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chapter 4

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“I understand if you two are scared. But there is nothing to worry about or be scared about”

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I looked over at Caleb, who had finally stopped crying and the back at frank. What if its all a lie? What if none of that was true? Should I give them a chance? Should I believe everything because I kind of find that hard to do now. I looked over at Caleb again and as scared as he was, he could some fun to take things off his could I. I mean, everything will be fine...right? So I decided....

“Alright, fine” I finally said after a few minutes of thinking

“But I don’t want to play hide and seek”

I don’t blame him for not wanting to play hide and seek. I mean, we’ve never been here before, obviously, the house is gigantic (from what I’ve seen of It when I went to the washroom) and plus we’re both still scared.

“So baseball it is” said frank

For the first time in god knows how many hours that day, we actually stepped foot outside the room. We followed frank down the stairs and he brought us into the living room where…Leila! That’s her name. Where Leila was.

“You got them to come out?” she asked frank

“Yeah. Wasn’t hard”

“I understand if you two are scared. But there is nothing to worry about or be scared about” she said to Caleb and I. I just nodded my head once before we followed frank out into the HUGE! Backyard.

After a while of playing around in the backyard playing a bit of baseball, we all got tired. I had no idea how to play baseball so I had to watch Caleb and Frank. Caleb did keep looking over at me though. He did have a bit of experience playing baseball, Caleb that is, since he used to play. Frank…well…he was just amazing at it. He cheats though because he can run fast sticks tongue out that’s not fair.We all had fun and yeah...I actually did have fun and so did Caleb. Seeing the smile on his face and hearing the laughter in his voice told me something. It told me that…that everything might be okay that there is nothing to worry about. Having that feeling made me feel a whole lot better


I looked over at Caleb from the pitcher's mound, twirling the yellow
stitched ball in my hand. I liked the color yellow, so I always bought
yellow baseballs. "You ready, buddy?" I smiled at the small little
kid. Well... everybody looked like a little kid to me, I've been alive
for God knows how long!
"Yep." he smiled as he held the bat up right.
He was so cute. I smiled and decided to throw him a slow one, so he'd
have a good chance at hitting it.
The kid reared the bat back and swung, knocking the ball into the out
field. My eyes flashed yellow and I turned around, running like the
wind after the ball. When my hand closed around it, I turned around
the kid was only halfway to first base. I'd give him twenty
Caleb was hitting second base when I ran at normal human speed toward
him. I decided to let him win this. Running after him, I caught his
sister in the corner of my eye and stumbled, landing on my knees, with
a small laugh. His sister was so pretty.... I couldn't get her out of
my mind!!
"I WIN!" Caleb's voice interrupted my thoughts and I smiled. I turned
to look at him, tossing the ball up in the air, trying to think of a
way to get to know her.
I turned to look at her, "Hey, do you wanna play?" I smiled. "Please."
"Sure." she got up from where she was sitting and I tossed her the
ball, running over to Caleb and taking the black bat.
"Why don't you go in the out field and wait for the ball? I'll aim it
towards you." I smiled and he smiled back and ran off towards the
I thought the best way to get close to her, was to show her I could be
nice to Caleb. He was a cool kid anyway.....
I stood by the base, the bat propped up on my shoulder, with a smirk on my lips.
She threw the ball quickly, fast too and it came speeding towards me.
I hit the ball and it flew towards the outfield, and landed behind
Caleb somewhere. He turned to grab it and threw it back to his sister
and I was already hitting second base.

Could she get me out?


Okai, so I know its been a while
since I updated but I
have good reasons. Ive been sick
a lot, have been trying to get back
into school wich I have now, theirs been
birthdays that i have had to attend, and have
been back and forth between places. so this is chapter 5.
hope you really like it and want to read more.
thanks to mah good friend Dezzerz for writing franks
prt. luv ya girl!!!
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