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Chapter 20

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It was new years eve day. I woke up to an empty room - both Gerard and Hellie were gone. I rubbed my sleepy eyes and sat up. I could hear a distant whispering coming from the hallway. I stood up and walked towards the bedroom door when suddenly Jamia and Alicia rushed in. They had a coathanger with a bag covering what was under neath, a bag of make up and hair products and a box - probably containing shoes.
"Right, Ellie. You can't leave this room until half four tonight." Jamia giggled. I looked at them both with suspiciously. They gave me and innocent look before dragging me into the bathroom.
"Okay Ellie, have a shower and everything - then come out when your ready. Okay ?" I nodded as I ambled along. I took a long hot shower, it soothed my aching head and relaxed all my tense muscles. What the hell was going on !? Where was Hellie and Gerard !? Why can't I leave my room until Half four !? I sighed and stepped out. I dried myself with a towel and put my underwear on, I slipped a dressing gown over me and walked out to Jamia and Alicia, who were currently setting up the desk.
They sat me down and did my make up. Since there was no mirror I couldn't tell what was being put on me. Then, once they were sure the makeup had set, they put a blind fold over my eyes so I was comepletely clueless as to what was happening. They then began on my hair, I could feel the swoop fringe being straightned and the rest of my hair being either curled or straightened. Then after what seemed like forever, they stood me up and slipped me into a dress. It was strapless and reached to just above my knee. They then put some tights on me and a pair of very high heels. I felt them slide a head band or something into my hair.
"Beautiful!" Alicia gasped as Jamia clapped.
"Come on its nearly half four !" Jamia cried. I felt them both get on of my arms and guide me out of the room, down the stairs and into the back of a car. I felt around and strapped myself in.
"Oh my god whats going on !?" I asked as the car started. Fuck, were they kidnapping me !? Wait, they wouldn't have dressed me up if they were ... I sighed and leaned back. Finally the car came to a stop and I felt a could breeze sweep in as my car door was opened. I think it was Jamia and Alicia who grabbed me. They guided me into a building and then stood me into a certain angle. They handed me something and then pulled the blind fold off me. I gasped when I realised I was stood infront of a full length mirror - but more at what I was wearing.
My hair was in long loose curls with my bright blue streaks standing out. My swoop fringe was covering my face - but not too much. I then realised what I was wearing. Fuck. I was in a white strapless silk dress. There were little glass beads all on the corset that reached just under my chest. Then the silk fabric hugged my waist, hips and thighs nicely. I was wearing clear tights and white heels. I had a bunch of red roses in my hands and a white vail. I was in a wedding dress. Before I had time to say anything. I felt someone link my arm. I turned to see a grinning Frank.
"Whats going on !?" I whispered with a confused face.
"Gerard's promise to you." He replied.
I couldn't help up show a huge stupid smile. Suddenly wedding music began and a Hellie walked down the isle throwing red petals. She was wearing a little black silk ankle length dress, her hair was in curls and she was wearing converses. Thats my girl. When she had reached the end of the isle Gerard picked her up into his arms. He looked beautiful, he was wearing a white shirt, black tuxedo and a thin black tie. His waist coat was two toned blood red and black, he had a red rose pinned to his blazer.
"Lets go!" Frank whispered excitedly as we followed behind Jamia and Alicia, they were wearing black dresses with a single red rose and red heels. The dressing gowns they were wearing this morning were probably to hide them. I gulped and slowly made my way up the isle. When we reached the end Frank kissed me on my cheek and winked. I shook my head and smiled. I stood next to Gerard who turned and smiled at me.
' I love you .' He mouthed.
' I love you too. ' I mouthed back.
After a gruelling half an hour of listening to the priest and finishing the vows. Gerard turned and placed Hellie on the ground. She obediantly stood and watched us. I gazed down at my ring, it was white gold with black and blood red jewels encrusted on it.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
Gerard turned and grinned at me before swooping me into his arms and dipping me, into a romantic movie star kiss. There was only me, Gerard, Hellie, Frank, Mikey, Jamia, Alicia, Donna and two other men I didn't recognise - one with blonde hair, the other an afro in the church, but the amount of noise made would have made you think otherwise.
"I actually love you Gerard - I can't believe yoou would do this for me." I whispered. He smiled and gazed into my eyes.
"I love you too - and I needed to show you how much I do." He replied as he stood me up. Gerard picked Hellie up as we walked down the isle and into the front gardens of the church. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders as I wrapped mine around his waist. This was officially the best day of my life.

JUst a quick update for all you lovely readers xxxx I would have wrote more but I poked myself in the eye just a few seconds ago and I cant type properly now XD xxxxx Much love and thanks xxxx Ellie Frank and Gerard - he's still my human pillow :3 xxxxx
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