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Poison woke up to the sound of the trans-am's engine.
"Where, where are we?" Poison asked confusion crossing his face.
" We're in the car lo.....I mean Poison. We had to leave the dracs were getting closer, we thought it'd be better if we just let you sleep." Ghoul said almost giving away their secrete love, if they told anybody it would get to complicated. Poison then resized he hadn't opened his eyes yet, and looked up to see Ghouls soothing expression on his striking face. They where in the back seat Poison's head was on Ghouls lap.
"You alright big bro? You've been out for a while." Kobra Kid asked with concern from the drives seat.
"Yeah I'm fine Kobra just tired." Poison said sitting up.
"Be carful don't hurt your shoulder it' s still hasn't heeled." Jet Star said as though Poison didn't already know that. He loved Jet as a brother but sometimes he was a little no-it-all- ish.
"Where are we going this time?" He asked with a little impatiens, he wanted to stay in one place for more then two days. When they did him and Ghoul had more alone time.
"Zone 6. " Ghoul said in a I know it sucks but hang in there type of voice. It got quite and Poison started to drift of into his thoughts. He remembered the awful dream he had whilst sleeping in the car, it was about the night he got shot. Ghoul and him got in an awful fight. It was about their love for each other, Ghoul said it would be better if the kept it between them because he didn't want things to get complicated. Poison strongly disagreed he didn't give a fuck he wanted to be able to hold and kiss Ghoul when ever he wanted, he didn't want to hide shit, he was tired of it. Ghoul argued with him and they started yelling and cursing and before he knew it Poison was in the trans-am driving, trying to clear his head. Ghoul pleaded him not too he knew it was dangerous out there, especially alone. But Poison didn't listen he just toke off. He drove all night almost to Zone four, he was beginning to get tired. Suddenly a drac appeared in his rear-view mirror. Fuck! Poison thought, he should've listened to Ghoul. Three more dracs appeared out of no where. Damn now I'm really in trouble he said out loud. He stopped the car and pulled out his gun, even though he knew it was pointless because it was four against one and they could always call for back up. But Poison wasn't going without a fight. Bang they shout him in the shoulder and he got nocked to the ground from the pain but he still tried shooting. He shot one but it only grazed him and he shook it off. They grabbed him up and threw him in the stark white van one of them had. He tried to resist but the just beat him up, making him black and blue all over. They brought him to the man in charge of the whole ridiculous BL/ind scheme. He was bald, medium height , and had an evil expression on his face.
"Hello Gerard." The evil man said with a smirk. Shit he knows my real name, Poison thought.
"You're going to answer some questions for me." Evil man said with unruly confidence.
"I won't say anything you bastard." Poison yelled with a deep hatred.
"Hmmmmm I thought you would say that, trust me you will eventually. " Evil man said with that cocky attitude that made Poison want to punch him in the nose. The dracs drug him to a plain white jail cell of sorts. They locked the door and left him there to die. It was day three and Poison was worried he would go insane, there was absolutely nothing in the cell but the insisted water dropping from a random faucet. They didn't feed him, give him water or anything. Poison was starting to wonder if he should just give in, but he couldn't it went against everything he stood for. So he stayed in the cell, slowly going insane. Until finally Evil man came to talk to him.
"Are you ready to talk?" He asked almost answering his own question with his facial expression.
"Never you fuck-face go burn in hell." Poison said with the hatred he didn't know he had, maybe his sanity slipping away had something to do with it. Then suddenly there was a loud bang on the outside door and Ghoul, Kobra, and Jet burst through the door. Evil man tried to stop them but Ghoul knocked him out, Poison had never realized how strong his short lover was. Then they blasted through the cell wall, which led outside. They all ran like hell to get to the car. Suddenly poison came back to reality and realized he hadn't asked how they blasted through the walls like that, he was too excited to get the hell out of that torture chamber.
"How'd you do it?" Poison vaguely asked. He then heard two simultaneous
"What's" But Ghoul knew exactly what he was talking about, sometimes he was the only one who did.
"Jet built a machine to blast through walls, we figured you got caught by dracs." Ghoul said with a hurt look on his face he was remembering that awful time. Jet started going on about how he built it and all the details but both Ghoul and Poison weren't paying attention, they were having their own whispered conversation.
"Please don't do that you know I hate when you blame yourself for things that where out of control." Poison whisper-pleaded.
"But it is my fault, I was the one who started the fight, I had that stupid idea....." Ghoul whisper-trailed off. Then to Poison's surprise Ghoul attacked his lips and Poison responded greatly, happy for this moment. Jet shut up about the machine thingy and looked back.
"Uh Kobra you might wanna look at this....."
Please r and r so I know if I should continue or leave it on this cliff hanger!!!!!
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