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My Resolutions!!

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I did say..

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So, I did say I would tell you my resolutions.

Here they are
- to stop being a perfectionist; Anyone who knows me really well will tell you that I get paranoid by having Cs. I think it'll do me good to accept I'm not perfect and having a C in spanish and art wont kill me.
- to be honest with people; I dont lie, but I tell half-truths most of the time. I also have a few 'issues' I need to be honest with.
- to stand up for myself; cue people falling off chairs. I defend my beliefs extremely (I once got into a full screaming match with someone who said 'all gays should die' that person is actually the inspiration for Nathan) but, Im very meek most of the time. I dont say whats wrong and I need to change that
- to see myself as others see me; its a well known fact I think I cant sing, cant draw and cant write. Everyone tells me otherwise, but I think they're being kind.
- to help people more; I'm a very charitable person. (holds up arms) I support, Help for Heroes, The poppy appeal, the Foundation for peace and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. I want to take the values from these charities (especially F4P and Sophie Lancaster) and apply them to my everyday life.
- to do what I didnt do this year; basically, I fell for someone really badly and I never told them. It still bites me to this day. This resolution is basically, feel the fear and do it anyway. Which I think is a good way to live your life as you don't really know unless you try.

so they are my resolutions; feel free to ask me about any of them
I'll be updating soon!! But it wont be as frequent after tomorrow as im back to school on tuesday D:
xo Rose.
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