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chapter 5!

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I didnt realize that I had laughed but when I did, I realized that; that was the first time I laughed in a few days.

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My feet pounded against the hard concrete ground as I ran. Whoever, whatever was behind me got closer and closer with each step it took. I could feel its feet pounding against the ground, almost as if they were scraping the back of my heels. I tried and I tried and I tried to scream but no matter how hard I tried, no sound came out of my mouth. I kept on running, not knowing where I was going, until I came near to a river. It was to deep to just walk or run across so I jumped in to swim but the thing grabbed my foot and pulled me back. I kicked him in the face as hard as I could and he fell backwards to the ground. I got up and started to run again but tripped and fell back down. I tried screaming again for help but again, no sound came out. I could hear Caleb in the distance calling me but I could not see where he was. I stood up to run again but was pulled back by the guy. Scared as hell, I turned around to face it, see who or what it was, but saw nothing more than a huge dark figure. I took a step back as it took one towards me and shoved me hard down to the ground. “your dead!” he yelled as he came down towards me

my eyes shot open and I sat up quickly, breathing heavily, relieved that it was only a dream. I looked over at Caleb, who to was sitting up, and he looked worried.

“whats wrong bud?” I asked tiredly as I rubbed my eyes and yawned
“Im just still scared and im hungry”
“what time is it?”
“7:30. Im hungry”
“go back to sleep”
“I cant now”
“why not?”
“because Im still scared and Im hungry”
“scared of wha...oh yeah. I am still to”
“please come with me? Im hungry”
“okay yeah” I yawned as I got out of bed and stretched.

Caleb held tightly onto my hand as we both tiredly trudged our way down to the kitchen to find some food to eat.

“I wonder if their cereal” said Caleb as he searched the cupboards for Cereal and I looked for bowls
“Cereal is in the bottom left cupboard by the fridge and bowls are in top cupboard by the sink, the first cupboard on the right side” said frank, scaring me half to death because I didnt know he was their
“Jesus Christ” I said, placing my hand over my heart. Caleb found the cereal and looked at me
“they all look soo good”
“try the count chocula. Thats the best” said Frank and caleb got out the box of cereal and I got out the bowls.
“you gunna have some?” I asked as I held out a bowl
“sure why not” he said and I handed the bowl to him

we poured ourselves some cereal and sat down at the huge table and ate. Normally I dont eat this early in the morning or when Im scared but I was starving. I kept looking up at Caleb who seemed to be really enjoying the cereal, which infact was pretty good. He looked up at me and smiled as he wiped the milk off his face with the back of his hand and then continued eating. I smiled back at him before doing the same. I looked over at Frank, who had the bowl to his face as he drank the milk, and then I looked over at Caleb, who was doing the same. I finished eating my cereal and put my bowl in the sink then sat back down at the table as frank and caleb both finished off their second bowl and did the same.
It was quiet for a few minutes as we all just sat their. I put my arms on the table and rested my head as I began to think. I mustve fallen back asleep because next thing I knew, I was waking up in the bed. I looked around to see if Caleb was their but he wasnt. I threw the blankets off of me and walked downstairs to see where he was.

“good morning” said Leila as I walked into the kitchen
“hi” I said stiffly
“are you still scared?” she asked

I shrugged

“are you still made at me”
“no” I said sarcastically “ya think?”
“if your looking for your brother, he is out back with Frank”
“yeah” I said before I left the kitchen and made my way out back.

I just stood their for a few minutes as I watched Caleb running around and frank running, normal speed, after him. I laughed as frank tripped. Caleb started to laugh to as Frank got up and looked over at me.
I didnt realize that I had laughed but when I did, I realized that; that was the first time I laughed in a few days.

Frank’s Pov.

I wiped the dirt off my pants and I stood up and looked over at Shade,
who immediately stopped laughing. I just laughed it off as I cleaned
the dirt off myself and continued playing tag with Caleb. I decided
that running at my full speed would only be cheating since he is just
a little kid and not able to run fast like me. I looked over at Shade,
who was now sitting down with her knees pulled up and picking at the
grass, and I smiled, realizing that I had just made her laugh. She
looked so calm, so beautiful, and so peaceful but I knew that on the
inside she was holding the fact that she was still scared and not
knowing what to do. I thought again about the other night and how she
looked to peaceful in her sleep but how scared she was when she woke
up and saw us coming to her. I remembered her trying to scream for
help but no sound coming out of her mouth. I don't know how Leila does
that but she wasn't supposed to wake up that night and neither was

“Hey, Caleb, I’ll be right back okay, I need a little break.” I
laughed, and looked down at the small boy.

“But you’re a vampire!” Caleb frowned. He crossed his arms over his
chest, “Vampires don’t need breaks!”

I laughed, immensely. “Oh, yes, they do…” I walked over to Shade and
sat down next to her. She jumped slightly, I had apparently startled

“Hey, calm down, Chick.” I laughed, trying to calm her nerves. What
she needed right now was a little bit of fun…. I watched her bite her
lip. “Come on, why don’t you play tag with us?”

She shook her head, “I’m not really in the mood….” I frowned, thinking
of what I would be doing right now if these two hadn’t have come
along…. I would probably be back to work, instead of keeping an eye on
these two. I had to keep them safe….

“Come on, please? For me?”

She shook her head again.

“For Caleb?”

She looked up and sighed, defeated. I smiled and helped her up.
“Thanks,” I smiled and we ran over to Caleb.
“We’re back from our break, and Shade’s going to play now!”

Caleb screamed with delight and took off running. I did too. “SHADE’S
IT!” I laughed. Hopefully, she would get more used to me, and then
maybe… just maybe… something could happen….


alright so i know that i sed that
more people would be in this chapter but
i have decided to put it for next
chapter. thanks Dezzie for helping me
byt writing Franks part. luve yaa
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