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It's All In her Head

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Gerard is a Ghost, that died long, long ago. He is earth bound until he completes the task of helping a girl not so unlike him. What happens when she finds out the truth? When she finds out he is n...

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Chapter One

A/N: No update, yet, I'm working on it though. I had all this stuff written up then my computer crashed, and I don't even remember what I wrote. Thankfully I have copies of my really import (and awesome I totally promise) chapters.
So, anyway this was just a spelling grammar update becuase it was truly terrible.

I laughed at Gerard and smiled. I zipped up my jacket and sighed. I
had to go to school today.
"I actually have to go to school today, Gee." I told him sadly.
"I know, but I'll be there too." he said trying to cheer me up.
It worked. "Really?" I practically shouted doing my happy dance. He
never went to school. But he always waited for me at the end of the day.
"Really." he smiled sweetly.
My mom called me down the stairs, so I went, grabbing my book bag,
with Gerard following.

I hopped in the front, Gerard in the back.My mom making endless small
talk that always lapsed into silence. Gerard stayed quite. I could
almost feel him smirking at me through the back of my head. I kept
looking back at him.
"What are you looking at, Hon?" My mom interputing after she finally
noticed my ocasional backward glances.
"I have to go mom." I said as we arrived at school. I hopped out and
walked into the school with Gerard's hand on my arm.
We got to my locker and I threw my bag to the bottom. And grabbed my
binder. I handed it to Gee, who was leaning up against the locker next to
mine. He took it and I unpacked my bag, putting everything away.
The person with the locker next to mine showed up and ran right into
Gee so he move to my other side.
I glanced at him. "Hullo Keegan." I greated him. We were kind of
friends. I got along with pretty much everybody, and didn't have too
many haters, but then again I didn't have to many really close friends either. All and all as a high school student, I think I faired pretty well at this school.
"Hey." He smiled that slow shy smile of his. He was always pretty
quite. It's not that he didn't talk, its just that when he did, he did
so quitely.
"Well I'm off to science with that homework I didn't do." I told him.
He looked up from his locker and laughed at me. " Good luck with that.
Hope Tanner doesn't kill you."
"Yeah, me too. If I don't come back you know what happened." I said as
I started to walk away. I whirled around, a few feet away, and
shouted, "Look for my body."
" Will do." He kind of shouted back.
He was used to me and my twisted humor. After all we have had lockers
next to each other since Middle School.

(3rd person)
Jackyll sat there in class, facing the empty desk next to her. The chair
of the desk pulled out. She could be heard quitely chatting to the air.
The teacher, Tanner, came by and tapped her desk with the dry earse board marker he had previously been using. "Attention back up here."
The cheerleader types behind her snickered.
"Who is she even talking to?" the new girl, who had been taken under
their wing, asked.
"Nobody and everybody. Who knows? It's all in her head."

'Kay so. I like writing about the Pre-Killjoy days, so that will be how Gerard is. I love the whole Killjoy thing though but meh to the album, great consept, okay lyrics. But whatever, that irrelavent anyway.
So what do ya think so far? Likey? Should I continue? I mean I can, but I don't want to if nobody seems to care. I have like the next five chapters done. This one was like just a starter-off-er, ya know what I mean?
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