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Chapter 17

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I fed Hellie little spoonfuls of icecream until she was full. Everyone was in their own conversations with eachother as I teased Hellie. Gerard pulled a packet of cigarettes out of his jacket and headed out to the backyard with Frank. I turned to Donna who was finishing off her cake, "Hey Donna were are me and Miss.Arthur staying ?" I asked - the amount of nicknames I had given Hellie was endless. Donna smiled to herself before looking up at me.
"You and Hellie are staying in your old bedroom." I nodded and smiled.
"Shall we get you ready for beddie bo bo's ?" I coo'ed to Hellie, she merely nodded and giggled. I stood up and placed her onto my hip and walked down the hall. I grabbed our suitcase and struggled up the stairs. When we finally got to the landing I sighed with relief, it was a struggle carrying a havy suitcase and a giddy toddler.
I walked into the bedroom and placed my suitcase down, there was a travel bag in the room aswell. Probably some old clothes or something. I lay Hellie on the bed as I got her Pj's out from the suit case. I got her undressed and slipped her pyjamas on. She looked so cute ! She was wearing a black and silve nightmare before christmas long sleeved top, with little shorts to match. I brushed her hair and put them in two little plats. I sat on the edge of the bed and held her against my stomach.
"I remember, when I would sit in here and you were in my belly !"
Hellie giggled as I pulled my stripey tee up and pulled in over her head. I stood up and walked over to the mirror and rubbed her back as if it were my stomach.
"Do you remember being inside there babe ?" I joked with her. She was in a fit of giggles.
"Yes ! It smelt of you!" Hellie giggled. I laughed and leaned forward so she was tilting back. She squealed and kicked as I pulled her out of my tee. She hugged me tight as I held her on my hip infront of the mirror.
"Shall we go and get your stocking for santa ?" I asked in an excited voice. Hellie squealed in excitement, I carried her down the stairs and fetched her stocking. I placed her on her feet and held her hand as we walked into the living room. Everyone was in there - including Gerard. I handed Hellie her stocking as she ran to the fireplace and stood on her tip toes to pin it up. I smiled and on the floor and leaned my head back against the armchair. I watched her happily as she sat on Frank's knee and wrote a note to santa. I smiled as he little face screwed up in concentration and she wrote several squiggles and joined up blobs which made santa. God, she looked so like Gerard. He must have been able to notice.
Hellie ran over to me and sat on my lap, I had my legs stretched out and was completely relaxed.
"Momma do you like my letrer?" She asked as she pushed the picture in my face.
"Wow! Thats amazing babe !" I said in an over excited voice. I rolled the note up and placed it into her stocking. I sat back down as she curled her small body up on my chest.
"Momma put me back in your bewly!" She squealed, I laughed and pulled my shirt over her as she wet into a fit of giggles. I rubbed her back pretending it was my stomach again.
"God Ellie, that brings back memories." Gasped Donna with a smile, I looked up and grinned at her.
"I miss my baba buntins too much !" I cried as I pulled my shirt up and fixed it back to normal. I cuddled her as we all began chatting amongst ourselves. And soon Hellie was fast asleep. I stood up and cradled her.
"Will someone hold Hellie while I get her presents out the car ?" I asked as I rocked her gently.
"I - I will.." I looked to see a guilty looking Gerard stood infront of me. I nodded as I gently placed her into his arms. They looked so perfect with eachother. He began to cry softly as he gazed down at our sleeping daughter. I walked out of the room and wiped the tears from my eyes, they looked so beautiful together - how could he have left us. I sighed and went outside to my car. I pulled the big bag of presents out and heaved them over my shoulder, I struggled into the house with them and dragged them along the floor. I had pre wrapped them so I made piled them up infront of the fireplace and filled the stocking too. I took the letter out and placed in my jeans pocket.
"C-can I have that letter from her to santa ?" Gerard asked as he rocked her gently in his arms.
"Sure." I said as I handed him the letter.
"Can you pop it in my back pocket for me - I cant really use my hands. I nodded as I folded the paper and slipped it into his back pocket. I pulled my hand out and realised it was stuck - my ring had got caught !
"Crap ! Gerard, my hand is stuck in your pocket!" I cried. He tried to turn around but ended up with me stumbling in circles.
"Are you serious or just trying to feel me up ?" Gerard asked as I tried to pull my hand out.
"No! My rings caught on it !" I cried.
"Take the ring off then." Gerard suggested as he rocked Hellie.
"No, I haven't ever took them of so I'm not ging to now." I said sadly. Gerard lowered his head again as if he was ashamed of himself. I glanced at my hand and realised there was just loose thread caught around it. I untied it and then pulled my hand out triumphantly.
"Got it !" I smiled Gerard turned and grinned at me. We stood in awkward silence and I straightened up my rings.
"We really need to talk..." He trailed off. I sighed and nodded, he was right. I didn't even know if he had dated since - where as I stayed single, thinking he still loved me.
"I'll get Hellie settled in bed and then we can." I announced as I lightly took Hellie from his arms. She stirred slightly as I began to walk out of the room. I rocked her gently and hummed her a tune as I walked into our old bedroom. I pulled back the duvet and lay her down. She opened her eyes and watched me.
"Will youw lie with me momma?" She asked. I nodded and lay on my side next to her. I propped my head up on my left arm and stroked her cheek lovingly.
"M-momma, do I have a Daddy ?" Hellie asked. I sighed and nodded, I felt tears growing in my eyes.
"Does he hate me ?" She asked sadly, I felt the tears pour down my face.
"No he loves you so much !" Hellie nodded and sleepily closed her eyes. I kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the room as I wiped the tears from my eyes. Everyone had gone back into the living room by the sounds of it. I silently cried as I walked out through the dining room and kitchen and then out into the garden. I sat on the doorstep and threw my head into my hands as I cried my eyes out. Hellie actually thought her Dad didn't love her - like it was her fault. He looked so perfect when he held his daughter for the first time. But after the new years eve party - that would be the last time I would see him. He's probably met someone else.
I had my knees against my chest and my arms wrapped around them. I buried my face into my knees and cried louder. I felt an arm wrap around me and pull me into a hug, I could hear them crying too. I looked up to see Gerard.
"I am so sorry - I was such a fucking dick head for leaving you. And our beautiful daughter. I haven't been the same without you. I don't know why I left - I - I was scared, I thought I wouldn't be able to raise our baby right. I would have come back but I felt like such an idiot and I didn't want to try and give you a shit excuse.. I'm so fucking sorry.." He broke down in loud sobs as tears ran down his face.
"I - I wish you never left me Gee, I was suicidal after Hellie was born and you weren't coming back. They kept me in hospital because I got caught trying to kill myself. I - I just don't want to carry on without you Gee - I know you've probably met someone now, but I want you to love Hellie and spend time with her. She always asks me who her Dad is, and today she actually asked me if hr Daddy loved her - because she thought it was her fault you left us." I sobbed.
We were sobbing wrecks.
"I'm so fucking sorry Ellie - I know I have said it before and broke my promises but this time I fucking mean it. I want to go back to us planning our wedding and raising our daughter together. I'm so sorry for leaving you to give birth to her by yourself and raise her. W-when was she born ?"
"The day who left - I was crying so hard my waters broke." I sobbed. Gerard broke into tears again.
"Look Gerard I want to be with you but I don't want my heart breaking anymore and I mean what do we tell Helli-----" I was cut off as his lips crashed against mine. I was stunned so it took me a while to kiss him back. I straddled his waist as he massaged my lower back, a gripped onto his black hair as we deepened the kiss. He slid his tongue along mine. I had been waiting for this for so long. I regretedly pulled away which caused him to whimper.
"W-what does this make us now ?" I asked as I wiped away his tears from his face. He cupped my face in his hand and stroked my cheek with his thumb - wiping away all tears.
"I think, we should start again - just an engaged couple with beautiful daughter." I smiled as he kissed him again. I stood up as he stood up too, he held my hand and we walked into the kitchen with big smiles on our faces. We reached the living room door when Gerard looked up.
"Mistletoe." He whispered as he pulled me into a long passionate kiss. Everyone in the livingroom wold whistled and cheered. I pulled away and blushed as Gerard wrapped his arm around my waist and collapsed onto the sofa and pulled me with him. I landed on his lap and he nuzzled into my neck and I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck as he slid his around my waist.
"Finally ! It took you both long enough !" Donna cried happily. Everyone laughed as Gerard squeezed me tighter.
"So are you going to stick together now ?" Mikey asked.
"Definately." Gerard breathed as his began kissing the back of my neck. Everyone began watching the nightmare before christmas as I sat on Gerard's knee. He began to nip at my neck, I smiled and tried to focus on the film. He then slid his hand across my waist and down my thigh. He slid it across to my innerthigh and I ended up leaning my head back to stop myself from moaning. I looked at him and realised he was grinning, I stuck my tongue out at him jokily. It was my turn to tease now I had to make it as least obvious as possible. I kept my back to him and kept my eyes glued on the screen. I shuffled to the side slightly so I was sat on only one of his legs. I slid my hand descreetly up his leg until I reached his thigh. I then glided it across and began to stroke him. I felt himself tense up and when I glanced round he had his head flung back and his eyes closed. I smirked and turned to the Tv. He pulled me against him again as he nuzzled the back and inner side of my neck. I sighed happily as hummed along to the nightmare before christmas.

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