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Thanks4TheVenom has a plan!

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Chatroom Name – I’M BACK MOFOS!
In This Chatroom… PenceyPrep, Thanks4TheVenom, NotOkay, RayToro, blackgreenrose

NotOkay – Frank, you might want to change the chatroom name
PenceyPrep – But I don’t
RayToro – You already got kicked off once
PenceyPrep – Oh c’mon, mofo isn’t a real swear word… It’s just kind of like a swear word…
Thanks4TheVenom – Actually we have a bigger problem than Franks dumb chatroom name
RayToro – Like what?
Thanks4TheVenom – Bob is like really pissed at Jasmine
NotOkay – So what?
PenceyPrep – Yeah, I was gonna say… Bob’ll get over it
Thanks4TheVenom – He cut her name into his arm. I saw it in English today
NotOkay – Sure it wasn’t just red pen?
Thanks4TheVenom – You don’t confuse cuts with red pen Gerard. I should know
blackgreenrose – D’: Well this sucks
PenceyPrep – Somebody needs to get him a girlfriend
Thanks4TheVenom – Hmm… I have an idea!
RayToro – What?
Thanks4TheVenom – I’m not telling you! But I have several phone calls to make…
RayToro – Fair enough, but stay online…
Thanks4TheVenom – Yeah, yeah… I’ll be online but not talking
RayToro – Okay
Welcome Back, MWay
blackgreenrose – Hi Mikey (:
RayToro – Yeah, hello
MWay – Nice to see you too Ray -.-
RayToro – (: Whatever, I’m happy to see you really…
MWay – Guys, what’s up with Bob? He just posted a status saying – ‘Life is pointless’
blackgreenrose - -.- Oh my god, he’s got problems…
PenceyPrep – (: Not your fault you’re damn amazing
blackgreenrose - XD AWWW!
NotOkay – Okay, is there anything we can talk about now?
MWay – Gerard, it’s your night to do the dishes
NotOkay – But it was my night last night!
MWay – I did one of your nights last week and you promised you’d do one of mine this week!
NotOkay – Then I’ll do it another night!
MWay – No! -.- Do it now
NotOkay - ¬¬ Fine, fine…
Goodbye NotOkay. Thank You For Chatting
Thanks4TheVenom – Okay, phone calls over and hopefully Bob will stop being so stupid…
RayToro – What did you do?
Thanks4TheVenom – Bob is now going out with Raechel

[A/N] - Sorry it's such a short and pretty crap chapter D': I'll try and make the next one longer and hopefully more interesting (:
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