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Chapter 18

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I awoke to someone stroking my cheek, I opened my eyes sleepily to see Gerard propped up on his elbow next to me lightly tracing patterns on my cheek. He smiled when I opened my eyes and looked over at him.
"Morning beautiful." He whispered, I smiled as a wave of emotion I hadn't felt in years rushed through me.
"Morning handsome." I whispered back. He smiled and leaned forward towards me and kissed me, he slid his hands underneath me on my back I pulled him closer so he was ontop of me. We deepened the kiss as I began to grind my hips against him, he moaned and pulled up closer to him. I let my fingers get tangled in his hair as we rolled to the side. Suddenly I felt myself falling, I landed ontop of Gerard as he lay on the livingroom floor. He carried on kissing me as if nothing had happened. I straddled his waist as he ran his hands on my back underneath my tee.
"Momma what are you kissing him ?" Asked a little voice. Fuck. I sat up and pulled away from Gerard, I turned to a sleepy and confused looking Hellie - with a shocked Donna, Mikey, Frank, Jamia and Alicia.
I stood up I looked at my feet, Gerard stood himself up behind me and coughed awkwardly. I turned to him and he nodded. I sighed and knelt infront of Hellie. I took her little hands as she gazed at me with her big eyes.
"Hellie, you know how you always wanted to know who your daddy is ?" I asked slowly. Hellie nodded with a big grin on her face.
"Well, the thing is - that man over there, he's your Daddy." I said as I gazed into her eyes. Her mouth dropped as she gazed up at Gerard.
"Dada?" She asked quietly.
Gerard nodded and smiled.
"Dada, did you leave because you didn't like me ?" Hellie asked with a sad face. Gerard knelt down infront of her and took her hands, he gazed into her tired and confused eyes.
"Hellie, I left because I was a complete idiot - I love my baby and your momma so much." Gerard said with sad eyes.
Hellie grinned and hugged him tight. "Dada!" She cried happily. There was a chorus of 'Aw's as Gerard held onto his daughter tightly.
"Will you never go away ?" She whispered into his ear.
"Never ever." He whispered back. I smiled as tears of joy grew in my eyes.
"So will you come home with us now ?" Hellie asked innocently.
"Hellie babe, we havent decided anything yet - but hopefully your Daddy will if he wants too. Now - I think santa has been !" I said enthustastically. Hellie pulled away from Gerard and looked at all her presents.
"He's been ! He's been!" She squealed and she ran and began ripping open her presents. Donna had the video camera ready as we all sat and watched her.
After all the presents had been open and a satisfied Hellie was sat wearing a giant Guns and Roses tee that belonged to Mikey. I waded through the wrapping paper sea to the door.
"I'm just going to get changed." I smiled as I walked up the stairs. I walked down the landing and into the bedroom I was staying in. I opened my suitcase and decided on an outfit for myself. I grabbed my toiletries and went into the bathroom. I washed my face and tidied my hair up. I applied my makeup, black eyeliner, black eyeshadow and ruby red lipstick. I put on my outfit. A black dress that hugged my figure, it was above the knee and strapless, black tights with lace skulls on and a pair of iron fist heels. I sprayed myself with deoderant and perfume. I stepped out into the bedroom and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I turned to my side and rubbed my hand against my flat stomach. I remember being stood here with my huge swollen stomach - not a clue in what was going to happen in my life. I sighed and chose Hellie a little red dress with black netting underneath, black tights, her specially made purple doc martins and a purple cardigan. I grabbed a brush and set it all out for her. I turned to get Hellie when I saw Gerard stood at the door singing with Hellie. He stopped when he saw me and gawped.
"My sexy girl and daddy." I smiled as I walked over to Hellie and turned to get her changed. I slipped on her outfit and brushed her hair, whilst Gerard stood in the doorway watching me. When I had Hellie dressed I took her up to the mirror and she squealed.
"My sexy rock chick !" I smiled as I turned to Gerard.
"How do we look ?" I smiled as Hellie tried to look at her reflection again.
"Hellie - you look like a little rocker and Ellie .... You look .. Amazing." I blushed and smiled. I walked ovr to him and kissed him on the lips.
"We'll leave you to get changed." I grinned as I walked out of the room and down the stairs. Donna wolf whistled as I walked in. I giggled and did winked at her. Hellie suddenly began crying.
"Aw babe whats wrong ?" I asked as she snivelled into my shoulder.
"I want Annie" She sobbed. Shit. It was her faveourite toy and I had left it at home. I mentally kicked myself - she wouldn't stop crying until she got her back. I sighed atnd looked at the clock, it was quarter past twelve.
"Donna, I'm gonna have to nip home and get her doll for her - she wont rest until she has it."
Donna smield and nodded.
"Babe do you wanna stay here, or come with me ?" I asked as I cradled my daughter.
"Youw." She snivelled. I walked into the dining room and grabbed the bag of CD's. I closed the door and turned and bumped into Gerard. He was wearing a very similar outfit to the night he propsed to me, the only thing that was different was the shirt - it was a blood red colour.
"W-where are you going ?" He asked worriedly.
"I left Hellie's doll at home and she wont stop crying until she gets it - she normally never goes anywhere without it, so I'm going to pop back home and get it."
"Can I come too?" Gerard asked hopefully. I nodded and smiled. I grabbed the car keys and headed out the front door. I walked over to the big black car and opened the door, I placed Hellie in her carseat and buckled her in.
"Don't worry babe, we're getting Annie now." I smiled and kissed her cheek. She nodded and snivelled. I closed the door and opened my side. Gerard was adjusting his seat belt as I sat myself in. I smiled at him as I strapped myself in and started the engine. I pulled out the drive and down drove down the road. I put Misfits on but only in the speakers in the back - so me and Gerard could chat.
"So, what do you work as - since you have a hummer ?" Gerard asked with a smile. I chuckled as I turned a corner.
"Well, A few months after Mrs.Arthur was born - I began designing a website, with like news and interviews on rock bands, then I started getting people to pay me to sponsor them and then I turned it into a magazine, so I have a large income. Which is great because I can spoil that little madam there." I grinned and glanced at Hellie who was singing along to some song in the back.

Gerard smiled and glanced back at her. "Wow, so your doing well for yourself then."
"What are you doing then ?" I asked as we went on to the highway.
"Selling artwork and comics and crap." He replied casually, I nodded and smiled.
"Gerard, you know how Hellie asked us if you were moving in with us.. Do you want to ?" I asked.
"I should e asking you two to move into my house - but it's not the best place to raise a family. But yeh I would love to." I grinne and leaned over and kissed him on the lips.
"Here we are!" I announced as I pulled the car up, I pressed the remote on my keyring the gates opened I drove in and parked up on the gravel outside.
"Fucking Hell Ellie, I never thought you would live in a place like this." Gerard said shocked. I grinned and hopped out the car. I opened Hellie's door and pulled her out. I walked round the house with Gerard who wrapped his hand around my waist. I unlocked the front door and turned the alarm off. I put Hellie on her feet, she turned and grabbed Gerard's hand.
"Dada, come see my rwoom!" Hellie squealed happily as she pulled Gerard up the stairs, I smiled and followed them up the stairs. I left them in Hellie's room as I walked into my room. I surveyed around the room and smiled when I found Raggedy Ann on my bed. I picked the doll up and sat on the edge of my bed and played with her hair. So, I had finally got Gerard back. I smiled to myself as I heard footsteps. I looked up to see Gerard leaning on the doorframe. He grinned at me.
"Where's Hellie ?" I asked.
"She fell asleep whilst showing me her Ipod pillow." I smiled and walked past him and into her bedroom. He was right, there she was fast asleep listening to her Ipod pillow. I placed her doll next to her and she immediately wrapped her arms around it and hugged her close, I kissed her forehead and closed the door. I turned to Gerard who gazing at me.
"We should leave her to sleep, she will be up late tonight anyway." I said as I messed with a strand of blue and dark brown hair. Gerard nodded and smiled mischeviously. I eyed him suspicously. Suddenly he jumped at me pinned me against the wall and crashing our lips together. I straddled him and returned the kiss - making it deeper. His hands wandered everywhere and I kept mine tangled in his hair. He began to walk to the bedroom where he lay me down on my bed. He towered above me and began kissing my neck and I rubbed him through his pants, he moaned and I felt the pants getting tighter. I grinned and whispered into his ear in the old seductive voice we used to do, " You like that Mr.Way."
He moaned louder and nodded. I slid my hand into his pants and teased him even further - He buried his face into my neck and groaned.
I heard little footsteps as I quickly sat up.
"Shit Hellie !" I whispered. Gerard immediately sat up and straightened his pants and shirt. I sorted out my dress and stood up. I opened the dooor to see Hellie walking down with her doll.
"Momma can we go to Nanas ?" Hellie asked sweetly. I smiled and nodded. Gerard swooped her up into his arms and ran down the stairs with her I giggled and followed them. I set the alarm and locked the door. I unlocked the car as Gerard slipped Hellie in her car seat and buckled her in. He then walked around and sat in his seat. I grinned at him as I started the engine and pulled out the drive. I closed the gates and began diving now the street.
When we got back Gerard carried Hellie in and placed her on her feet and she ran off. He turned and wrapped his hands around my waist.
"I want you - tonight." He whispered into my ear, I nearly collapsed at his words. I smiled and looked at him.
" Really ?" I asked with a grin.
He grinned and nodded, I leaned in and kissed him, "I want you too." I whispered. As we walked into the dining room to join everyone else.

Yaaayyy they're happy ! :D and a family :') xxxxxx Happy new year everyone ! I'm spending mine with the one and only Gerard Xxxxxx Did you get your new years kiss !? xxxxxxxxx much love and thanks xxxx Ellie Frank and Gerard :) xxxxx
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