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Different Kinds

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I heard the music die down a little and heard footsteps coming down the stairs,then the door being unlocked. For all I know this person could be a murderer, but I have to take my chances.

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“Honey what’s wrong,” My mom spoke worriedly, as she came rushing to me holding my cheeks in her hands.

“Oh nothing mom.” I said lazily, not really in any mood at all to speak.

“Gerard I know something is up. So don’t try and pull that on me,” She replied as she cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Fine,” I huffed as I stormed over to the living room and slummed myself on the sofa , ready to talk about the subject I hated to bring up, again. “Where’s mikey?” I questioned.

“I’m in here, I’m making spaghetti bolognaise,” Mikey shouted from the kitchen.

“Gerard stop changing the subject,” My mom said. “Now what happened darling?”

“Mom I’m sixteen not seven,” I stated.

“Yes I know but I worry about you, I mean look at your head what happened?” She replied softly as she looked at the bruise on my head ,and examined the rest of my head and face if there lay anymore. “And you have a nosebleed, let me get you some tissue,” She hurried to the kitchen and grabbed some tissue off the tissue roll, and came rushing back to me nearly tripping up in the progress.

“Thanks mom,” I said as I gave her a small smile and took the tissue from her hand.

“So, tell me what happened?”


Therefore, I told her about the events that happened today after school, Not very pleasant really.
I told her that, as I was walking home from school, a group of boys from my school had dragged me to the wall, and had took turns belting me with their fists. There were four of them so I didn’t have chance.

I really did not want to tell her this, she had to hear it all before and now she has to hear it again. It really hurt to have this happen nearly every day and hide it from her ,I felt awful but I had to tell her. She had told me that if this carries on, we would have to leave the town, and go to another school, for the reason that there was not another school for miles, but I could not leave. I loved that school the teachers were so caring and I had my brother anyway.

The names they called me just for being bi, I am sure it’s just another one of them phases that will hopefully die down I told her, and she somewhat believed me, I could tell she wasn’t happy and it crushed me that she had to see me like this, she never saw me this bad.

“I’m sorry mom,” I muffled as my head was on her shoulder as we hugged tightly.

“Gerard, this isn’t your fault it’s them stupid fuckers at school, I will call the I will go to the school tomorrow and talk to the head mistress and sort this out, ok,” I nodded as she gave me a reassuring smile.

I wish I could leave this town and start a fresh, but I feel like I really need to stay, I cannot leave everything behind. Mikey and I grew up in this house, all of our childhood memories were in this house, I couldn’t leave yet.
I mean what if I ended up going to another school and it was just as bad as this one. The students in my school are a bunch of stuck up bitches, but the school really helps me with my art and my brother is always there, plus there really wouldn’t be any point, I only have two years left.

She gave me a massive hug before her and Mikey left for the shops, for ‘something’. I have a feeling that ‘something’ might just be for me.

I could do with a good surprise right about now.

I let all the bad thoughts about today slip out of my head, and I just went upstairs and decided to blast the misfits on as loud as I could. I’m pretty sure everyone on this road could hear but I didn’t care.

(Franks POV)

I cannot stand the pain, the beatings. If she really cared she wouldn’t have let it get this far. I didn’t need to let any anger on myself when he could do it. I hate him I hate her, and I have to call her my mother, When did it get so bad, when did they get so bad.

All they ever seemed to do now was drink all night. I was only visible when they were bored. Well, when he was. My mom took no interest in me, as I was growing older she used to say that I was too much like my dad and she never liked it, I think that might be the reason she changed.
Whenever she was forced to go to parents’ evenings, she would plaster on a fake smile and she would sit there, saying that I was a delightful boy and always done my homework but how the fuck would she know, she is hardly even at home. Half of the time she is out getting pissed, she will never have the heart to love me again.


I decide to run away from home, alone on the cold streets with just my guitar and suitcase of clothes, if you could call them that. Pansy is the only important thing in my life, and although she is just a guitar, she is a very important guitar.
I got her for my 8th birthday from my mom, when she was actually worthy to call herself that. It belonged to my dad when he was in a band, he died when I was born, and I never had the chance to meet him. I wish I could have seen him live instead of on videos, and had the chance to see him play, with such passion and emotion. I have always wondered how my life would have been like if I had the opportunity to live with him instead.

I would play pansy all day in my room, until they were gone ,so I could come downstairs to eat, if I ever went down while they were there, he would tell me that I that I was fat, and stupid.

He would beat me black and blue, and sometimes my mom would just sit and watch, as I got hurt. He would make sure that he hit me in places no one could see or find out. It was like a drug to him. It seemed to give him great pleasure, and satisfaction, but if only they knew how cruel and wicked they are but I guess, they never will.


I feel like I have been walking around in circles, I have been walking for hours and it is starting to get darker.
I suppose this can’t be as bad as staying at home with them, crying every night dreading how the next day would turn out.

I am considering knocking on one of these houses, and ask if there is anywhere local for me to stay. However, they do look a bit creepy.


I can hear music.

The Misfits?

I went down to the house where I could hear the music coming from. The house had the stairs lights on and one of the bedroom lights on, it seems to be the only source of light on this street, the house looked promising so I took my chance and walked down to the front door, and stood on the step.

I knocked the door two times, a little louder due to the music. I heard the music die down a little and heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and the door being unlocked. For all I know this person could be a murderer, but I have to take my chances.
Then the door started to open slowly, revealing a boy round about sixteen or seventeen years old, with jet-black hair that flicked out slightly past his ears and nearly reaching his right eye. His eyes were an amazing contrast of colours, as far as I could see they were a hazily greenish colour, but I didn’t look longer enough to see. He looked incredible none of the less, I think he had some eyeliner on and black t-shirt with skinny jeans to match, and his hips...wait.

Why was I thinking this?

This person is a complete stranger he could be capable of anything. I kept my eyes fixed to my shoes nervously and cleared my throat ready to speak.

“Urmm do you know anywhere...”

“Frank!” he cried.
I looked up quickly and stepped back a few spaces.

Maybe he wasn’t a complete stranger after all.
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