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Blue and Nyan Cat

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Conversations about liking blue panties and cats with pop tart bodies.

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Chatroom Name – I LOVE BOB
In This Chatroom… Raexoxo, Bob, NotOkay, PenceyPrep, MWay

PenceyPrep – Who the hell is Raexoxo??
Raexoxo – That’s me
MWay - -.- Well done, but WHO are you?
Raexoxo – It’s me, Raechel
PenceyPrep – Why Raexoxo?
Raexoxo – I have no idea, I just like it
Bob – I like it too!
NotOkay – Raechel, why did you put that as the chatroom name?
Raexoxo – I didn’t
Bob – I did
MWay – Umm…
NotOkay – We asked the same question to Ray yesterday – What do you two talk about?
Raexoxo – Our previous relationships
PenceyPrep –Why?
Bob – We think it makes us stronger as a couple
PenceyPrep – Me Lamo Frank
Raexoxo – You do know that you just said ‘I Lick Myself Frank’ right?
PenceyPrep - … What?
NotOkay – It’s ‘me llamo Frank’ not Me Lamo Frank
PenceyPrep – Why?
Bob – Me Lamo means ‘I lick myself’
PenceyPrep – Are you serious?
MWay – Didn’t you pay attention in Spanish?
PenceyPrep – Yes!
Raexoxo – You haven’t noticed the amount of people walking round school, proudly announcing Me Lamo happily?
PenceyPrep – I don’t listen to people. They suck
Bob – That’s not very fair. Have you met them all?
PenceyPrep – I’ve met enough!
NotOkay - -.-
PenceyPrep – People! What a bunch of bastards!
MWay – Someone is not a happy bunny
PenceyPrep – I’m fine, I just don’t like PEOPLE
Raexoxo – What about me?
PenceyPrep – Especially not you!
MWay – LOL.
NotOkay – Raechel, are you and Jasmine friends again yet?
Raexoxo – Yeah, she said sorry, I said sorry…
PenceyPrep – What was your fight even about?
Raexoxo – I don’t remember, it can’t have been that bad
Bob – I bet it was. I bet you still cry yourself to sleep thinking about it
Raexoxo – You’re a freak
Welcome Back, blackgreenrose
PenceyPrep – Speaking of freaks…
NotOkay – Yay, Frank’s learning!
PenceyPrep – Shuttup!
MWay – Who’s watched Nyan Cat on YouTube?
Raexoxo – I have! :D
MWay – Someone has uploaded a three and a half hour version of it :D
Goodbye Raexoxo, Thanks For Chatting
MWay – Me too! Eek!
Goodbye MWay, Thanks For Chatting
NotOkay – What’s the big deal?
PenceyPrep – What is Nyan Cat?
blackgreenrose – A cat with a poptart body that shits rainbows and sings the word ‘Nyan’ over and over again
PenceyPrep – What flavour poptart!?
blackgreenrose – Strawberry, why?
PenceyPrep – I like strawberry poptarts
NotOkay – Oh my god Frank ‘I like blue’ Do you remember that?
Bob – Wait… That was you!?
PenceyPrep - :D Yeah!
blackgreenrose – What did you do?
NotOkay – Me and Frank phoned up Bob at one in the morning and Frank said “What colour panties are you wearing?” And Bob said “Blue,” And Frank went “Blue! I like blue.” In a cowboy accent!
blackgreenrose – Wait… Bob was wearing ‘panties’!?
Bob - -____- Thanks a lot Gerard
PenceyPrep – LOL.
Welcome Back, FootballFan
FootballFan – What have you been saying about me, Ray, Edward, Raechel and gang bangs?
PenceyPrep - … Nothing…
NotOkay – I like blue
blackgreenrose – LOL.
FootballFan – Thanks to you lot, Ray says he won’t come and see the new Twilight film with me
blackgreenrose – So? Go with someone else!
FootballFan – But Twilight was our thing! We were Team Jacob!
PenceyPrep – LOL.
NotOkay – Then find a new thing
blackgreenrose – Like… Gardening
FootballFan – FINE! You prunes!
Goodbye FootballFan, Thanks For Chatting
PenceyPrep – She just called us prunes!
NotOkay – We know Frank, we can read
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