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Forever (kinda final chapter, there will be some time lapsed add ons)

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We went downstairs and i started to Panic.
"Ellie, what if Frank bails?" I worried
"He won't Emma"
"But what if he does?"
"Look, I'll call Gerard, check they're all okay alright?" She laughed at me and pulled her phone out.

"Hey Gee" she spoke into the phone
"Yeah, we're fine, how's Frank doing?"
"Yeah she's fine, worrying that Franks getting cold feet"
"Thats good to hear, alright we'll see you soon then. I love you"

And then she hung up.
"Gerard said Franks fine, he's getting impatient because he wants to marry you already" She told me. I breathed a sigh of relief. 
When it was time to go, we hopped into the car and drove to the church. Our family was already there inside, and Everyone except Frank was outside. 
We stood for a few minutes before Gerard opened the doors. I let out a shaky breath. First, Gerard walked down arm in arm with Ellie. Then Mikey and Mily followed. After then, Ray and Bob walked down together which made me laugh to myself. Then I stepped onto the Isle and walked down alone. My eyes snapped up and met the pair belonging to the man that I knew would always be the one walking with me after today. I smiled at him. 'y eyes slightly misting. He was wearing a White shirt with a suit jacket and trousers. His hair was messy and his eyes sparkled. I reached the end and he took my hand. I looked into his eyes and smiled before we looked at the minister. 

He droned on for a while before we said our vows.
"Frank, When you moved to our school, first thing I noticed was your personality, your sense of humor, and you compassion. As time went on, I realised that I was in love with you. I never thought that you would feel the same way, but I guess I must have done something right because here we are today. We've stuck together through so much, and I know that whatever we have to face in the future, we will face it together. I love you so much, your the only hope for me" 
Frank was actually crying. 
"Emma, I never thought I'd be the type of guy to settle down and get married, heck, I never even thought I would meet someone half as amazing ad you, I never thought I'd love someone half as amazing as you, and I never even dreamed that someone as amazing as you would love me back. I know during our time together I have screwed up on a couple of occasions, but I promise that will never happen again. You have trusted me so much, and I promise to stand by you forever. You loving me was totally unpredictable, but in the end it's right. We were always meant to be. I love you, till the day I die"

"I now pronounce you Man and Wife" 
Frank placed his hands on my waist and leaned in to kiss me sweetly.

Our song started playing as we walked back down the isle. I had had the time of my life with Frank, and now he was mine, Forever...
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