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Skin To Skin

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The days before Sunday went by so slowly, it felt as agonizing as lets say swallowing barbed wire.

Sunday morning I awoke happy and ready to start the day. At 8:00 Mikey came over and because Sunday was a good day for me I made waffles.

“Here you go Mikey, dig in”I said placing the plate in front of him.

“Thanks but you didn’t have to”

“Its okay, I wanted to. Because today is a very good day.”I sat down across from him with my plate

“Do you know why that is?”I asked, getting ice cream out from the freezer.

“Is it because it’s Sunday?”

“Yippee do, it most certainly is and do you know what that means?”

“You get 5 hours to yourself”

“I do. Yes I fucking well do. So there for I am happy that I get to be free for 5 hours and made waffles with chocolate syrup and ice cream”

Digging into my waffles I had never felt more alive and happy. Today I had no idea what I was going to do but I knew I was going to love it.

A knock sounded from the door so I went to see who it was. Looking through the peephole I could see it was the commander with a blond hair blue eyed man. He was the same hight as Mr Way and was a sturdy build. His hair came to his shoulders and his stubble made him look old and wise. But the thing that stood out the most between these two men was that the commander had changed from his formal black suit, crisp white shirt and red tie, to black jeans and band t-shirt much like the man next to him.

As I was still in my nightwear that consisted of a large shirt and short pants, I did not see myself suitable to welcome him into my home/apartment/thingy. So I ran into the kitchen to get Mikey. He had just put a spoon full of waffles into his mouth when I took him out of his set and shoved him part way to the door. He swallowed then turned around to look at me.

“Its your brother. He can’t see me like this”I explained to Mikey.

“Why not?”

“Because it is un-professional to have your boss see you in this”I gestured to my sleeping wear.

“Well is he in is suit?”


“Then he is just Gerard”Mikey took a hold of my hand and dragged me to the door. He opened the door then stepped aside to let the men in.

“Hello coralline, how are you?”Mr Way asked happily giving me a bear hug.

“I am fine thank you how are you?”I replied trying to pull back from our embrace.

Once he had let go I studied the blond man carefully.

“Sorry who are you?”I asked.

“I’m bob. I’m Frankie’s friend”

“Oh you poor thing”

“Your coralline right. You look nothing like how I pictured you. I mean frank moans about you so much it just painted a negative picture for me, but you look nothing like that picture I had in my head”

Trying to keep my rising anger from showing I smiled politely.

“Really what has little Frankie been saying about me? I hope its nothing too bad.”

I had learnt a technique for getting information out of people. This is what I used on bob. My eyes met his and kept his there. Then I put my right hand on his shoulder and massaged the pressure point.

Keeping eye contact with him I stated,“you will tell me what he said”

“Well he said you had the face of a horse and that you were stuck up and that its like you walk around with a stick up your ass, while you tried to impress Gerard with the way you look in order to get higher in the company and it would be a miracle if you got laid.”

Keep you cool you can murder frank when he gets out of the bathroom.

“And what do you think about me?”

“I think that you are an extremely hot, very confident, but professional woman who will stand up for what she believes in even if it means going against others and that you should have men falling over you to get even a look at you.”

Oh that is so sweet. Even though he doesn’t really know what he is saying it is still amazing how much he already thinks about me.

“What do you work as?”

“I’m a detective“

No wonder he has already made observations.

Taking my arm off his shoulder and breaking eye contact I walked over to my bedroom door.

“Well if you’ll excuse me gentlemen I will be getting dressed.”

“what just happened?”I herd mikey ask his brother from behind me.

“I think he was hypnotized”he responded. I could hear a smile in his voice.

Going into my bedroom I closed the door behind me. I jumped on to the bed and pressed my face into my pillow and screemed at the top of my lungs letting all my anger out in to the pillow. After I started to feel better I got off my bed and went to my closet. I decided that today I would wear my red summer dress. Putting the dress on the bed, I started to undress. Just as I had pulled my top over my head I looked in the mirror to see frank standing behind me with my door wide open so that everyone could see in. Thinking quickly I grabed the sheats off the bed and raped it around me.


“oh my god that’s enough to make anyone puke their guts out”he replyed sheilding his eyes.

Memories of what bob told me earlier came to mind. All I wanted to do was to wipe that smug look off his face and show him how much of a bitch I could be. Making sure the sheet was tight around me I walked up to frank and brought back my clenched fist. Then flinging my fist forward it connected with his face. A sickening crack erupted. Frank staggered back in pain and surprise, hands coming up to hold his nose. Still not satisfied with the fact that he wasn’t on the ground in complete and utter excruciating pain, I decided to kick him were it counts. When my foot connected with his nether regions he went down in a heap on the floor. Now happy with what I had done I closed the door casualy and went back to changing.

When I decided I was ready to go out into the world, I got my bag and went out into the loung. Seeing frank lying on the couch with frozen peas between his legs, while holding tissues on his nose, brought a smile to my face.

“oh im sorry frank I sliped”I grined as a funny look crossed his face only for a moment then it was gone. I had seen that look before. It was fear. An odd feeling of pitty settled in my stomach. Why was I feeling this I just crippled my enemy and now I feel bad about it? Realising this I looked around to take the thought out of my mind. For the first time I noticed that there was an awkward silence between every one.

“well I’m off. Don’t stay here too long and any mess you make you have to clean it up. Oh and by the way it was nice meeting you bob.”Itook bobs hand in mine and shook it.

“and nice to see you Mr way and mikey if you want I left the ice cream out for you. And don’t wory its always nice to see you”smiling like nothing happened I walked to the door.

“and frank I would say sorry but I'm realy not. Well goodbye all”I walked out closing the door behind me. I would not let this mornings events ruin my day. So I pushed all thoughts of It to the back of my mind and headed to my favorit coffee shop.
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