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Relationships... Again

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Bree talks to Gerard, Jasmine talks to Frank, Lucy talks to Ray

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Chatroom Name – GirlsOnly
In This Chatroom… WeeGirl, blackgreenrose, CheyenneRocks, Thanks4TheVenom, FootballFan

CheyenneRocks – Why are you having another one of these?
WeeGirl – Yeah, they’re kinda getting sad now…
blackgreenrose - ¬¬ Kind of like you then I guess…
WeeGirl - ¬¬ Shut up Jasmine
blackgreenrose – No, you said I was pathetic for going out with Bob… NOW WHO’S GOING OUT WITH BOB!? (: OWNED!
Thanks4TheVenom – Shut up, both of you. We’re having another one of these because I’ve just realised. Cheyenne is with Mikey. I’m with Gerard. Jasmine is with Frank. Raechel is with Bob. Lucy is with Ray.
WeeGirl – Your point?
Thanks4TheVenom – I just thought it was time we started discussing ways to keep them our boyfriends
CheyenneRocks – I’m confused
FootballFan – And I still don’t get the point
Thanks4TheVenom – Well, we’re not going to be the ones to put all the effort into this relationship! They’re always taking us for granted!
WeeGirl - … Now that you mention it, Bob NEVER calls me. I have to call him…
CheyenneRocks – And even if I call Mikey, he’s busy playing XBOX with his brother. And it takes him hours to reply to text messages! And even then, they’re often one word answers!
blackgreenrose – And Frank never hangs round with MY friends at break, I’m always following around his friends…
FootballFan – You think you guys have problems? I don’t have Rays number because whenever I go near him he runs off like I’m about to hit him!
Thanks4TheVenom – And Gerard treats us like best friends. We’re supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend!
FootballFan - … Well, what are we gonna do?
Thanks4TheVenom – Well Lucy, first, you need to talk to Ray on here. Ask him what’s up and stuff like that… Get really emotional like girls are supposed to do
FootballFan – I don’t really do the whole getting emotional thing…
Thanks4TheVenom – Now you do. Okay, next Cheyenne…
CheyenneRocks - :3
Thanks4TheVenom – Keep suggesting to hang around with him. He might not be the kind of person to use the phone… So try hanging out face to face
CheyenneRocks – Okay
Thanks4TheVenom – Raechel, text Bob saying ‘Could you call me please?’ and then he’ll call you. Try and make the conversations really interesting then he’ll be more likely to call you in the future
FootballFan – Is it me or is this conversation massively boring?
WeeGirl – Yeah, I kinda agree with that
blackgreenrose – Well it’s not over until I get some advice!
Thanks4TheVenom – Well Jasmine, you and Frank have been going out for ages. The only thing to do is tell him that you want him to put the same amount of effort into the relationship as you do
blackgreenrose – What will you do?
Thanks4TheVenom - =/ I guess I have to make the first move…

Chatroom Name – RAY!
In This Chatroom… FootballFan, RayToro
FootballFan – Ray, we need to talk
RayToro – Oh god, are you breaking up with me?
FootballFan – No, but I did want to talk about our relationship
RayToro – Please don’t hurt me!
FootballFan – Ray! Would you stop treating me like that?
RayToro – Like what?
FootballFan – Like I’m a boy or one of the people who bullies you…
RayToro – Well that’s how I always imagined you before we were going out
FootballFan – But I’m a girl… And I really like you
RayToro – Oh, well I really like you too…
FootballFan – Then why won’t you talk to me at school?
RayToro – Well Lucy, I’m scared you’ll punch me in the face
FootballFan – Ray! Why would I do that?
RayToro – I don’t know…
FootballFan – Promise you’ll say something to me tomorrow? And not just run off?
RayToro – Okay, I promise
FootballFan – (: Thank you

Chatroom Name – FRANK!
In This Chatroom… blackgreenrose, PenceyPrep

PenceyPrep – Hey, what’s up?
blackgreenrose – I wanted to talk about something that is bothering me
PenceyPrep – What’s wrong then?
blackgreenrose – Well I kind of feel like I’m putting 100% effort into this relationship but you’re not…
PenceyPrep – Why? What am I doing wrong?
blackgreenrose – Well, when was the last time you hung around with Raechel, Lucy and Bree without me begging you for half an hour?
PenceyPrep – So what if I don’t hang round with your friends? They’re YOUR friends
blackgreenrose – You talk to them on IM all the time! But face-to-face you act like you don’t know them or something…
PenceyPrep – I think you’re over re-acting
blackgreenrose – Well I don’t think I am! I’m always hanging around with your friends and making the effort. Where’s YOUR effort?
PenceyPrep – I do things for you all the time! But you’re too busy flirting with my friends to notice
blackgreenrose – I don’t ‘flirt’ with your friends Frank, I’m polite to them. And writing me ONE poem isn’t doing lots of things for me
PenceyPrep – You mean you didn’t like my poem?
blackgreenrose – No, it was lovely! But one kind action five weeks ago doesn’t mean that you’re out of doing nice things for the rest of our lives!
PenceyPrep – You’re acting like we’re married!
blackgreenrose - ¬¬ I just knew that you wouldn’t understand
PenceyPrep – Jasmine, what is there to understand? You’re mad because I don’t want to hang around with your friends?
blackgreenrose – Partly. I’m also mad because I’m ALWAYS with you and your friends but you’re never with my friends…
PenceyPrep – This never bothered you before
blackgreenrose – As it happens, it did but I was too much of a wimp to stand up for myself.
PenceyPrep - … Did you just full-stop me!?
blackgreenrose – Yes. And I’ll do it again.
PenceyPrep - ¬¬ Well aren’t you mature? Fine, if it makes you feel better I’ll hang around with your friends
blackgreenrose – Thank you
PenceyPrep – You’re welcome

Chatroom Name – Gerard!
In This Chatroom… NotOkay, Thanks4TheVenom

NotOkay – What’s up?
Thanks4TheVenom – We are boyfriend and girlfriend, aren’t we?

[A/N] – Another vote ;D Should Gerard say…
A) Yeah, why?
B) No, whatever gave you that impression?
C) I only said we were going out because I felt sorry for you
I might upload again later tonight or tomorrow (:
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