ray and Mikey.

"You pick a spot, and drop." He smiled at me. I realized that his smile was cutely crooked and gave him the look of being mischievous. I laughed as I leaned against the arm of the couch, my head on my arm, and my legs slightly touching Gerard's. I looked back at him and saw that his cups were getting to him too, he looked back at me with blood-shot eyes and droopy smile. Would he be okay without me? Kenny wouldn't come back into the living room, but after seeing Gerard go ape on him before, I was wary of letting my eyes off my drunk friend. But I shook my head and made up my mind.

"I think I'm going to fall sleep, you alright without me?", I asked stupidly, Gerard chuckled and nodded. I nodded in okayness and let my eyelids fall. I felt someone lean against the couch behind me. It was Gerard.

"I hope you don't mind sharing the couch with me, Mikey, and Ray?" Gerard joked. I shook my head, my legs were pushing against Gerard's, making me mold into a fetal shape and it was comfortable, though I was starting to fall off the edge of the couch. I was really not feeling anything, but Gerard must've felt it because he wrapped a arm around my waist and held me up on the couch.

"Sorry about that, I'm a little fat", he said shyly, and I giggled. Then feeling Gerard chest move in and out with each breath against my back, and the warmth of his arm against my stomach, which wasn't hurting due to the numb feeling I had going on, I fell asleep.
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