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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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Everyone starts teasing Ray ;)

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NotOkay – Yeah, why?
Thanks4TheVenom – Because you’re acting like we’re more friends than in a relationship
NotOkay – Oh. Well after all that happened last time with relationships, I just don’t wanna rush into anything
Thanks4TheVenom – I don’t think at least holding my hand would be ‘rushing’ things
NotOkay – Okay, look, I’m sorry… I’ll start acting like a couple around you now
Thanks4TheVenom – Okay, thank you

Chatroom Name – Talk Mofo’s
In This Chatroom… NotOkay, PenceyPrep, Afrotastic, blackgreenrose, FootballFan

NotOkay – Jazz, are you friends with Raechel yet?
blackgreenrose – I’m thinking of saying sorry. Possibly
PenceyPrep – What’s the point in arguing?
blackgreenrose – I guess I could ask you the same question
FootballFan – You people give me a rash
Goodbye FootballFan, Thank You For Chatting
Afrotastic – What kind of rash?
PenceyPrep – Are you two still going out?
Afrotastic – Yeah
NotOkay – Do you actually talk to each other?
Afrotastic – Of course we do!
blackgreenrose – About what?
Afrotastic – Uhh JLS? Twilight and stuff like that
NotOkay – I see. All of her interests, not yours
Afrotastic – I like Twilight!
PenceyPrep – LOL.
Afrotastic – Look, you don’t know what two people are like when their alone
blackgreenrose – Don’t think we want to know
PenceyPrep – Haven’t seen Mikey online in a while Gerard, is he okay?
NotOkay – Why do you care?
PenceyPrep – I don’t, I was just trying to steer the conversation away from Lucy
Welcome Back, MWay
PenceyPrep – Speaking of bad smells…
blackgreenrose - … We weren’t speaking of bad smells
PenceyPrep - … You only say that when you were literally just talking about something?
NotOkay – Yeah, that’s what makes it funny!
MWay – Owned
PenceyPrep – This explains so much
NotOkay – It would’ve made more sense if you said ‘Speaking of Mikey…’
PenceyPrep – But that’s not funny
Afrotastic – Neither was ‘Speaking of bad smells’ but you still said it
PenceyPrep – Shut up Twilight fan!
Afrotastic – Shut up Frank!
PenceyPrep – Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Afrotastic – Shush
PenceyPrep – No, go on, tell me…
Afrotastic - … Me and Lucy are Team Jacob
PenceyPrep – LOL.
MWay – I don’t wanna know
blackgreenrose – So Mikey, have you kissed Cheyenne yet?
MWay – Eugh, cooties
NotOkay - …
PenceyPrep – What are you, seven!?
MWay – No. I just don’t want to kiss her yet
Afrotastic – You don’t seriously think girls have cooties do you?
MWay – You’re not seriously Team Jacob are you?
PenceyPrep – Secretly, he’s Team Edward
Afrotastic – You wish Shorty
PenceyPrep – Do you stay awake, thinking of Edward Cullen in your bed?
NotOkay – Threesome with Edward and Lucy :D LOL.
blackgreenrose – Don’t be creeped out, but I could actually see Ray doing that ;D LOL.
MWay – And Raechel could come join!
PenceyPrep – LOL gang bang!
Afrotastic – You guys are weird
blackgreenrose – Hey, you’re the one having a gang bang with Edward, Lucy and Raechel!
PenceyPrep – LOL.
NotOkay – You’re saying ‘LOL.’ A lot today
PenceyPrep – Get over yourself ;)
blackgreenrose – Ray, do you have an Edward poster hidden under your bed?
Afrotastic – No! Oh for god’s sakes, I’m leaving!
Goodbye Afrotastic, Thanks For Chatting
PenceyPrep – Well SOMEONE’s in a bad mood -.-
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