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At The Bottom Of The Box It Says SEXTOY!!?

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Fluffy hand cuffs? What is your brother expecting us to like each other that much? Cause you know it will never happen!”I said taking the handcuffs out of the box and looking for a note to explain.

“Well there hand cuffs for sleeping because they are comfortable and fluffy.”Mikey explained.

“It says‘sex toy’on the label!” I Snapped

“Well I didn’t say that wasn’t what it was originally intended for, but I’m sure you two won’t be doing that kind of stuff”Mikey stated innocently. I almost fell for the thoughts of his brother’s good will until I saw the words‘have fun! And use them well’at the bottom of the box.

“He’s mocking us”I grumbled, my face turning sour.

At that moment frank came back in pulling his shirt over his head. Mikey cheeked his watch for the time, then stood up with the hand cuffs. Frank stood back eyeing the cuffs like they would eat him.

Mikey held up the hand cuffs and spun them around his finger“come on Frankie we can do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“Fine”frank started, crossing his arms“ill take thehard way”he finished seductively. Eyes travailing down to mikey's crotch as he played with his lip ring.

Mikes eyes widened as he got the meaning of franks words.“We.. t-talked about this frank. I-I find it hard- I mean difficult to be your….um…well.. Your friend when you do this…thing”he stuttered moving away from frank as he got closer to him eventually getting backed into a wall as frank rubbed up against him.

“What you don’t like this?”frank asked taking mikey's hips into his hands and bringing them to his own.

You could see the fear in mikey's eyes. I had to save him from frank now.


Frank turned around to give me a look. But before he could say anything I continued"oh shit sorry, the coughs were meant to hide the insults. Ooppssies. My bad”I said smirking.“Oh and by the way. Pushing yourself on to people who don’t want it, it kinda makes you look desperate”frank was about to say something when Mikey quickly grabbed his hand and put one cuff on it. He then dragged frank over to me and cuffed the other side to me. Mikey stood back from frank and I with an apologetic look.

“Sorry guys but you had just gone over the 15 minute mark and frank was freaking me out and…”Mikey finished realising that frank was giving him a death glare. Mikey backed away from frank. He started to walk backwards to the door. I thought it might be a good idea to piss frank off even more by centering the anger around me and making him forget about Mikey.

“Hey Mikey it was really good to meet you”I said walking up to Mikey and giving him a one arm hug because I didn’t want frank to get too close to him.

“Can't wait to see you again”which was very true. Even though I had only just met him 15 minutes before I felt like I could trust Mikey. Just like a brother.

“Yeah I had fun and I can't wait either”he said looking happy with himself he had just made a new friend.

“Well got to go, see you later”turning around he left with a friendly wave directed to me.

I closed the door behind him and turned back to frank.

Frank was berley containing his anger towards me. His fists were clenched and eyes crazed with anger.

I looked up at him unfazed by his obvious anger towards me.

“So what do you want to do today?”I asked innocently.

“Why are you being nice to my friend?”

“I asked you the question first”

“So mine is more important”

“I will not answer your question until you answer mine”

“Fine, watch movies. Now your go”

“Well I am being nice to your friend because I like him. He is nice and he is a change from being around the waist of space that you are. Does that answer your question?"

I looked at frank to see if he believed me. It looked like he knew it was the truth so we then went back into the lounge to watch blade runner.

For the rest of the day we watched movies because there was nothing else to do. We did briefly talk about going out in public, but I soon squashed that idea because people don’t go walking down the street handcuffed to each other.

After dinner Mikey came back and uncuffed us so we could get dressed for bed. At 10:30, after bickering about it for a while, we went to bed.

The last thought I had before I fell asleep was 1 day down 90 days to go.
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