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Introduction - Eleven

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Frank and Mikey meet

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A/N I am aware its been a long time since my last update and im sorry. Ive gone back to school and its been intense to say the least. I dont think this chapters worth the wait, so Im gonna try and put a better one on tomorrow (in between revision and stuff) So yeah, im sorry but in the past week ive had 5 tests, art work and revision for 5 subjects, and its taken priority. But I did get an A in my english (and next week I find out how I did in my GCSE)
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Frank and me spent the day doing nothing. We spent our time cuddled up on the sofa, watching films, eating junk food and just talking.
“Gerard” Frank said suddenly, putting his head on my shoulder.
“Yep” I said, stroking his hair
“Don’t take this the wrong way” he kissed my neck “Please, but I was just wondering; how long would you be with someone, before you had sex with them?”
“Erm,” I said, thinking carefully, “It would depend on the person, how relaxed I was with them; but I’d say at least a month” I looked at him, curiously “Why?”
“Just curious” he shrugged “For future reference”
I got where he was going “Me and you?” I was slightly freaked out
“Gerard” Frank hugged me “I’m not saying, get naked now. I’m just saying, maybe one day”
“Right” I rolled my eyes, I wasn’t freaked out as such. It just did not feel like something that would be happening to me.

Frank sensed this; he shifted himself, so he was on the other end of the sofa.
“What time is it?” Frank was stretching; we’d be sat a long time.
“Its” I glanced at my watch “three o’clock”
“Three” Frank mused, “What time does Mikey normally get back?”
“Between half three and four, depends if he’s walking or not”
“Time to kill” Frank cocked his head, a small smile playing on his lips.
“Indeed” I said, shifting up to where he was now sat.
“What ya wanna do?” Frank rested his head on my shoulder, lacing our fingers.
“Sit here, with you” I kissed his forehead “I could tell you what to expect”
“From Mikey?” Frank laughed softly, stroking his thumb against the side of my hand.
“Yep, Mikey Way” I laughed “Arch nemesis of health and safety officers everywhere”
“Oooh, do continue” Frank seemed intrigued; he gestured for me to move up, which I did. He lay on the sofa, head in my lap.
While I spoke, I played with Franks hair.
“Mikey, well where to start” I laughed to myself “He’s the skinniest fucker I know, insanely talented and adorable. He’s kinda shy, but he’s totally amazing and really funny. He comes out with the weirdest things and should be dead”
“Should be dead?” Frank looked slightly horrified
“Look, Mikey… thought it would be a good idea” I was laughing “To take a heater into the shower with him. He shorted the whole house”
Frank was catatonic with laughter, “Oh, you’re lying”
“I’m not” I smiled, “My brother is truly that idiotic”
“Anything else?” Frank looked up at me, holding my gaze, hypnotising me.
“We both have nightmares” I bit my lip, wondering how much detail to go into “If one of us has bad dreams, we comfort each other. I’ve woken up to find Mikey shaking in my bed more times than I dare count”
“Awww that’s cute” Frank looked puzzled “What do you have nightmares about?”
“Anything and everything.” I laughed hollowly “Being chased, being killed, seeing people die, drowning, burning, being crushed to death. You name it, I’ve dreamt it”
“Poor baby” Frank patted my shoulder, “How often?”
“All the time. Every other night” I shrugged

Suddenly, I heard the scratching of a key in the lock.
“Gerard” I heard Mikey call
“That’s him” I whispered to Frank “In here Mikey” I shouted to my brother.
“So, why did you ski-” Mikey opened the door, seeing Frank and stopping dead. “I take it that’s Frank”
“Last time I checked” Frank laughed, causing Mikey to blush.
“So, Mikey, Frank, Frank, Mikey” I did the introductions quickly
“Mikey Way, brother to that freak” Mikey offered Frank his hand.
Frank took it, shaking his hand “Frank Iero, boyfriend to the beautiful freak of your brother”
“Why did you two skip school anyways?” Mikey looked Frank over a few times, he seemed to be getting approval.
“People at school” Frank began, looking at me
“Tell him, he should know” I shrugged
“Basically, homophobe city. We got a tirade of abuse in class, and just walked.”
“Homophobia?” Mikey looked shocked “Do they know about you two?”
“No” I said firmly, “But, there’s a picture” I groaned, signalling for Frank to continue
“Basically, they know I’m gay.” Frank laughed at Mikeys expression, a mixture of shock and amusement “I kissed Gerard, some dick got a picture and now… yeah. People can’t handle that guys can like each other”
“How did they find out about you being…” Mikey blushed, dropping his eyes.
“Gay” Frank giggled as Mikey nodded his head “Is it a Way brothers thing, say gay and burn? Anyways, they just guessed. I guess and they saw my cuts”
“Your cuts?” Mikey looked confused.
Frank pulled up his shirt “These, the reason I didn’t want to be with Gerard”

Mikeys eyes popped “Someone did that to you?”
“Yep” I said, avoiding looking at Franks wounds “He didn’t want me to be with him because of this”
“Really?” Mikey looked from me to Frank, as we both nodded. “And you still wanted to be with him?” Mikeys eyebrows were raised
“Yep.” I laughed, “I’m insane”

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