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Chapter 7

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Hey all! This is my last update before I leave for Italy. I’ll be there for 3 weeks, and I MAY or MAY NOT get a chance to update… I’ll definitely be very busy while I’m there (I’m going for school, studying abroad), but if I snag a chance and I miss you all enough I’ll set a few minutes aside to post. ;) If not, please please PLEASE stick around!! I promise I’ll update the DAY I get back, the 23rd of January!

Enjoy, and please continue to review and rate!!

Could I Lie Next To You? – Chapter 7 REVISED

“Oh my God! Isn’t that Gerard Way?”

Ugh. Note to self: high-pitched fan girls and hangovers do not mix.

Gerard all but tore my hand off when he yanked away and turned to the two girls approaching us. They stumbled through the waist-deep water and introduced themselves, blushing and obviously struggling not to giggle every three seconds.

Despite the interruption—I was kind of busy indulging myself in his gorgeous hazel eyes—I couldn’t help but smile at them. It was too hard to hate people that adored you.

“Oh, wow…” one of them marveled. “The rest of them are here, too!” I smiled and shook their hands, the others following suit. “I’m Gina”—her face was getting redder and redder by the second— “and this is Casey.”

We introduced ourselves, earning an incredulous giggle from Casey. “We know who you are!”

I watched as Gerard humored them for a while, hearing the occasional “I love you guys” and “I still can’t believe this” we’d all gotten so used to. We each had our own few minutes of fame before they seemed to be satisfied and trotted away happily. I wondered briefly how long it would take for those pictures to show up on the internet and suddenly wished I had the time to work out before summer.

When I reached for Gerard’s hand again, he discreetly lifted it to tuck a strand of hair behind his ear.

“Even on vacation we’re not really on vacation,” Ray laughed. He shook his head and ducked under a large wave that took Mikey by surprise and toppled him over.

“Agh! Thanks for warning me,” he coughed, spitting out seawater. We all laughed and rubbed the salt from our eyes.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have your back to the waves.” Bob had to shout over the rumble of the water. “By the way, in case you can’t see it,” he yelled, pointing to a wave that would have made any surfer proud, “here comes another one!” He laughed and jumped away from Mikey, diving under it. I held my breath and pulled Gerard under with me, getting separated from him from the current and tossed back violently.

It took a few seconds of tumbling across the sand, but when the water finally calmed I stood back up. I saw Gerard standing a few feet away from me, with Bob, Ray and Mikey scattered not too far from him. We all looked at each other in a bit of a stupor and doubled over with laughter at the amount of sand tangled in Ray’s hair.

“What’s so funny?!”

God, I loved them all.

Sitting down in the sand, I let the water control me for a while, just watching the guys and enjoying the cool, therapeutic lapping of the waves against my body. They all started laughing again and I waded over to find Gerard desperately trying to keep away from a puffer fish. He was backing away from it as if it were the big bad wolf. The thing couldn’t have been bigger than the palm of his hand.

“What’s so scary, Gee?” Mikey teased. He was grinning like the nerd who just found out the school bully played with Barbie dolls.

“The freakin’ thing has needles all over it! Get it the hell away from me!”

“It’s more afraid of you than you are of it, you know,” Bob chuckled. I was trying hard to control my laughter. Nope, not working.

Ray’s expression mirrored that of Mikey’s. “I highly doubt that.”

“Don’t worry babe, I won’t let the big mean fish hurt you,” I cooed, wrapping my arms around him from behind. He gave an annoyed grunt, but I could feel his chest shaking slightly with laughter. He leaned back and kissed my cheek, then pulled away as a few people began to stare.

“Freaking homophobes.”

“Who cares?” I snorted, resuming my hold on him. “If they have a problem with it, they can move.”

He didn’t seem too happy with my response, but accepted it as I leaned my head on his shoulder. The same two or three people continued to give us weird looks, making Gerard noticeably uncomfortable. It was really starting to annoy me. The guys didn’t seem too thrilled about it, either.

“Don’t you just love it when people sit there and stare at you?” Bob asked no one in particular, a bit louder than necessary. “Because it bothers the shit out of me.”

Needless to say, they looked away immediately. I smiled my thanks at him and he huffed for effect, smiling back.

Who could ask for better friends than that?

A few hours later we all retired to our rooms to shower and take a nap before dinner. Gerard showered first and was watching TV when I stepped out in my towel. He glanced over at me when I passed by to find something to wear, and I felt a surge of pride when his eyes roamed my half-naked body hungrily.

“You know, watching you all wet is much more entertaining than anything on the grand total of five channels we get in here.”

“You could do much more than watch me if you wanted,” I retorted, smirking at him over my shoulder.

“Well,” he purred, patting the spot next to him. “I want to.”

I contemplated going over to him for a second. But I wanted to make him suffer.

“Nah, I don’t think you do.” I couldn’t help but smile at the confused look on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

I stepped into the bathroom, leaving the door open just enough for him to hear me as I slipped on a pair of tight jeans and a Misfits t-shirt. The mirror gave me a good view of his frustrated form through the small crack. “Well, you don’t really seem to want to be with me,” I teased. Really, I was only half-teasing. I mean hell, what else am I supposed to think when he pushes me away so often?

“Yes, I do, you know that. Now come here,” he whined. I was really enjoying the power I had over him.

I heard sheets ruffling and stepped out of the bathroom, thinking he’d given up and pulled the covers over his head or something. It just seemed like something he’d do. Apparently not, as I nearly crashed into him. He grabbed me by both of my arms and pressed me against the wall, forcing his lips onto mine. I felt my knees go weak and my eyes closed on their own. Damn, all it took was one kiss and that power was back in his hands.

“Come to bed, Frankie…” he whispered breathlessly. It was a serious struggle for me not to comply.

“Gee, why do you want me so badly when we’re alone… and then avoid me in public?”

“I don’t avoid you,” he said. He had one of those here-we-go-again looks plastered to his face. It took the beauty away from him. “And you know why I’m not like this in public.”

“I don’t want to be kept a secret forever, you know.”

“You’re far from a secret, and that’s the problem. A lot of people know exactly who both of us are. We’ve been over this, I just really don’t want the band to be splashed across some teen magazine cover because everyone out there wants to know about our relationships. We’ve been doing good so far about keeping that crap to a minimum… and I want to keep it that way.”

“I thought you didn’t care about what other people thought—“

“I don’t, it’s just something I don’t want the band to deal with!”

His tone was so harsh that it was best to retreat. We were only together for a few days and I’d feel incredibly stupid if I screwed everything up so soon. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I drew my knee up and started picking at a loose thread uncomfortably. The mattress shifted under me as he sat down.

“Fine,” I mumbled. “I forfeit.” His breath left him in a frustrated sigh and his arm snaked around my waist.

“Look, I’m sorry, but I’m just scared about how this will affect the band and everything we worked for. I—” he paused, tilting my chin up so I’d look at him. “I love you.”

Finally. I’d been waiting to hear him actually say the words for years. Pressing my lips to his, I dropped it. I’d wanted him for far too long to lose him so soon.

“I love you too… just don’t worry so much. If we let those idiots get to us it’ll destroy the band and us. The other guys obviously don’t care, so why should we?”

He smiled, sending those all-too familiar shivers down my spine. The arm around my waist tugged me closer to him.

“They really are supportive, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, we couldn’t ask for better friends than them.”

Gerard nodded in agreement and slipped his hand under my shirt, leaning forward to kiss my neck. I sighed contentedly and leaned my head on his shoulder. It was total ecstasy, feeling his lips meet the sensitive skin on my neck, moving down to my collarbone and back up to my jaw with a gentle suction to each kiss. I hadn’t even realized my eyes were closed until he slipped my shirt over my head and started to kiss down my chest, and I opened them to see what he was up to.

“Gerard, what are you—“

“Shhh,” he hushed, continuing the painfully slow journey across my abdomen. I gasped and felt myself growing rebelliously against my tight pants as the warmth of his tongue met my skin. He finally came to a stop when he reached the dark denim of my jeans and began to undo the button slowly, staring back up at me for my consent. I smiled shakily at him and nodded. God, he just had my strings in his hands.

When he managed to open my jeans a decade later, he tugged them down in one quick, fluid motion and slid off of the bed onto his knees in front of me. I groaned. The bulge in my boxers didn’t feel too good being pulled roughly against the tough fabric.

“Sorry,” he chuckled. I moaned at the vibrations of his laughter as he pressed himself against my body, leaning my head back.

“Wow, you sure are useful,” I grumbled. He laughed again and I pushed my lower body against him, grunting. He sure was taking his sweet time.

“Slow down,” he purred. “This is too much fun.” Beast. I wanted to screw that sexy grin right off his face.

My breathing was really labored at that point. He had to pull my boxers up and over my erection, which brought me back to reality and slapped an embarrassed blush across my face. He was staring down at me, clearly checking me out. Did he like the way I looked? Every time he had seen me on the road, it was a quick glimpse or at least a casual flash. I never had a size complex like most guys, but I think I was starting to develop one with every second that went by without him saying something. Finally, he looked up at me with that damn sexy smile and kissed up my jaw, pausing at my ear.

“I don’t know what you’re so embarrassed about… because I sure as hell don’t see anything embarrassing.” He took hold of me gently, just barely letting me feel the palm of his hand. “And you’ve always felt just perfect to me…”

“Gerard,” I groaned, biting my lip. “Just stop teasing me already…”

He started doing something I wanted to kill him for then. He kissed back down my stomach, and right when I thought he was about to cut it out and just get to the point, he took a detour and started kissing down the tops of my thighs, then back up the inside of them. Every time he got close, he’d kiss back down and switch to my other leg. Needless to say, I started to squirm uncontrollably and grabbed the back of his head to steer him in the right direction.

Suddenly, he pulled away from my grasp and kissed back up my body, reaching down to pull my boxers back up. I sputtered, baffled. He really thought he was going to get away with that? No way.

“Oh, no you don’t,” I grunted, attempting to push him back down to a kneeling position. He laughed sadistically and resisted.

“Sorry, we have to finish getting ready. The guys are going to want to get dinner any minute now—“

“Screw the guys!” I protested. “Tell them they can eat without us. You’ll be full, anyway.”

He raised his eyebrows. He was enjoying this way too damn much. Slapping my thigh gently and standing up, he practically pranced to the other side of the room where his makeup sat on the desk. I wanted to snap his little eyeliner pencil right in half and demand he get back into bed with me, but that was borderline suicidal.

“Geeeee,” I whined. “It hurts!”

He stayed quiet, but I could see his laughter through the mirror.

“You’re so sadistic!”

He started applying his eyeliner slowly. I grunted at not being acknowledged and pulled my boxers and jeans back up, which was definitely not an easy feat in my current condition.

It was actually entertaining watching him apply his makeup. He was so picky and precise about every detail. He would try as hard as he could to keep his hand steady as he traced the very edges of his eyelids, and every time the makeup smudged the slightest he would huff and try to wipe it away with a tissue. That only smudged it more, and so he’d get frustrated and wash it off completely and start all over. I watched him do this for a good while as I cooled off and got comfortable in my tight jeans again. When he finally decided he was satisfied, it didn’t even look as good as the first application.

But he looked sexy anyway.

I grabbed my red eye shadow and quickly applied it to my upper and lower lids. Within a few seconds I was finished, and although it wasn’t perfect I glanced at him triumphantly.

“See how much easier it is when you use eyes shadow instead of pencil, and aren’t so stubborn?”

He mimicked me in a mocking tone and I pinched his butt in retaliation.


I was out the door before he could even react. Soon enough he chased after me, swearing I was “gonna get it.” The guys were all leaving their rooms across the hall and had to plaster themselves to the wall to avoid us.

When he finally gave up on the chase and we all decided on a place to eat, I fell back behind the crowd a bit, just watching the four of them. I realized then just how good I had it. Four great friends, an amazing lover, the career of my dreams…

It doesn’t get any better than that.

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