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To The End

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Just getting to know Jackyll and Gee. A filler really. Setting the story up for the awful that's about to go down.

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I sighed running my fingers absent-mindedly through my coarse black hair. School had been so, ordinary. Although I did have to spend all day deterring Gerard from doing anything absolutely insane, which is a new addison to my day. It seems that I'm his filter between insanity, I don't mind though.
Throughout the day we played so much hang man. And I laughed out loud too often, earning myself several looks from those teachers I tend to ignore.
I glanced at the clock between poking Gerard's shoulder, thanking god for what I saw. The bell rang, abruptly ending our poke war. I picked up my note book, (slacker much, does it show?) and ran outta as fast as my feet could carry me.
I wanted home so bad, I had my eyes on the prize, getting to my locker as fast as possible so I could get home as fast as possible. But the jerk who's a couple lockers down from mine tripped me, and it was so on purpose. He was one of those flat out ordinary dudes, that I had never even taken the time to learn his name. But just because he was ordinary didn't mean that he didn't hold grudges. I got up, frowned, looked up to find him starring at me, expecting me to do, what exactly? I turned on my healed and flipped him the bird. I don't have time for people like that in my life, and I don't have or want hate in my heart.
When I got to my locker I found Gerard  leaning against the opening with a smirk.
"Don't worry babe. That mother fucker better stay on that side of the hall, I'll fuck  him up." he told me.
I laughed him off.
"Yes, Mr. Pink-Belted-Eyeliner you're very scary." I mean c'mon, dude wore way more make up than me. I believe in the whole less is more thing, he believes in like, more is never enough.
"I can be. Like RAWR and... Stuff, man..." the really sad part is that when he said Rawr he even made a little clawing hand motion. Wow.  "Oh, and you loves my pink belt." he added.
"Totally. It's very smexxy."'I said rolling my eyes at him.
"Tis tisn't it?" he murmured softly. It was the tone where I knew he was in his own little world no longer paying one bit of attention to me.
By now we where outside of the school grounds,  this is usually the part where Gerard meets me outside everyday, to join me on my joyful walk home.
I walked in peace and quite humming softly to myself. I wondered what Gerard was thinking about right them. So I decided asked.
"This song I've been writing. It's unfinished right now..." Gerard trailed off, joining me briefing in the real world, only to lapse back to his own.
"Can I hear it, yeah?" I eagerly asked.
"Suppose so Jack-O-Lantern." he said purposefully trying to piss me off.
I took the hood, of one of the infinite amount  of jackets he owned, and shoved it over his eyes, tightening the hood so it was harder to get off. As he struggle with the hood he stumbled all around on the bike path.
"Jesus, Jackyll! What if I had ran into the street or something?!" He shouted in alarm.
"If you'd have just called me Jackyll in the first place we wouldn't have had this problem. Now, Song. Now. I'm not going to let this go."
"Fine." He coughed a couple times and then proceeded to sing.
"He calls the Mansion not a house but a tomb.
He's always choking from the stench and the fume.
The wedding party all collapsed in the room.
So send my resignation to the bride and the groom.
Let's go down!
This elevator only goes up to ten
He's not around he's always looking at men.
Down by the pool.
He doesn't have many friends as they are..."
I was awestruck. I had never heard him sing before. I mean sure I had known he sung, but he would never sing for me. and I knew he wrote songs but never been aloud to even so much as glimpse  them.
"Well...?" He asked subconsciously, scratching at the back of his neck nervously.
I then realize how quite I had really been.
"That was. Amazing. Wow. I didn't know you could sing like that. You should definitely be a singer. Straight up. You have to." I gushed honestly, nodding my head, and not knowing how to put my feeling into words.
"Well I was. Or I did. Sing anyway.  Before." He told me.
"Before what, Gee?" I asked with a soft smile, ruffling his hair a bit.
"Just before. I don't really wanna talk about."
"Okay." I said softly.
I wrapped my arm around his upper back and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. And we walked like that. My book bag slung loosely around one shoulder, and my head lying sleepily on his shoulder.
"Thanks for understanding, Jackyll."

Yepps that's it for now. I think its at least a wee bit longer. It'll get better, I promise! Oh, and To The End will come back, I chose it for a reason, it's muy importante.
Notice how sort of happy-go-lucky it is right now. Just wait that's about to change. insert evil laugh here
(Oh and this chapter is brought to you thanks to the beautiful sounding rain, nirvana, who I have keep on repeat throughout this, and to The Fairly Odd Parents which I have kept on my tv has a sort of screen saver. Totally random but I thought I should mention it.)
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