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Yells and Spooning.

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Everyone wakes up, and Frankie finds out about Jetta's crush!

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Jetta's POV

I woke up to a roaring headache, it felt like my brain was being chopped in half. I licked my lips, my tongue feeling like it had fur covering on it as I did. Groaning I stretched a little and found that my legs were surrounded by something. Along with what felt like a python on my midsection. I opened my eyes quickly and immediately closed them, the sunlight in the room was too bright for my liking at the moment.

I tried opening them again, a little slower this time, and found that I was in a living room with a load of people passed out on the armchairs and some were even on the floor, couples were wrapped around each other, while the singles were curled up with their friends. I looked down at my stomach and found a leather jacketed arm twisted around it, and I realized that the arm was the only thing keeping me on the couch.

The memories from last night crept back into my mind and I looked even further down on the couch to find Mikey and Ray in the same postition they were in last night, though Mikey must have thrown a arm around Ray sometime during the night. And the arm around me belonged to Gerard, who's breath I felt on the back of my neck. He was pressed right up to me, and though he was really warm, I wanted to stretch. But not wanting to wake him up, I stayed motionless and let myself feel his heartbeat, which seemed to be even louder now that I was awake with a hangover. My own heartbeat was pounding in my head.

I must have really partied last night as images of Kenny, Gerard, Frankie, and the others flashed through my mind. And it ended with me dancing with Gerard. I smiled at the memory. And then I turned over a little and the arm around me loosened to let me twist over. Of course that put my face right in Gerard's neck, but I craned my neck to look up at him and saw a very peaceful expression on his face. The eyeliner that he had put on was a little smudged, and he reeked of the punch mix from last night, but he looked serene and beautiful.

I couldn't believe that two days ago I saw him as disgusting and ugly, but I supposed that had been before I'd gotten to know him and seen him as a person instead of a thing that could be thrown around if I asked for it to happen. He was sweet, brave, cute, and a little crazy at times, but that's what made him Gerard. It had taken me two bad experiences to see this, first the guy in the park and then Kenny, but I now knew that he was a beautiful person with many great qualities about him. A beautiful person who would probably hate me now that our truce was over. . .

I didn't blame him for not believing me, after being such a bitch to him over the past month, he had a right not to believe me. But that made me even more determined to get him to believe me. Though it was hard to think about that, as said person was hugging me.

I buried my face into his neck, which was very soft and warm, and let my mind drift.

I didn't know how long I was like that, but pretty soon I heard noises like groans and moans coming from the people around me. They were waking up and staggering around. A guy with a green mohawk, which was flopping from side to side due to lack of hair gel, had brought out a garbage bag to start the cleanup. A bunch of green and red cups were everywhere, along with many assorted bags, wrappers, plates, and many other items.

I suddenly heard a loud thump and a yelp of pain.

"Get the hell off me you little munchkin!" Bob's voice carried over the back of the couch. His blonde head came up, as he used the couch as a support to get to his feet. Frankie's own head popped up, rubbing it as he winched.

"Sorry dude, it wasn't personal or anything.", he muttered. And then he looked down and saw Ray and Mikey. Mikey must have thrown his arm over Ray in the early hours of the morning. Laughing, Frankie asked Bob, "Would you rather us be in that position?" Then he saw me and Gerard.

"Was everyone spooning someone last night?", Frankie yelled out. Ray and Mikey woke up and Ray pushed Mikey off the couch. Gerard's eyes popped open and he looked down and saw me. And his arm came off of me, promptly letting me fall off the couch. I landed on Mikey's legs, who groaned as I made his legs nearly snap in two.

"Sorry Mikey, someone let me fall off the couch." I looked up at Gerard, who was rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He looked at me sarcastically.

"Oh sure, blame me for that, how the hell did we even end up on the couch together?", he asked, now rubbing his temples. My own headache had came back with my fall and was making the blood in my head pound.

"I think that question can apply to me and Ray too.", Mikey spoke up as I pulled him to his feet.

I laughed a little, his glasses were askew and his hair was standing straight up, "You and Ray passed out on the couch leaning against each other, and Gerard pushed you two over so we could have a spot on the couch.", I giggled. Ray and Mikey glared at Gerard, who gave the evil eye right back at them. I looked around at the people moving around me.

Frankie and Bob had joined the clean-up crew, and Frankie was franticaly trying to get everyone awake and out of the house.

"Calm down Frank, you need to realize that they probably have a headache like everyone else", I told him, currently he was shouting like a madman at a dude that was on an armchair.

"Sorry, but my parents are going to be back from my aunt's in less than two hours!", Frankie stated. The clock on the wall read 10:00, a time that was an amazement to me, I thought I had slept longer. While Frank was turned to me, the guy in the armchair slowly got up and walked away, giving Frank a couple of frightened glances. That made me start giggling all over again and Frank turned back around with a huff.

"Whoa, where'd he go?" Frank was looking at the empty armchair and then just shrugged, "Oh well, one more person out of my house". I sat down on the couch. After Ray, Mikey and Gerard had gotten over their staring fight, Ray and Bob had left, Ray taking most of the CD's from the stereo as he went. Gerard kept looking at me with nervousness, looking completely uncomfortable. He must have been really out of it last night, if this was the way he was acting around me when he was sober.

That's when Mikey spoke up out of the blue, "Hey Gee, didn't Ma want us home by 11:00 for something?" Gerard practically jumped out of the couch. It stung how eager he was to get away from me. He and Mikey went over to the door and Frankie caught sight of them.

"HEY! You two, aren't you going to help me clean up this place?", he demanded. They both shook their heads and went out without a second glance.

"Nice to know what great friends I have!", Frank shouted as the door closed. I had my hands over my ears at his volume.

"Frank, could you please kept the noise level down a bit?", I asked, my bad mood seeping into my voice. Frank raised his eyebrows.

"What's got your panties in a scrunch?", he asked in a offended voice. I glared at him at the panty comment.

"Nothing.", I answered with a slight growl. Frank cocked his head, then he started looking at the door and back to me. Then a grin spread on his face, wide and stupid.

"Ohhh, I think I know why your in such a meanie faze.", he giggled. "I don't think you two ended up on the couch for a random reason. . .", he drifted off, clearly letting me know what he thought. I shook my head profusely. He nodded his head at the same speed as mine.

"I think you like Gerard, Jetta." He said the dreaded sentence, and I glared at him with an even deeper annoyance. I definitely didn't want Frankie to know, and on that level, I didn't want Gerard to know, which meant having Frankie know was giving me red alarms to my unwants. If Gerard knew then that would just make things even weirder. Step by teeny tiny step, I had to first get him to actually believe that I wasn't even a cheerleader anymore, and having Frank blab that I liked him would ruin any future relationship I could have with Gerard.

"You have got to promise me that this stays between us, got it?", I told Frankie. He rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers.

"Mum's the word sista'.", he said like a hair-stylist with a client. I got up and gave him a hug.

"Thanks Frankie, I'll see you in school.", I said and started to the door.

"YOUR NOT HELPING EITHER?", Frankie asked me at full volume, wide eyed and angry. I gave him a sly grin.

"Sorry, but my mom's probably wondering where I am right now, so I can't, loved to, but can't.", I smirked and walked out. I heard him cursing inside as I went to my Blazer.

Gerard's POV

"Okay dude, what's up with you and that girl Jetta?" The question came as soon as we were out of Frankie's street. I groaned inwardly, I should have freakin' knew that Mikey was going to want to know the details.

"I'm not telling you, it's not your business.", I told Mikey, defiantly. He pushed up his glasses and shook his head.

"Yes, it is my business because she actually had to call me and ask me where Frankie's house was, just so she could come and talk to you." He pointed at me with a raised eyebrow. I glared at him, and decided that he had a valid reason, so I let him have it.

"Fine, the deal is that she had family trouble, I helped her out, and she went right back and pulled that damn prank on me." He raised his eyebrow again.

"And she says that she didn't do that and that she quit the cheerleading team, yet you're still mad at her?" He summed the rest up. I nodded, turning onto our street and pulling into our driveway.

"Why?", he asked simply. I shrugged.

"How do I know she's not lying, she's done that plenty of times before to me.", I informed him, "Actually all of the times that I've talked to her before, she was usually a complete bitch until two nights ago." Mikey just shrugged, I was going to shove a rod through his fucking shoulders if that was all he was going to say after he persuaded me to tell him about my situation. he was silent for a moment before speaking.

"What if she's changed? She seemed pretty nice to us last night, and I didn't see any trace of the bitchy cheerleader you seem to see her as." He countered, "And if she did change, then you're just being a complete ass to someone who just wants out of the situation that she's in." I fiddled, tapping the steering wheel with my fingers. I took a deep breath.

"We'll see how it goes tomorrow, if she's really changed, then I don't think the other cheerleaders are going to be exactly welcoming to her.", I told him my thoughts. It was true, I was actually looking forward to tomorrow, just to see if Jetta was telling the truth. At the same time I was hoping that she hadn't, the jocks and cheerleaders can be really nasty to us freaks, and being an ex-cheerleader was like asking for an early grave.

This morning had been awkward as hell, but it had felt so right, holding her. And then I had to let go and she fell on the floor. I could hardly remember last night, but the bits and parts that I did had Jetta in most of them. It was probably the best time I've had while drunk.

Mikey got out of the car and I followed him.

"So what exactly did we have to be back here for?", I asked him confused, Ma hadn't told me anything, nor did I remember any reason.

Mikey just grinned, "No reason, you just looked seriously freaked sitting near Jetta, so I made an excuse." I gaped at him, then grinned and walked by him, ruffling his hair.

"You're a good person, have I told you that today?", I asked him as we walked into the house. He shook his head.

"No, though putting up with you should get me compliments every couple of minutes", he stated.
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