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Truth Or Dare

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Maybe a small game wouldn't hurt... Oh, who am I kidding?

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Oh, and a happy new year to everyone. :)

I'm trying to get better at updating sooner. (Stupid Exams)

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3 cans of Mountain Dew each, 10 more rounds of Bob loosing to Ray on Call Of Duty, and 5 prank

calls to Mr. Wong later...

"Hey, guys, let's play truth or dare!" Frank exclaimed, jumping up and down. Note to self:

Never give Frank Iero sugar.

"Oh... why not?" I told him.

"Okay... hm... let's see... Bob, truth or dare?" Frank asked.

Bob considered it for a moment. "Hm... Dare."

"Go to the old lady's house down the street, knock on her door, and when she anwsers," Frank

laughed, "Moon her."

Ray, Mikey, and I started bursting out laughing.

"What?!?" Bob said in disbelief. "And what's the punishment if I don't?" he asked raising an


Frank laughed again. "You have to kiss Ray."

"WHAT?!?" Ray very-nearly shouted, while Mikey and I laughed harder.

Bob sighed angrilly. Ray looked at him frantically. "Tell me what house it is," he grumbled

with an annoyed look.

Mikey pulled himself together, and made his way over to one of the windows facing the street.

He pointed to the right house, and Bob shook his head.

"I just hope she doesn't have pepper spray," muttered as he opened the door. He stepped out,

soluted us, and shut the door.

Ray, Frank, and I stumbled over to where Mikey was, crowding the window so we could all see the

sure-to-be-disaster. Frank snickered, Mikey had a huge smile plastered on his face, and Ray

muttered, "I'm just glad he didn't chicken out and kiss me."

It was hard to see, but I could barely make out the figure and shadow the was Bob. I could only

imagine a little child peeking out the window to see a strange person walking down the street.

Well, that's New Jersey for you.

Bob looked very unsure of himself as he made his way up the steps to the porch. One of Mrs.

Cook's (the old lady) cats hissed at him and he jerked back. He turned back to look at us, and

we motioned him to "go ahead."

"Oh, almost forgot," Mikey said. He reached over us and pulled the handle, opening the window.

Bob knocked on the door. He turned around.

Mrs. Cook anwsered the door, wearing a pink bath-robe and some green stuff was smeared all over

her face; all she was missing were the cumcumbers on her eyes. She squealed when Bob pulled his

pants down. She grabbed something beside her in the house. Wait, what is that? Oh shoot. It

can't be-

"No freakin' way," Ray said.

Yep. Pepper Spray. "Yep. Pepper Spray."

"Holy $hit!" Frank squealed.

We all looked away. I, personally, did not want to see this.

I'm not quite sure what I heard first- Bob's screams of pain, or the shriek of a rabid-

cat. "Get away! Shoo, shoo!" Mrs. Cook shouted in a high pitched cliche old lady voice.

I dared myself to look. Bob was sprinting down the street, covering his eyes, with the rabid-

cat clinging to his hair. "OH MY F*ING *! GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF! WHAT THE F* WOMAN?!?


"Angel!" Mrs. Cook, still standing in her doorway, called down the street, "Come on, Opera's

about to start." The cat- evidentally named Angel -released Bob's head, and landed gracefully

on the concrete, and with a pleased attitude, began running back to the house. "Try that

again," Mrs. Cook warned, "And I'll be getting the broom!"

Bob sprinted to the front door, slamming it behind him. At this point, we were all in tears and

choking on our own laughs. Frank was on the floor, Mikey trying to help him up, as Ray and I

leaned against the wall for support.

Bob's eyes were blood-shot, as he made his way over to Frank. He picked Frank up by his shirt,

and Frank stopped laughing and smiled innocently. "You are so lucky you didn't know that was

going to happen," he said. He released Frank, who smiled.

"Okay, so who's turn?" I asked, finally able to stand up.

"If you don't mind," Bob said, trying to calm down, "I think I've earned a turn. Frank- truth

or dare?"

Frank looked dramatically deep in thought. "You know," he said, wagging a finger at

Bob, "Despite all my senses, I'm tempted to say dare."

Bob, looking pleased, turn to me and said, "Sorry to do this to you, man." Before I could ask

what he meant, and he turned to Frank and said, "Look, since I'm nice, I'll make this easy for

you; Frank, kiss Gerard."

My jaw dropped. Frank scratched his head nervously, saying "And... If I don't?"

Bob smiled playfully yet quite evil at the same time, and said "Let's just say if you don't,

you can go meet the rabid-cat lady's broom."

Frank looked at me, then Bob, then back to me. "Fine," he said. Carefully, Frank approached me,

and I honestly could not explain why my cheeks were bright red. Gently, Frank pushed his lips to

mine, standing on his tiptoes a little. What seemed like minutes later, when in reality it was

seconds, he pulled away, smiled at me, then turned to Bob, saying, "Oh, would you look at that:

guess it's my turn again."

Once again, happy birthday to Bob Bryar. :)

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