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Deal - Ten

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Frank and Gerard discuss their options

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Franks P.O.V

Gerard gestured for me to sit on the sofa while he called school. I heard him arguing with someone on the phone, telling them that we were fine and coming back tomorrow. I pulled up my knees, hugging myself. It was nice being in Gerard’s house, it was nice being away from school. This was my third day and I already hated it. I had detention tomorrow, oh the joys.

Gerard came back in, looking forlorn.
“S’up?” I said to him, gesturing for him to sit next to me.
He sat, as I pulled him towards me, caging him with my arms.
“Would it be easier if we admitted?” he put his head on my chest.
“Maybe, but then they just have more bullshit to throw at us”
“I suppose,” he mumbled into my shirt “But at least we would be united”
“I guess” I shrugged, playing with Gerards hair. “What do you want to ask me anyways?”
Gerard sat up; going to the other end of the sofa, my face fell.
“No distractions” he said to me, seeing my face.
“Fire away” I pulled my legs onto the sofa, an action Gerard mirrored
“I don’t know how to ask this” he shrugged
“Be blunt.” I tried to reassure him.
“Fine. I will” worry flashed across his face “I have to ask, are you a virgin?”
I giggled, “Yes, actually”
“Good to know” Gerard looked mortified, making me laugh harder “How far have you gone with someone then?”
“Erm. Honestly?” I looked at him, while he nodded “I’ve been sucked off a few times. That’s it”
Gerard looked slightly shocked “When, if you don’t mind me asking”
I sighed, remembering him. “The guy who’s busted my stomach, with him”
“Were you two together?” Gerard looked confused
“No, well sort of” I tried to describe it “Friends with benefits” I settled on finally.
“First kiss?” Gerard was testing me now
“Oh lord, well” I blushed violently “A girl kinda threw herself on me when I was twelve, it wasn’t nice. Wasn’t nice at all”
Gerard laughed at me, making my skin burn.
“Fine, I’m asking all the same questions to you” I stuck my tongue out, he rolled his eyes.
“Virgin, yes.” he laughed to himself “you’re the furthest I’ve gone with anyone and first kiss was with a girl last summer”

I laughed at him “Erm, do you mind if we go to my house? Just so I can get changed?”
“Sure” He stood up “But first” He bent down next to me, kissing me hard, pushing me into the sofa.
“Gerard” I pulled away, “Plenty of time after I’ve got changed”
He looked upset, but he shook it off, leading the way to my house.

When we arrived I quickly ran upstairs, Gerard tailing me.
“What to wear” I said, staring at my wardrobe.
“Birthday suit?” Gerard said, clearly thinking aloud.
“Yeah, you wish” I laughed, throwing my shirt at him. Oblivious to the fact he had just gone white.
“What?” I looked at him, confused, before realisation hit me. “Oh”
“They’re worse than I thought” he was staring transfixed at the healing cuts on my stomach.
“They’re not that bad, honest” I shrugged it off, suddenly embarrassed.
“Baby,” Gerard kissed my neck, making me shudder “More fool me. They’re terrible”
“Yeah, well, nothing can change the past” I pushed Gerard off me, firmly but gentle enough not to be taken offensively.
I took off my trousers, rifling through my clothes.
“Fuck Frank, put some clothes on or I might not control myself” Gerard was trying, and failing, to not look at me.
I laughed, picking out a red t-shirt and black jeans. I made a point of fastening a belt tightly round the jeans “I ain’t gonna make it easy for you”
Gerard blushed, as I took his hand.
“Back to yours” I wrapped my arms round his stomach, holding him to me.

Gerards P.O.V

We walked back to mine in silence, our hands clasped together. I was haunted by the awful cuts on Franks torso. So that is where being gay could lead. I was having an internal debate, would it be better to deny what I wanted for the sake of a quiet life?
I looked over to Frank, lost in his own world. My hammering heart knew I couldn’t bear to let him go. I knew I had to be with him, that this was right.
We returned to my house, I unlocked the door and Frank immediately re-took up residence on my sofa. I joined him, adjusting myself so he was half sat, half laid on me.
“Is being together worth the hate?” I voiced out loud, not so much a question as a statement.
“Yes” Frank answered, turning over in my arms. His dark eyes locked on mine “If you want something, don’t give it up for nothing”
“But seeing them wounds, its made me doubt”
“Shhh, Gerard” Frank said, placing a warm finger on my lips. “That’s extreme, if we think it’s getting too bad we can always -” He looked at me, mouth moving but no sound coming out.
“Run away?” I offered, “I don’t care how much hate, I want to be with you. I have to be”
“Running away” Frank smiled “With you. That sounds perfect” he kissed me softly.
“Is that a deal?” I wondered aloud.
“Yes.” Franks gaze was filled with conviction “If things get too bad, if we are in physical danger or we get attacked. We run away. Agreed?”
“Agreed” I said, kissing his cheek.

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