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Bob bitches about Frank, Raechel gets mad...

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Chatroom Name – Frank¬¬
In This Chatroom… NotOkay, Bob, MWay

NotOkay – Who invented the chatroom name?
Bob – I did
MWay – Are you mad at Frank or something?
Bob – Yeah, I am
NotOkay – Why?
Bob – He stole Jasmine away from me. Tell him to get his stupid ass online
NotOkay – He can’t. He’s blocked for a week…
Bob – Well I am SO going to kill him at school tomorrow
MWay – In all fairness, you can’t blame Frank when Jasmine broke up with you
Bob – Shut up Mikey, I can blame whoever I want!
NotOkay – Bob, chill out…
Welcome Back, FootballFan
MWay – Lucy, are you going out with Ray? He’s confused
FootballFan – Maybe. Depends how I feel
NotOkay – C’mon Lucy, be nice to the boy!
FootballFan – Make me
Bob – To be fair Lucy, you can’t mess around with a boy like that. You could really hurt someone =/
MWay – He’s only in a bad mood because Jasmine broke up with him…
NotOkay – That’s a formal Frank reply
MWay – Does Frank have any formal replies?
NotOkay – No but if he did, it would sound like that
FootballFan – Who cares?
Bob – I care!
FootballFan – Not about Jasmine, about Frank and his formal reply!
NotOkay – I care about Frank’s formal reply!
Bob – You care about your Mom
NotOkay – Yeah I do. Problem?
MWay – Jeez Bob, now you’re bringing our Mom into this…
FootballFan – What is the point in this conversation?
Bob – Your Mom
MWay – Oh and now you’re bring in Lucy’s Mom! You just don’t stop, do you?
Bob – Shut up Mikey ¬¬
MWay – Well you can’t bring MY Mom into this, ‘cos you kinda already did…
Bob – Mikey shut up about Moms!
MWay – You haven’t even met Lucy’s Mom and you’re already insulting her -_-
Bob – Mikey, go suck your Mom
MWay – See!
NotOkay – Mikey, haven’t you got homework to be doing?
MWay – No. That’s you
NotOkay – Oh yeah. Goodbye
Goodbye NotOkay. Thanks For Chatting
FootballFan – I think I am going out with Ray
MWay – Are you going to tell him that?
FootballFan – No. Why should I do all the work?
MWay – I will never understand girls
Bob – Neither will I because I WAS JUST DUMPED FOR FRANK!
FootballFan – Oh dear god…
Bob – I’m way better looking than Frank!
MWay – Look at it this way, you could’ve been dumped for Ray…
MWay – (: Hehe…
Bob – No really guys, I miss Jasmine =/ Do you think she’ll take you back?
MWay – Only if Frank suddenly becomes really ugly
Bob – So why isn’t she back yet?
FootballFan – Because Frank isn’t really ugly idiot -_-
MWay – Ooh, got a crush on Ray have we Lucy?
Welcome Back, WeeGirl
WeeGirl – Bob, I hate you!
Bob – Why, what’d I do?
WeeGirl – Have a penis
Bob – Well Jeez, I sure am sorry, let me fix that for you…
FootballFan – Ew
Bob – Seriously, what’s wrong with my penis?
WeeGirl – Nothing, just the fact that you have one
Bob – It’s called being a boy
MWay – I’m sure she’s fully aware of that Bob -_-
Bob – Are you sure?
MWay – Well she’s had enough boyfriends :D HAHA!
FootballFan – Oh! Raechel just got owned by Mikey ;D
WeeGirl – Well at least I’ve kissed someone!
MWay - ¬¬ Bitch, no wonder you’ve got no friends…
WeeGirl – I have friends!
MWay – Oh yeah? Who?
WeeGirl – Cathy and Tiffany in Year Eleven. And all my other Year Eleven friends!
Bob – Is Cathy the annoying girl in that play you’re doing?
WeeGirl - :O Cathy isn’t annoying!
FootballFan – Nah, Cathy isn’t that bad…
MWay – I’m bored now -_-
FootballFan – Oh diddums… What do you want to do?
WeeGirl – I hope you all get PAIDS!
Goodbye WeeGirl. Thank You For Chatting
MWay – What the fuck is PAIDS?
FootballFan – Peter Aids
Bob – Peter… That’s the gross guy who sits in front of you in Maths?
FootballFan – He turned around and burped in my face
MWay – Try sitting next to him in IT -_-
Bob – Poor Mikey…
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