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Falling Apart

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So this is how it's going to be ehh??

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“Ahhh,” Frank screamed and curled his small frame up to Gerard, hiding his face in the crook of Gerard’s shoulder “W...what was that gee?”


“I’m scared,” Mikey whispered.

“Its okay, dad probably had to umm... kill a fly,” Gerard said as he tried to keep calm.

“I ...don’t...t...think so Gerard,” Mikey panicked.

“Go and check Gee,” Frankie asked with pleading eyes.

“W...what, no way.” Gerard replied a little to quickly.

“Well, you said it was only Dad killing a fly,” Mikey said sarcastically.

“Ugh,” Gerard huffed while rolling his eyes.

“Please.” Frankie begged beside him.

“Umm well than you can Mikey,” Gerard answered looking at Mikey.

“But I have to look after Frankie,” Mikey explained, as he held Frankie by his side.

“Oh fine then,” Gerard huffed as he quietly hopped off the bed and crept out the room, making sure he wasn’t heard. He tiptoed down the stairs steadily one by one. That is when he could hear the noise of shouting and arguing going on, between Frankie’s mom and his parents.

“Mom ,what’s going on?” Gerard spoke as he caught onto his mom’s arm.

“Go back upstairs Gerard, you should be asleep.”

“No mom, we can’t we heard a bang, what’s wrong?”

“Urmm nothing honey,” She replied as Gerard could see the hurt in her eyes, and the tears she was struggling to hold back.

“Where’s Frank?” Linda asked as calmly as she could, though Gerard could sense the tension in the air.

“H...he is upstairs,” Gerard replied shakily.

“Could you go and get him please.”

“Hmm...” he turned to his mom, and she looked at him and nodded.

“Okay,” he said as he scurried back upstairs to his bedroom.

“Hey Frankie, your mom is here and she wants you to go downstairs,” Gerard told Frankie.“ Can you come to mikey?” Gerard cried.

“Sure, but what was the bang though?” Mikey questioned.

“I really don’t know.”

They all went downstairs to the lounge.

“I’m here mom but why...”Linda cut him off.

“Frank, darling we are going.”

“B...but mom I...”

“We are going frank and that’s final,” Linda yelled.

“Look Donna I’m sorry I...”

“Just leave it Steve, I don’t want to hear it j...just leave,” Donna cried.


“NOW! I don’t want to see you,” she yelled, as she pointed her index finger at the door.

“Fine, fuck you! Fuck the lot of you!”Steve shouted back.

“Mom I don’t want to go.”

“Sorry Frankie but we have to,” Linda rushed her words.

“No,” Frankie sniffed.

“Frankie,” Gerard spoke to himself, barely above a whisper.

Linda left with Frankie followed by Steve, as he slammed the door behind them, Gerard and Mikey’s mom slummed down on the floor leaning against the door, bursting into tears and holding her head in her hands.

“Ho... how could he,” Donna cried.

“Mom why did Dad go, why was he mad?” Gerard questioned.

“Because he wants Linda, not me,” She said.

“I hate him,” Gerard blurted out, as he let a single tear escape his eye. “He is supposed to be with you, how could he do this to you?” he said rising his voice. “To us,” he whispered.

“I can’t believe this,” Mikey huffed with frustration.

“I should have seen it coming, we argued nearly every night.”

“Mom its ok,” Gerard said as him and mikey gave her the biggest hug they possibly could.

“Come on now boys I better get you to bed, we will do something nice tomorrow ok,” She smiled, trying to cheer them up the best she could.

“Ok thanks mom,” Gerard and mikey said in sync, as they hugged her goodnight.

Gerard went up to his room with tears streaming down his cheeks. As soon as he flipped onto his bed, he cried into his pillow, which seemed like forever but was really only a few minutes.

He started to shiver and decided to tuck his arms and legs into his quilt, and came across Frankie’s teddy, which he got him for his birthday.

“God Frankie, why didn’t I listen to you, you were right and I told you to shut up, I hope you come back,” he whispered to the teddy as he clutched it tight in his arms, and soon fell asleep.


(Mikey’s POV)

Dad never did come back, Gerard was right, I wish he wasn’t but...he was, though we never spoke of him. For all I care he was an asshole and we are better off without him.

Gerard has been quite depressed ever since frank left , but he has began to realise that he has little chance of seeing him again. Frankie was his best friend and, well that wasn’t blood related anyway. He still kept Frankie’s teddy that he left that night, he never forgot him, and he was one of his best memories as a kid.

Gerard and I go to high school now, I am fifteen, Gerard is sixteen, and though school is tough, we always know that we have each other to get us through.
Things have not always be that easy for Gerard, after discovering out his true sexuality. Mom and I are fine with Gerard being bi but that doesn’t mean everyone else is.

(Gerard’s POV)

I scuffed my sneakers on the pavement all the way home, I can’t believed this has happened to me again, things were just looking up I was getting back on track and this had to happen.
As I got to my door I searched around in my coat pocket and grabbed my keys. I fumbled with the lock and finally got inside, and barged my way in slamming the door behind me. With this going on, my life is going to suck from now on, seriously.

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