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Chapter 6

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Just a quick update.

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alright, so here is a quick little update for you all

Franks POV

I sat there quietly on the floor against the wall by the door and just listened to their quiet breathing and watched the two of them as they slept. She looks so beautiful and so peaceful just laying there fast asleep with her little brother, who looks so calm and adorable, right beside her. I just sat there and wondered what I would be doing at this exact moment if they weren’t here and then I remembered back to the other night when they had both been fast asleep in their own beds and the frightened looks they had on their faces when they awoke and saw Leila and I. I honestly never want to see them that frightened again but in this world, who knows. I’m here to protect them though. The other night was the first time that I have ever helped Leila bring humans into our world. I have been with her and seen her do it many times but this is the first time that I have done it. In fact, I still remember when Leila brought me into this world and how frightened and scared I was at first but the longer you are here, the easier it is getting used to things.

“Watching them sleep?” Leila said as she came into the doorway
“Yeah. They look so peaceful”
“Well come on Mr. you know what you have to take”
“I can have it anytime and I know. Just give me a minute”
“Alright” she said and left.

I sat there for a few more minutes just thinking about things before I got up and went into my own room. I sat down on my bed and put my face in my hands and just let my mind run. I understand why they are scared and I mean, it is okay to be scared but I will not let anything happen to them. One thing that I don’t get is why Leila has decided to keep them here with us. Usually she puts them with others and doesn’t keep them here. But for some reason this time is different. I sighed as I stood up and walked out of my room. As I headed downstairs, I looked into their room as I passed by and smiled as I saw them asleep.

“Here you go” said Leila as I walked into the kitchen

I just gave her an unreal smile, not saying anything to her, as I took the cup from her hands. I looked at the familiar thick red liquid that was inside the cup and swished it side to side before I put the cup to my mouth and let the thick warm red liquid slide down my throat. It felt so good and tasted so delicious. Their was this weird usual energy that just flew right through me but within a split second I was feeling like myself again. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve as I placed the cup down on the counter and turned to go into the living room.
“You didn’t take it earlier did you?” asked Leila
“Yeah I did” I lied
“I saw the quick flash in your eyes, Frank. You need to take it twice a day and you know that. I know that you can resist it but still”
“I’m sorry I just got carried away running around and having fun that I forgot”
“Well don’t forget”
“I’m sorry. I won’t”


CHAPTER 6!!!!!

alright so I knows that its been a while
and that its not much but I have had alot
going on lately and have just not really
had anytime to write. but things are chilling
out now so I will have more time. hope you all
liked the small chapter and will keep readin?

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