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Just when you think everything was running smoothly. It comes and hits you with a ton of brings.

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Young Gerard way of 6 years of age, was sitting on a now deserted bench under the big tree that stood outside his backyard, shadowing his small frame. With bits of cake smushed to the sides of his mouth, while licking the excess crumbs of his ghostly white slender fingers.
It was a sweltering summer's afternoon and was perfect for having a bouncy castle party, though maybe a little hot for ,Gerard's liking.

"Hey Gerward," Little Mikey giggled, as he rushed to his older brother and squeezed him into a hug.

"Hey bro, do you like your birthday party? you having fun?" Gerard asked excitedly

"Yea yea it's really really fun!"

"He-he good to hear bro, Five today wow, you are gwoing up so fast," Gerard giggled.

"Yea i know, I feel like really older, Mom let me make the cupcakes, and it was wealy good gerward," Mikey squealed with excitement.

"Aww cool."

"ohh Bra I have a new friend."

"Oh you do, cool, who is it?"

"Let me go get him."Mikey ran off and came back in a blink of an eye, with a smaller boy who looks round about 3 maybe, with a short brown basin hair cut, running with him to Gerard , both nearly knocking him over.

"Wow, watch it," Gerard laughed.

"Oh sorry," Mikey apologised.

"It's ok,"

"Anyways this is my fwend fwank."

"Oh hello frank, aww he is so little," Gerard cooed at the little boy standing in front of him, as he patted his head. "You're so cute."

"Tar, hi," Little frank replied.

Mikey stuck his nose in "Hey this is my brother Gerward," he said as he stuck his little index finger in Gerard's direction.

"Okay, hi Gwe...Gerw...Gere.Geh... urhh Ger.."

Gerard giggled at the little mans attempt. "you having difficulty?"

"Urhh yeah," Frank cooed.

"Hey just call me whatever you like, whatever you find easiest,"

"Can I call you Gee?" Frank questioned.

"Urmm yes, no one has ever called me Gee before," He laughed slightly.

"I like gee better," Frankie replied.

Gerard giggled. "me too."

"Gerward he is four next week, and I could come to his party," Mikey mused with excitement.

"Yeah," Frank cheered.

"Cool," spoke Gerard.

"You want to come to?" Asked Frank as he clasped his hands together still full of excitement for his upcoming birthday.

"Sure if you want me to,"

"Yeah," Frank clapped.

"Hey Gerward me and Fwank are going to go play on the sand pit now," Mikey said.

"Okay bye."

Gerard waved to the boys, as the little pitter patter of their feet disappeared with them, when they reached the sand pit.


The day went pretty fast, and Gerard and mikey's mom and dad were tidying everything up from the party, while Gerard and mikey were getting ready to go to bed.

"Gerward!" Mikey shouted as he came running to Gerard."nighty night bra I love you."

"Ha-ha its bro," Gerard corrected.

"That's what I said silly," he frowned cutely while shaking his head.

"Okay," Gerard giggled. "I love you to, don't let the bed bugs bite."

"I won't, night," Mikey said before running off to his room.

"Now Michel no jumping on the bed or no story," their mother yelled playfully.

"sorry mommy."

"Its okay, come on let's get you tucked in," she replied.

Mikey tucked himself into the blankets, and stuck his thumb in his mouth

"Daddy!," Gerard called from his bedroom full of action figures, draws packed with all his drawings, that he always loved to show mikey and other things he treasured. like his beloved comic books that he started to collect, just because he loved to draw all the characters in them.

"Yes Gerard," His dad replied.

"Can I have a story too?"

"Of course you can, what do you want?" his dad questioned.

"Urmm fantastic 4 please."

Gerard pointed out the book that lay sideways on his star ship shelf, that had stars dangling down. From the time him and mikey had been stuck in due to the rain, and had gotten very bored and decided to make them.

"Okay you all tucked in?" his father asked.

"Yep," Gerard smiled broadly showing his little purely whites, after letting out a big yawn.

"Okay let's begin."

His dad began the story of fantastic 4 and half way through, Gerard began to slowly close his eyes drifting off to sleep. His mom came in and kissed him on the head and his father did the same and then went to do the exact same to mikey.

They then quietly crept downstairs trying their hardest not to disturb the boys sleep, as Gerard was slipping off to a deep sleep about none other than fantastic 4.


Years went by and Gerard was now Nine, Mikey was Eight and Frankie is six and always comes round to play at the ways house.

At the moment they are playing video games, though Gerard would always win but he would try to teach Frankie but he couldn't really get the hang of it yet. So they would just play football outside or do some drawing together and Gerard would show all his latest vampire or action hero drawings he started to draw more often lately.
Even at Nine he was very talented at drawing and had a real passion for it.

Now Frankie was sleeping over at the ways like he normally did on Fridays, He loved to spend time with his best friends,there's nothing he likes more.
Well maybe a trip to the zoo to see the tall giraffes which are his favourite animal at the moment, he can't really seem to stick to one.
Mikey and Gerard's mom are out with a couple of friends from work .so their dad is looking after them.

They were all in Gerard's room playing a really good dragon game that Frank had brought round to play. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Steve, mikey and Gerard's dad went up to go and get the door. It was Franks mom and she was standing there with his blanket in her hand which he always seemed to leave behind, and she would always have to come and bring it round, but every time Frank swears that he left it under his pillow like he always does, well maybe he just forgets it all the time.

Frankie came running downstairs and wrapped his little flimsy arms around his mom's legs."Mommy."

"Hello, Frankie I have got your blanket."

"Thanks mom, why does it always go missing though?" Frankie asked with a confused frown on his face.

"Urm," Linda hesitated "Maybe you keep miss placing it or...I It was probably kizy, that damn cat, you know what she is like nicking your stuff all the time," she replied.

"But..." Franks mom interrupted.

"Well Frankie you better get back upstairs to your friends, it is getting late now."

"Urmm okay."

"Have fun," she said and placed a kiss to his forhead, before he ran back up the stairs.

"Hello Linda glad you could make it again," Steave as soon as Frankie made it to the bedroom.

"Of course, now why would I miss an opportunity like this," she smiled slyly then walked slowly to Steve, swaying her hips at the same time. She motioned for him to lie on the couch next, and he obeyed and layed on the couch as told, lying on his back grinning eagerly as Linda slowly crawled over him crashing her lips to his forcefully.


In the meantime Frankie came back remembering that he had left his juice downstairs in the kitchen.
He was about to enter the lounge to get to the kitchen, when he saw his mom and Gerard's dad squished together on the couch making funny noises, that young Frankie could not yet understand.
Frankie's face dropped as he scrunched his nose up and crept back upstairs not wanting to see anymore. He was confused at why his mom would want to do that with Gerard and Mikey's dad, only Gerard and Mikey's mom and dad are supposed to kiss, and why were they making noises.
He was so mixed up and confussed, that when he went back to the bedroom he headed straight to Gerard.

"Gee wake up,"Frankie whispered.

"W...what is it frank?" Gerard muffled as he stretched.

"I think I saw my mommy and your daddy kissing."

"What?" Mikey shouted with shock.

"Shhhh Mikey they will hear us," Gerard hissed at his little brother. "Frankie what are you talking about?"

"I think your daddy is hurting my mommy, she was yelling and..."

"What?" Gerard cut him off "No Frankie stop talking rubbish you probably had a bad dream go back to sleep,"Gerard said hitting his head back on the pillow.

"But I didn't go to sleep I swear I..." Gerard cut frank off again.

"Frank just shut up,"Gerard raised his voice in frustration.

"But gee I'm telling the truth,"Frank pleaded.

"Shut up, stop lying just go back to sleep,"Gerard said a with a little more anger this time.

"O...okay," Frankie sobbed a little and climbed back into bed and started to fall asleep, still confused with what he saw but slowly drifted off to sleep.He didn't want anything to ruin how perfect things were and what good friends he had with something that might just me a misunderstanding. Because everything was just great, Frank, Gerard and Mikey got along so well and frank didn't want to ruin that. Everything was perfect.


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