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"Red Bull Gives You Wings!"

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Gerard is in a little trouble.

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JUST TO SAY- I apologize for my long absense. Here's why: (IF ANYBODY FEELS LIKE READING THIS) I

don't write my stories ahead of time and just type them up on here. (I wish I could be that simple)

NOPE: I have to find time to sit down and type because most of this story came to me while I was

typing it. So, if the story takes a weird turn and your surprised, I generaly am to. So, I can't

honestly tell you where and how this story will end up.

NOTE: I AM considering writing a sequel.




I yawned and looked at the clock. It read 7:05 P.M. "Uh, guys, it's starting to get late. Since

it's Friday, are you just gonna crash here?" I asked them. We were all were lounging around the


Bob yawned as well. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, my mom won't mind. My dad's out of town," I anwsered.

Bob, Ray, and Frank texted there parents. After getting the okay, Ray stood up. "I'm going to

get some Redbull. Anybody want some?" he asked.

"Yes!" We all said at once, even Frank.

Ray looked at Frank, "I'm going to get the smallest can possible for you." Frank playfully


Bob got up as well. "I'll go with you."

"Wait," Mikey said,"How are you going to get there?"

"Well, we have legs, we can walk," Bob smirked.

"Your walking to a gas station, on a friday night, in New Jersey?" Mikey raised an eyebrow


"Isn't it just around the corner?" Ray cut in. "We'll be back in a few." Ray and Bob headed towards

the front door.

Great. Well, I guess I can stay here with- wait a second. I got up off the couch and started

after them. "WAIT! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE!!!" I shouted.

Bob looked at me once last time. "You'll be fine, buddy." He shut the door quickly.

I felt eyes on the back of my head. I slowly ( and reluctantly ) turned around so I wasn't facing

the door.

Frank and Mikey were standing 3 yards from me, evil smiles on their faces, and I instantly felt a

chill up my spine. I gulped loudly.

"What should we do ith him, Mikey?" Frank asked evilly, glancing at my brother, his smile never

leaving his face.

"I'm not sure. I suppose we could tie him up somewhere..." Mikey trailed off, and seemed to ponder


Frank grinned even wider, and turned to my brother. "I like the way you think, Way." He turned back

to me, and I was literally shaking.

Stop it! I scolded myself. They're both younger than me, and Frank doesn't even live

"Well," I spoke up once I had gotten the nerve, "good lucky finding ropes."

Frank looked towards Mikey expectantly. "Oh," Mikey reassured me, "we don't need ropes."

15 Minutes Later...

"Get me untied now!" I very nearly shouted. Frank and Mikey merely laughed.

We were in Mikey's room. I was tied to his swivel chair.

"I knew it was a good thing to keep my jump ropes," Mikey smiled.

That's right. Jump ropes.

"Awww...." Frank came up to me and ruffled my hair. "He's so cute when he's tied up." He giggled.

I glared at him. "I'm not cute, Iero," I huffed.

"Oh contrare..." Frank trailed off, smiling. "Oh," he turned to my brother, "What should we gag him


My eyes grew wide. "Okay, this stops now. Okay, I get it, I get it, your both on a sugar high, I

let you act crazy, heck I even let you tie me up, but I will NOT be gagged in my own house," I

told them.

Suddenly, Mikey, who had apprently been rumaging around the room during my brave little speech,

said, "This'll work." Next thing I know Mikey shoved a T-Shirt in my mouth, and tied it around the

back of my head. When he was done he examined his work, and I merely frowned at him the best I

could with his Smashing Pumpkins shirt down my throat.

"Much better," Frank appaluded him.

"Is this what happens after you kiss someone? You could've just told me I suck at kissing..." I

tried to manage out my mouth, but it did'nt sound so clear.

"I'm sorry," Frank said, leaning his ear towards me, "Didn't catch that. You have something in your

mouth," he gestured towards his own mouth for emphasize.

The next 10 minutes or so was COMPLETELY agonzing. I had turned around in the chair so I was facin

Mikey's desk, and I bent over and started to bang my head on it. Those two are SO gonna get it

when Ray and Bob get back... and I'm willing to bet Bob would help me round up Frank.

"Hello?" Speak of the devil. "Where are you guys?" I heard Bob and Ray's voices from downstairs.

"BOB! RAY! UPSTAIRS!" I tried to shout. While Mikey and Frank gestured me to shut up.

"What the devil was that?!?" Bob shouted from downstairs. "That sounded like my aunt's parakeet

after it swallowed my uncle's rat!"

"Hey!" I shouted back defenseively.

"Mikey? Frank? Gerard? What's going on? You guys up here?" Ray voice could be heard, along with two

pairs of feet climbing up the stairs.

"Do you have the Redbull?" Frank asked.

"... Yes?" Ray's voice questioned in the hallway.

"Okay, now listen closely," Frank said, obviously trying to be dramatic, "Come in here slowly,

gently give me and Mikey our fair share, and our... um... hostage won't suffer."

I sighed and watched as Ray and Bob came in the room, following Frank's demands. "What the heck is

going on in here? Gerard?" Bob asked.

Frank and Mikey smiled as they opened their cans, before hitting their cans together toast-stlye,

and took a long drink.

"Why on earth is Gerard tied up?!?" Ray asked them.

Frank gasped. "Mikey, they're on to us! RUN FOR IT!" Mikey and Frank sprinted from the room,

through the hallway, and stomped down the stairs.

Bob immediatley approached me. "Sorry, we um, left you here," he said, as he started to untie the

ropes, while Ray untied the t-shirt from my head.

I took a deep breath, trying to regain oxygen. "It's okay." I said quitely and nodded. When Bob was

finished, I stood up. "Those two," I nodded my head towards the door, still open, "won't be

forgiven so easily." Bob nodded understandingly. "Bob, I'm giving you permission to get your

revenge on Frank, and may break anything in your way to do it." Bob smiled, stikingly similiar to

Frank and Mikey's.

"Let's do this," he laughed darkly and led the way down the stairs.

We found the two in the living room, giggling to each other.

"Alright," Bob said, walking in the room, "break it up." Frank and Mikey jerked their heads in his

direction, and had looks of pure terror on their faces.

Frank instantly jumped on the couch, and Mikey ran to a corner. Cliche'. I walked over to the

corner, laughing. "Ready to say sorry, little brother?"

Mikey opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off.

"Frank, get off of there!" Bob shouted.

Frank just giggled to himself. "You'll never get me Bobbert!" Bob looked at him weirdly. "You wanna

know why?" He jumped up and down slightly. "Because.... Redbull gives you wings!" And with that,

Frank epically jumped from the couch, tried to literally fly, but failed and landed on a

surprised Bob.

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