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Chatroom Name – GirlsOnly
In This Chatroom… WeeGirl, CheyenneRocks, Thanks4TheVenom, blackgreenrose, FootballFan

FootballFan – Something is going on
CheyenneRocks – What do you mean?
Thanks4TheVenom - All the boys just suddenly asked us all out
WeeGirl - … No-one asked me?
blackgreenrose – Well no offence Raechel but you’re annoying and depressing
WeeGirl – And Jasmine you’re so pathetic that Frank broke up with you and now you’re going out with Bob!
Thanks4TheVenom – Have you two fallen out or something?
blackgreenrose – It was her fault! She was saying shit about me and Frank ¬¬
WeeGirl – Well most of it was true!
Thanks4TheVenom – Raechel! The only reason I said yes to Frank was so that I could get them back together!
WeeGirl – Frank doesn’t even want her!
CheyenneRocks – HEY! Raechel, why don’t you just back off?
WeeGirl – Did you not see Jasmine call me annoying and depressing?
FootballFan - … Well come on, it is kinda true…
WeeGirl – How am I!?
Thanks4TheVenom – You ruin all your relationships to be fair =/
WeeGirl – No I don’t!
Thanks4TheVenom – GERARD SAID THAT HE STILL WANTED TO DATE YOU! But you dumped him
WeeGirl – So?
blackgreenrose – For the past week you’ve been moaning about how you want him back, but YOU were the one that got rid of him!
WeeGirl – Oh get over it Jasmine! I can complain about whatever I want!
CheyenneRocks – Eugh, do everyone a favour Raechel and just go away!
WeeGirl – Fine! But not because you’re making me, because you ALL suck!
Goodbye WeeGirl. Thank You For Chatting
Thanks4TheVenom – She didn’t deserve someone like Gerard
CheyenneRocks – Just because you fancy Gerard!
Thanks4TheVenom – Cheyenne!
FootballFan – Don’t worry, we’re not gonna tell anyone
Thanks4TheVenom - =/ Jazz don’t take offence to the following statement – But I’m stuck with Frank…
blackgreenrose – I wish that I was stuck with Frank =/
Thanks4TheVenom – I’m gonna make sure that you’re stuck with Frank again pretty soon :D
blackgreenrose – But how =/
Thanks4TheVenom – By telling him the truth of course!
FootballFan - … Won’t that upset him?
Thanks4TheVenom – No, of course not. I’m gonna do it now!
blackgreenrose – EEK!

Chatroom Name – NOW!
In This Chatroom… PenceyPrep, Thanks4TheVenom

PenceyPrep – What’s up?
Thanks4TheVenom – I was just wondering why you broke up with Jasmine…
PenceyPrep – Oh. Is that important?
Thanks4TheVenom – Yeah, so tell me…
PenceyPrep – Tom sort of blackmailed me into it…
Thanks4TheVenom – So you still have feelings for her?
PenceyPrep - Yes… I’m sorry
Thanks4TheVenom – No! This is great!
PenceyPrep - … Huh?
Thanks4TheVenom – Frank I’ll be honest. I only went out with you so that I could try and get you and Jasmine back together!
PenceyPrep - … Does she still want me?
Thanks4TheVenom – Yes!
PenceyPrep – Invite her into the conversation!
Welcome Back, blackgreenrose
blackgreenrose – Yes?
PenceyPrep – Jasmine I still love you, will you please be my girlfriend again?
Thanks4TheVenom – I’m guessing we just broke up :)
PenceyPrep – Yes :D
blackgreenrose – Yes, I’ll go out with you =]
Thanks4TheVenom – Yay! Now can someone ask Gerard out for me?
PenceyPrep – I will! :)
Thanks4TheVenom – Thanks =]

In This Chatroom… NotOkay, PenceyPrep

NotOkay – You know a moderator is going to kill you for that chatroom name =/
PenceyPrep – I don’t care. I broke up with Bree
NotOkay – Why?
PenceyPrep – Because I only really have feelings for Jasmine and now we’re going out again :)
NotOkay -:) Sweet!
PenceyPrep - … There’s something that I got to tell you though
NotOkay - … What did I do?
PenceyPrep – Nothing! Bree fancies you
PenceyPrep – No… I said it for the fun of it…
NotOkay – Does Bree fancy me?
PenceyPrep – YES!
NotOkay – Can I go out with her?
PenceyPrep – Ask her then!
Welcome Back, Thanks4TheVenom
NotOkay – Bree, will you go out with me?
Thanks4TheVenom – Yes :)
PenceyPrep - … Why is Raechel in a bad mood?
NotOkay - … What?
PenceyPrep – She just sent me a text saying ‘All boys are stupid so now I hate you’
NotOkay – Oh, I’ve got one too
Thanks4TheVenom – Eugh, she has really got to get over herself…
Welcome Back, Mod1
Mod1 – Who invented the chatroom name?
NotOkay – PenceyPrep
PenceyPrep – Tell-tale ¬¬
Mod1 – Well I’m going to have to remind you of the rules of this website!
PenceyPrep – Don’t bother, I know the rules
Mod1 – You can’t talk to me like that!
PenceyPrep – Umm yes I can!
Mod1 – I can block you from this chatroom for life!
PenceyPrep – Doubt you will…
Mod1 – Change the chatroom name!
PenceyPrep – But everyone will have to leave and re-log in… It’s stupid. You change the name. You’re a mod!
Mod1 – You are blocked from this website for a week!
PenceyPrep has been blocked
NotOkay – Harsh
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